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Mess Head 2 in 1

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Brand: Mess Head / Type: 2 in 1 Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2011 10:43
      Very helpful



      A fine enough bargain shampoo for un-fussy hair

      ~~~~~~ Mess Head 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner ~~~~~~

      I bought this in Poundland, and even though I generally avoid 2 in 1 products, I figured this would at least clean my hair and if I needed an extra conditioner than fine. I did only pay £1 for 900ml of this, so the price was definitely right for almost a litre of shampoo! I am not always that picky about shampoo, as I tend to make sure I use a decent conditioner anyway, so I really just look for a shampoo to clean my hair without over drying or irritating my scalp.

      ~~~~~~ First impressions ~~~~~~

      This comes in a chunky red bottle with a pump cap. This is good, the size the bottle is it really needs a pump to avoid dropping it on your toes in the shower! I found opening the pump to be easy enough; there are arrows on the top of it to show you which direction to turn and it didn't stick or have me twisting it endlessly (and fruitlessly) like some pumps have in the past.

      The shampoo itself is an opaque white colour, and quite a runny consistency. Due to the pump though, this isn't a huge problem as there is less chance of it running right off your hand. It smells really pleasant, nothing I can put my finger on but overall a really clean and fresh light scent. It smells a bit 'generic' shampoo, I'm sure a lot of people may know what I mean! It's what I remember shampoo smelling like in my childhood, before there was all the choice (available to me anyway) there is today.

      There are no ingredients that are particularly note-worthy, the list of this shampoo is simply full of chemicals including parabens. It does contain glycerin and panthenol though. It also contains SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) second in quantity to water, which is a known irritant to sensitive souls.

      ~~~~~~ Using & results ~~~~~~

      I find I need a fair bit of this 2 in 1 to get a decent lather as it doesn't seem to go very far on my hair. The lather created is not thick though, nor does it feel particularly conditioning. It does however clean my hair and when I am finished lathering it rinses out extremely easily and quickly, probably because it doesn't lather up very well. I have found this to be true of many cheaper shampoos, and though the quick rinsing is good for speed the lack of lather does let it down somewhat, as it feels like I am expending a lot of effort to wash my hair. I need to keep adding more to my head in order to get my whole scalp covered in shampoo - it just doesn't spread much. I do use just a little a time, since it is quite runny; if I try to put too much on my head at one time, it falls off and straight down the plug!

      After rinsing, my hair feels very clean but it also feels a bit rough and too squeaky; not very cared for and I definitely need to use a separate conditioner as well. I did use this a few times without a separate conditioner, and though my hair was shiny, soft (for the most part) and clean, it was pretty frizzy and felt a bit frazzled at the ends - the conditioner element of this 2 in 1 definitely does nothing for my hair at all. It does leave a nice fresh scent on my hair, but this becomes unnoticeable after a short time.

      ~~~~~~ Recommend? ~~~~~~

      This cleans my hair, and that's about it. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as when I use my usual conditioners and other products then this is absolutely fine. It is not one I will rush to buy again, but if things are tight one week then I will gladly buy this one; even though I use a fair bit of it each time, the large volume in the bottle means it does last a while. My other half uses it too and the bottle will last us several weeks. He uses it daily, I wash my hair every 2nd or 3rd day, depending on what I'm doing or if I'm going anywhere. We have used it as a shower gel as well when we ran out and when used on a body puff or similar it works really well for this too. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or irritated in any way.

      I am undecided on whether I recommend this, as even though I would buy it again it doesn't really do what it claims, and it does not function as a 2 in 1 for me. I think 3 stars is good for this, since I can make it work and it's an excellent price. But ultimately, it isn't what it claims.


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