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Milk Shake Active Yoghurt Mask

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Brand: Milk shake / Type: Hair Mask

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2013 18:52
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      A nice smelling milky hair mask

      Milk Shake Active Yogurt Mask

      This 50ml plastic tube/bottle of yogurt mask was another product that I received as part of a hair cut and condition deal that I bought through one of the discount deal sites like Groupon or Mighty Deals but I can't remember which one. I have been to the same salon a few times and love the products they use as they are all based on yoghurt and smell like smoothies or milk shakes.

      This particular mask is designed to help with coloured or dry hair and is only sold at professional salons. I am not sure of the price as my bottle is not the full sized product and I cannot remember seeing the full sized one there but the other products are on the expensive side so not cheap! I have searched on line and it is around £12 for a tub that looks to have about 100ml in it.


      This is a conditioning mask but you apply it after you have washed your hair like a conditioner and just leave it on a bit longer than usual. I sometimes put a shower cap on to keep it warm and all the goodness of the product warm on my head and hair but it isn't necessary they say. The back of the bottle says to leave it on for three to five minutes but you can obviously leave it on longer if you feel like it or you hair is very dry.


      This is not like a Lush product full of natural ingredients. This has a list on the back that looks like a chemical experiment in very small print so not for the short or long sighted unless you get out the magnifying glass.

      I do notice that there are several parabens in the list so not the most eco friendly product around really.

      It does have avocado oil, rice bran oil, yoghurt, honey, papaya extract, strawberry extract, sunflower seed extract as well as the more chemical sounding names so at least there are some natural ingredients in there.

      "Milkshake Active Yoghurt Mask is an amazing hair treatment for use on natural hair types as well as coloured hair. Coloured hair can often require special care to stop it from drying out and becoming damaged. Milkshake Active Yoghurt Mask is the perfect hair treatment for coloured hair and hair of all types to keep your hair looking beautiful and feeling soft with shine and vitality. This hair treatment uses a mixture of special and natural ingredients and is a joy to use."

      The company appear to be an Italian company and I am not able to track down any information about their views on animal testing so I can't help anyone who is interested in that aspect of beauty and toiletries .


      This is the key point really. Yes it does make my hair feel really nice and soft after I use it . I don't use it every week as I have a range of products that I use from time to time and so I used this the other day specifically to write this review.

      The product is a thickish cream not really that different from a conditioner and white. It comes from a hole in the tube that you squeeze a bit like tooth paste. First of all you need to unscrew the cap so there is no danger of any wastage when left on the bath side as it has this screw on lid.

      I find I don't need a lot, about the same amount as when using a conditioner on my damp washed hair. I then massage it into my scalp and put on my shower cap before lying back in the bath to relax for a few minutes.

      When I plan on having a hair mask I also try and put on a face mask so i look truly horrific bit in the peace and quiet of my bathroom I don't care. This i usually do on the days my husband goes to golf and he very kindly brings me a cup of tea so i lie back relaxed with my cuppa letting these masks do their job.

      I rinse this off after it has done its work and then style my hair as usual. I always notice how nice and silky soft my hair feels after a treatment and love the vanilla milk shake sort of smell of this one too. My hair is thick and quite course and curly so anything that makes it feel softer and silkier is good as far as I am concerned. I also find it makes it look healthy and shiny too and this effect lasts for a few washes if I use a gentle shampoo and conditioner.


      Yes I do like this one and it does have some natural ingredients in it. I wish they had some indication as to whether they were animal friendly or not nit it does say the tube is recyclable and I would have thought if they were animal friendly then they would say as it is a big selling point these days.

      If I knew about their company ethics I would be happier but as for whether it works or not then yes it does and it smells really nice and like a vanilla milkshake.

      It leaves my hair soft and shiny and does not appear to aggravate my eczema at the base of my hair line at the back which does flair up from time to time. That said I do avoid using some shampoos and treatments when the eczema is evident as I try to keep it controlled without having to resort to steroids which is the only fix when it gets really bad.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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    • Product Details

      The ultimate in a pump action spritz, this product is formulated using a natural based sugar carbohydrate protein / This firm hold spritz will hold your hair all day giving the hair a deep shine without any build-up / Hold Factor 10 /

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