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Mellor & Russell Sensation No 4 Natural Light Blonde Hair Colour

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Brand: Mellor & Russell / Type: Hair Colour

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    1 Review
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      09.11.2009 21:29
      Very helpful



      Basic hair colour that includes no conditioner but does the job

      Mellor and Russell Sensation Permanent Hair colour cream

      WHERE, WHY and WHAT:

      The product is called Mellor and Russell Sensation Permanent Hair colour cream and the shade I bought is light Ash Blonde 3 (3 being Permanent, 2 last 12 to 24 shampoos and 1 lasts 6 to 12 shampoos)

      I bought this hair colour from Tesco a while back for the huge price of 97p which I thought was just too good to walk passed. It looks like any other hair dye box in green and yellow colours with a picture of a lemon in the bottom right hand corner. I think the lemon is meant to make you think that the product is natural but I'm not that naive. It does say it contains natural vitamin C though I was not aware that hair needed extra vitamin C so that is a bit of a mystery too. Anyway this box has been in my bathroom cupboard for a few months now and my hair was looking a bit in need of a grey cover up so I dug it out and entertained myself on this wet rainy Sunday with colouring my hair.


      Well there was not a lot inside. A very cheap pair of plastic gloves but I couldn't really expect much for 97p could I and they did serve the purpose. A set of instructions - a piece of paper! A tube of colour cream 45ml and a bottle with oxidant also 45ml. There was no luxurious condition of special applicator but then I have to remind you of the bargain basement price I paid.

      SKIN TEST:

      I did do the skin allergy test that they suggest is vital before application. They say leave it on the inside of your elbow for 48hours but I'm afraid my test was about 14 hours as I have a bath at night and in the morning. I thought that would be good enough as the stuff is only going to be on my hair for 30 minutes so 14 hours would be far longer than that. You just mix a little of the two products and put it on your skin the day before.


      I mixed the cream into the plastic oxidant bottle and shook it until it was mixed then having donned the gorgeous plastic gloves I applied said mixture to my grey hair first then roots then the rest of my locks.
      There was plenty of mixture for my hair but I think if you had thick and long hair you might have a struggle to cover all but I had plenty.
      I looked at the clock and made a mental note of the time I would be able to wash the mixture off - 30 minutes later. I always put a shower cap over my hair at this stage to prevent any of the dye getting on anything else. I have a supply of these from hotels over the years and they are great for this as you can throw them away afterwards. As I was looking so gorgeous with my hair like this and could not do very much with the gloop on my hair I decided to put on a face pack too. So I sat for 30 minutes looking a right mess watching the TV as I can't read without my glasses and I couldn't get them on over face and hair gloop. My husband just looked at me and laughed.

      At the appointed time I went back up to the bathroom and scraped off the face pack, rinsed and then set too rinsing off the dye. I always panic a bit at this stage in case I come out white blonde but it looked okay. The colour came out quite quickly.

      The next thing was to condition my hair. No conditioner was provided so I used my own and left it on another five minutes. Then I towel dried my hair before drying it with the hair drier. This is the stage when you can actually see what has happened with regard to the colour. I was quite pleased it had covered the grey really well and was not a bad colour at all. It was just about my own hair colour with a shade or two lighter which is what I wanted.


      As I said before they do state quite emphatically that you should do the skin test even if you have used the product before as allergic reactions can be severe. Henna and other tattoos can increase the risk of an allergic reaction to hair colourants.

      On the pack it states that you should NOT use the pack if you have had an allergic reaction to any hair colorant previously or if you have a sensitive, damaged or irritated scalp.

      You should also NOT use the product to dye your eyebrows or eye lashes and if you do get any in your eyes rinse thoroughly with water.
      Use the gloves provided and rinse hair after application. ( As if you would just apply and leave it on!)


      The Vitamin c is supposed to preserve the natural elasticity, density and strength of your hair. The cream colorant is apparently extremely mild with a combination of emulsifiers and emollients. It is not recommended for dark brown or light brown hair if you want the ash blonde colour but it will colour blonde and cover grey.


      I fund that it did cover my grey and give a good natural blonde colour on my hair. My own colour is natural dark blonde with a patch of grey in the front which is now all the same colour as my hair. It did the job perfectly and was easy to use. The smell of the mixture was a bit pungent but that is normal I think as all hair colours I have used and those in hair dressers have the same pong. It is quite strong so you have to avoid being in a small room for too long while applying it. That is another reason why I wear the shower cap as it keeps the rather pungent smell contained.
      I was quite happy with the result and more than happy with the price of this hair colour. There was no conditioner but that was easily rectified. The gloves were rubbish but they usually are even in more expensive hair dyes. The most important thing was that it gave an even and natural colour to my hair which is what I bought it for after all.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same use name.

      © Catsholiday


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