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Merlin Moulding Hair Doh

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Brand: Merlin / Type: Moulding Products / What it does: texturises

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    1 Review
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      21.10.2008 11:45
      Very helpful



      Where would my side fringe be without it? (Not where it should be!)

      We've all been there, sat in the luxury of the hair dressers chair, smelling all those gorgeous salon smells, and looking at how fantastic our hair looks (we may as well enjoy it now, it's never going to look like that again until our next hair cut is it?!) Then an idea comes in to your head, if I buy this product that my hair dresser is using, my hair will look like this every day, and I'll smell like my own portable little salon. It's such a perfect idea isn't it?

      Now in reality it never really turns out quite like that does it? You're never going to get your hair looking as it did that very first time, short of marrying your hair dresser and getting him to do your hair every morning. More often than not you'll be left with a product that doesn't live up to the dreams you'd created in your mind, and you end up feeling guilty that you spent half your months salary on a pot of rubbish, and swear never to be suckered in to getting the products again. That is, until next time you visit and so the cycle continues.

      That said it doesn't always end up in regret as sometimes you come across a product that really is fantastic, this is the case with Merlin Hair Doh.

      There I was inhaling this gorgeous scent as my hairdresser applied it to my hair and I knew right there and then I had to have it. It was love at first sniff. Never mind what it does, never mind how much it costs I'm having it! In the salon mixed with all the other Salon-y smells I couldn't of told you what it smelt of just that it was delicious. When I got it home, and sad as this may be to admit I'm not joking, I kept taking the lid off and smelling it every five minutes all day long! Eventually if we had to put a label on it I'd say it has a sort of cherry smell but that doesn't make it sound nearly as nice as what it is, it's just gorgeous!

      So other than the smell does it actually do anything? Yes! It's amazing! It's a sort of mix between a wax, cream, putty and gum if that gives you any idea. It's hard to describe but brilliant to use. It's a thick almost solid yet creamy substance in a much taller than average wax type jar.

      At the time I bought it I'd just had my fringe cut, so the primary reason for buying it (you know the rational one that's there to back up the "I like the smell" reason) was to keep my fringe in place. For those who've battled with a side fringe (why does it not just stay where you want it?) you'll appreciate that there aren't many products in the world that will keep your side fringe, well, to the side! It's awkward product wise because it's your fringe, you don't want it to look greasy or hard or heavy but you want it to stay firmly in place. This is the product for the job! It doesn't change how the hair looks at all when on the fringe, but it honest to god is the only thing I've used that keeps my fringe styled perfectly in place.

      I've also used this as a sort of balm used all over my hair and it smoothes the hair making it look shiny and sleek but without making it look greasy or weighed down.

      I've tried it on dry and straight hair and it keeps it all in the exact way it was styled to be, without actually changing the appearance of the hair, other than making it look smoother and healthier.

      Not to mention, whilst you're going around with this fantastic looking perfectly styled hair, you also smell a bit delicious too!

      My pot of this did cost me £13 which does make me wince a little when I openly admit it it like that. It's not so bad when you just add it to the cost of your hair cut and try to deny to yourself that it was actually that much. That said the amount of product you need is absolutely minimal. I've had mine now since the beginning of June and you can barely even see it's been used, and the jar is absolutely huge. Normally I would comment that it's cost £13 but will easily last you six months, or a year or so on, and justify the expense that way. This isn't the case though here. You aren't looking at six months, or a year, or even two. I really don't see a time when I will ever use this up, there's just so much product in comparison to how little of it you need to use. Did I mention I have almost bum length hair and lots of it? Seriously, this will probably out last your current car!

      Merlin themselves say it can give added shape and texture and it definitely can, but it can also make hair smooth and sleek. It's as good for long sleek styles as it is short and choppy. You can use it over your whole hair to keep it all in place and looking smooth, or on different strands to add definition, texture and shape. So you needn't worry that this will only be good for how your hair has been styled at the moment, the looks you can create with it are absolutely endless. From funky spiky do's, to smooth defined curls, to big textured hair, to sleeker than sleek - it will do whatever you want it to do - it's THAT good. It's seriously a dream product.

      Merlin say it has a hold factor of 7 which is pretty high if we're thinking 10 is tops. I would say this is pretty accurate as I found it really does hold my style, and even my side fringe into place, but like I mentioned it does so without making the hair hard or waxy or greasy. Hair looks, feels and moves normally but retains its shape and style.

      On the Merlin website this is £11.19 for 100ml (I'll have to have words with my hair dresser - do I not pay him enough already to be adding a few pounds on??!). I would think other than on the website it is only available in salons or professional hair care shops as it is a professional styling product.

      Would I buy this again? Well, no probably not, as I can't imagine a day when it will ever run out, but I'd definitely tell each and everyone of you, male or female, long hair or straight, big or flat, frizzy or fine - go out and buy this - it's definitely the product for you - for all of you!


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    • Product Details

      Give your hair shape and texture for a new defined look!

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