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Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing Shampoo

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5 Reviews
  • Leaves it shiny and clean
  • Cleans my hair wonderfully
  • Not a miracle product
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    5 Reviews
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      07.09.2015 01:48
      Very helpful


      • "Leaves it shiny and clean"
      • "Cleans my hair wonderfully"


      • "Not a miracle product"

      Sleek and clean

      After a lifetime of bleaching my hair a couple of years ago I was left with a frizzy mop, I dyed it brown in decided to leave it a while - part of the damage was done, however, and I ended up having my bum length hair chopped to my shoulders in a attempt to save it. During that visit to the hairdressers I was sold a bottle of Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing Shampoo, which I vividly remember the stylist telling me would help my hair to look better even if it didn't exactly repair the damage I'd inflicted on it.

      It smells quite nice in a 'hairdresser' kind of way, it doesn't really appeal to me but I'm sure the hairanistas amongst us will rave about it. The smell doesn't last for long after rinsing anyway so it's rather a moot point - I certainly wouldn't pay the £17 asking price based on the smell anyway, put it like that.

      It leaves my hair beautifully clean and shiny, I'd say my hair looks more sleek when I use this shampoo (alongside the conditioner) but that's more a by-product of it cleaning my hair so well in my opinion rather than it being an actual repairer of abused hair. My hair shines and looks really healthy after using the Matrix shampoo, but then again I should think so when I think of the cost per wash!

      Now my hair is healthy again, two years later, I wouldn't spend such a huge amount of money on shampoo but I was massively pleased with it at the time when I needed it.


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      25.03.2013 11:27
      Very helpful



      The best sleeking shampoo there is - recommended

      One range of hair products I would highly recommend for anyone who has hair like mine which is curly, frizzy and heat damaged is the Matrix Sleek range which was recommended to me by my hairdresser.

      The shampoo comes in a bright orange bottle, which has the brand and range detailed on the front in black and white writing. It comes with a flip top lid which is a slightly darker orange colour.

      I tend to by mine from my local hairdressers, but the Matrix range is also available online from places such as Amazon and EBay. Prices can vary and I do find it mostly tends to be cheaper buying from my hairdressers as online there is normally a shipping charge payable.

      The shampoo costs around £6 for a 250ml bottle, this is a bit expensive compared to other brands out on the market, but I do find that I don't use as much when using this shampoo as I would cheaper brands and a bottle lasts me a good couple of months because I don't use it every time I wash my hair, just at weekends, special occasions or when we go away.

      The shampoo is quite thick and is cream in colour (but has that pearlessent effect), I have shoulder length hair and apply just shy of a 50p sized amount to my hair. The shampoo lathers up really easily and feels quite luxurious when applying. When rinsing, I can immediately feel that my hair feels softer, so much so that it can feel like I am rinsing conditioner from my hair and not shampoo. Again, when it comes to brushing my hair, it too feels a lot softer and cleaner.

      Once I have dried, my hair feels fantastic, it is a lot smoother, softer and shinier but more importantly, it looks amazing! This is the only range I have found that makes my hair look like I have just come from the hairdressers!

      I also love the fragrance of the product, my other half always comments how nice my hair smells when I use this. It has a nice fruity fragrance which lasts quite a while; by the end of the day, I can still smell on my hair, and also in the bathroom

      There are 4 different steps to the Matrix Sleek range,

      - Step 1: Shampoo (a 300ml bottle has a RRP of approx £6)
      - Step 2: Conditioner (a 250ml bottle has a RRP of approx £6)
      - Step 3: Pre Styling products (oils, serums, and hot iron spray priced at around £8 for 150ml bottle)
      - Step 4: Finishing touches (as well as this serum, they also have a moisture lock out spray which is similar to a hairspray which has a RRP of approx £9 for a 150ml bottle)

      Matrix also does ranges for coloured hair, volume adding, strengthening etc which have a similar price tags to the Sleek range.

      As with most hair products, they always say for best results, use with products from the same range, I would have to agree with this, I use the ironing spray and serum quite a lot but my hair always does feel and look better is I have used the shampoo too.

      Although I try to put the shampoo away after every use to make sure nobody else uses it, a couple of times I have forgot and my other half has used, I can see it is quite kind to the skin as he suffers from psoriasis and sensitive skin and he has never experienced any problems when using.

      The only downside for me is the design of the bottle, I prefer bottle which 'stand on the lid' as when I am getting towards the end of the bottle, I find it a lot easier to dispense and don't have to stand there for 5 minutes shaking the bottle! Having said that, this is the only downside and because of how good I find this shampoo, I would still give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend.

      Thanks for reading.

      Certain product specifics obtained from http://www.matrixhaircare.co.uk


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      22.04.2010 23:45
      Very helpful



      A definite recommended product.

      I use Matrix Sleek look Shampoo as my everyday (well every other day) shampoo. I also use the Matrix Sleek look condition as well. I started using this shampoo after loving the smell and feel of my hair after visiting the hairdressers. I've tried loads of different shampoos in the past and never tried one to date as lovely as Matrix.

      The shampoo is a sort of shiny, pearlescent orange colour and you only need to use a 50p sized amount for it to thickly lather and cover your whole head. I've got reasonably long hair about 3/4 inches below shoulder length. I have to wash my hair every other day to keep it looking it's best, however if you do massage this shampoo into your hair thoroughly enough you can easily get another day, if you're feeling really really lazy!!! As for the smell, I can't really describe it. It isn't fruity or chemically or anything like that it just smells expensively clean and like you've just had it washed at the hair dressers! Plus you can smell the shampoo on your hair all day, it's great when you get a lovely clean whiff when the wind blows your hair, lol! The shampoo and conditioner combo also leaves your hair gorgeously shiny and soft, and seriously I know I keep saying but it is like you've had your hair professionally washed day after day and you never get any sticky build up in your hair like you do with many shampoos. This shampoo is really light, lathers and cleans really easily and does not leave any stickiness or dullness to your hair whatsoever. Every time you wash it you end up with gorgeous, salon perfect hair (cliche) and you never get tired of it. The biggest problem is the price, I buy the huge bottles, like they use in the salons, which have pumps on which cost generally about £30...for the shampoo and conditioner set. Saying that though the big bottles so last a good 5/6 months at least so really you're saving money compared with buying little bottles of other brands!!!


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      06.01.2009 16:59
      Very helpful



      Recommended for any type of wild hair..


      I have never ever seen of even heard of this shampoo until recently, when I got the Matrix sleek look shampoo and conditioner in a gift pack as a Christmas gift from my sister in law.

      Usually I am the sort of girl who buys the cheapest branded shampoo that Asda has to offer, this usually consist of the Dove of herbal Essence ranges. So when I opened this at Christmas I knew I was in for a real treat.

      Here I am going to review the shampoo as I feel that it is something every girl with frizzy hair should know about.

      *****The Shampoo*****

      This shampoo is designed to help tame and de-frizz any wild hair situations that may arise, if you are anything like me this can happen on a daily basis. Resulting in me having to wash and straighten my hair every day, those days are now over and I can get two days out of each wash, which is all very new to me at the moment.

      The sleek look shampoo is also known for adding instant moisture to the hair, leaving it soft and glossy. This really works as my hair is usually very dull and lifeless but thanks to this great little bottle my hair looks amazing.

      The only thing that put me off when first trying the shampoo was the consistency as it seemed very thin compared to my other cheaper shampoos, it was very runny and opaque silver in colour. This was nothing to worry about as it lathered up beautifully and left me with masses of bubbles to rinse out.

      I didn't realise this was as expensive as it is when I first opened it as the packaging it rather poor, yes it looks appealing as it is neon orange but the text and logos on the bottles looked very basic.

      For a small 250ml bottle you are looking at paying 6.50 from www.matrix.co.uk or any hairdressers that sell the Matrix branded products. I would say this was very over priced but now I have tried it I would certainly buy it again.

      This can be used as often of as little as you want I am using this every time I wash my hair as it seems to stay cleaner for longer so I will be replacing this same shampoo at some point.

      *****My Views*****

      I am very impressed with the results of this shampoo, my hair now looks nice and healthy with a spectacular shine, which I have not seen for many years. This really does live up to its name as everything is very sleek, including my hair after this has been used.

      Yes it can be very expensive but worth every last penny as my hair looks great and evening straightening it has become a lot easier as it has tamed the wildness of it before I attempt to straighten in.

      I recommend this to anyone who has massively wild hair, it will be the solution to all of your problems.


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        16.10.2008 17:45
        Very helpful



        The has been i life saver for me at the moment, only shampoo to help tame my mess.

        Eighteen months ago I had my hair chemically straightened, I had been straightening my hair everyday with irons and it was drying out rapidly so I decided to part with 120.00 and get the chemical straighten.

        My hair looked fantastically sleek and poker straight with a fantastic shine, so I asked the hairdresser if it was the chemical straighten that had done it. She told me that yes the chemical and after conditioner that a done this to my hair.

        The hairdresser then skipped across the salon and brought back two bright orange bottles, one being shampoo and the other conditioner, She informed me that this Matrix sleek look range was the perfect product to prolong this intensive shine and sleek smooth looking hair.

        So me being the sucker I am paid up for both the shampoo and the conditioner on top of the chemical straighten price of 120.00 and left the salon completely satisfied with my hair, although I could have given or taken the products that were pushed on to me.

        Two days after my chemical straighten I washed my hair with this new sleek look shampoo and I have to say I was very impressed.


        This is a shampoo designed to help hair that is straighten or iron straightened every day, sleek look is a smoothing system in the form of a shampoo, it locks moisture into the hair and eliminates frizz, unruly curls, dry split ends and also helps hydrate hair that is straightened all of the time.

        The shampoo is a very light weight cream which is silver in colour. It is not very sticky so you have to be careful when applying it as this can slide out of your hand before it even gets to you hair, I have done this on two occasions and it has ended up down the plug hole.

        This as a nice fresh smell to it very similar to carex hand wash, it isn't fruity or sweet but very fresh smelling.


        This sleek look shampoo can be used as often as you want, but I personally use it very other wash as my hair seems to hold its shine until the second wash, if I lose the shine before hand I would use this and it intensely adds the shine it is lacking.

        Apply a small 10p size amount to wet hair and lather it up being sure to rub it in to your scalp, roots, mid length and ends, once you are happy that the shampoo has penetrated your hair rinse out and repeat process if you have a build up of product in your hair.

        I personally only apply this once, but if I have product in my hair I will wash it with a cheaper shampoo first before applying sleek look.

        Matrix recommends that you follow with the sleek look step2 smoothing system conditioner, I do use this conditioner after I have used that shampoo and it always looks nice smooth and glossy.

        My chemical straighten has grown out now and I still use this, I now have very fuzzy hair after a disastrous bleaching incident recently and I find this shampoo and conditioner has really helped tame my frizzy fuzzy hair, I feel that it has slightly improved its condition as well as is add and locks in moisture, a thing my hair is lacking at the moment.


        This shampoo comes in a 250ml or 500ml bright orange bottle with a flip top cap, and the shampoo is silvery grey in colour.

        The bottle is very appealing but very basic, but as this is an American brand I kind of expected it. All application, instructions and other product details are on the back of the bottle for you to look at.


        This can be difficult to find as it is only available in professional hair salons that carry the Matrix products, If you log on to the matrix web site at www.matrix.co.uk you can see where your nearest stockiest is located.

        You can also buy this shampoo and other sleek look smoothing system products online at the same price as salons retail it for, but I have noticed ebay have a few listed at a discounted price.


        This shampoo comes in a 250ml small size bottle or a 500ml large bottle.

        I personally bought mine at the salon for 8.95 for the 500ml bottle, but I could have gone for the smaller 250ml one for 5.95. I got the bigger one as it was better value for money and I am really glad I did now that my hair is such a mess.


        Matrix also offer these sleek look products in four different steps. Step 1 being shampoos, step 2 conditioners, step 3 gels and sprays and step 4 finishing products. All of which are designed to smooth, soften and keep straight frizz, curls and basically wild hair.
        Matrix is currently offering ten different products across this sleek look smoothing system range.

        Sleek Look Conditioner, This is used after the shampoo and is a step 2 product, I would highly recommended this is used after the shampoo to get the best results. For a 250ml bottle you can expect to pay 6.50 and 11.95 for a 400ml bottle.

        Sleek Look Moisture Mask, this is an intensive conditioner that is left on the hair for 15 minutes before rinsing, and you can expect to pay 8.20 for a 150ml pot.

        Sleek Look Styling Crème Lite / Extreme, this is used as a step 3 product and is used on towel dried hair before styling. These will cost you 8.65 for a 150ml tube.

        Sleek Look Iron Smoother, this is a great product it is a heat defense spray designed to product hair while straightening and blow drying. This will cost you 8.85 for a 250ml spray bottle.

        Water free Lock Down, is a spray that is designed to lock moisture out of your hair if you go out in the rain you can stay straight with this. This will cost 8.45 for a 150ml spray bottle.

        These are just some of the range that I have tried but I know they have hairsprays and mousse products as well.

        MY VIEWS

        I have hair this shampoo for 18 months, as my chemical straight grew out I didn't use it the same so it was chucked in the back of the bathroom unit. It was only after I had my hair ruined with bleach that I found it.

        I have to say I was impressed with the shine it gave me that last time I used it, but it now it is even more impressive as it is taming and controlling my dry damaged and very fuzzy hair, after using this I can now comb my hair when wet.

        This is great if you straighten your hair all of the time as it hydrates and helps fight against heat damage on you hair.

        This is expensive but it really helps so I will buy another one, I only use a small amount at a time and don't use it every time I wash my hair so hopefully it will last me a little while longer.

        As this is an American brand I feel that it is that bit more advanced than any shampoo you can buy in the supermarkets, but this maybe in my head as it is the only thing that is helping with my bad hair days.


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        A shampoo that helps to tame kinks, control frizz and manage course hair /

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