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Molton Brown Coudberry Shampoo

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Brand: Molton Brown / Type: Hair Shampoo / Hair type: coloured hair

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    2 Reviews
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      11.03.2013 11:01
      Very helpful



      Lovely shampoo for people with a different hair type to mine

      When I acquired my recent stash of Molton Brown products one item was this Cloudberry shampoo, of six products it's the only one I share with anyone else in the house - being forced into this state of affairs by my sixteen year old daughter who insisted on me letting her use it. To be fair, she is the co-owner of the products by circumstance of presence when I received them and as she'd shown no interest in any of the other bottles I suppose I can't complain! We've been using the bottle for two weeks now, me washing my hair daily and Charlotte doing hers every two to three days, and both have pretty different opinions about the shampoo.

      One thing we agree on is the fact that it smells delicious. It's a far prettier fragrance than other Molton Brown products I've tried and the girly pinkness of the bottle really appeals, I love Molton Brown packaging anyway but this one stands out beautifully as something special. It's a fruity shampoo but there are florals there too, the fragrance is true to the name and the overwhelming scent is definitely of berries - I think I can smell rose in the shampoo but this isn't listed so maybe I'm wrong, it's really too indistinct to call but *whatever* this note (or medley of notes) is it brings a sophisticated edge to what is otherwise a pretty 'fun' fruity shampoo.

      It's a lovely shampoo to use, the consistency being perfect for massaging into my hair and scalp. I adore the light feel of it and spend time ensuring my hair gets a thorough washing in order to get the most from the shampoo - the lather produced isn't particularly thick but it feels beautifully soft and luxurious on my hair. Like all Molton Brown products the onus is on pampering, and I really do feel bizarrely upper class while using Cloudberry - isn't it amazing what a name and a well developed product can do for you?! It rinses out easily and even while my hair is still wet it feels clean and soft, the fragrance lingering after rinsing and not fully disappearing for a couple of hours (or five ciggies, whatever comes first!). Charlotte obviously doesn't smoke and I can smell Cloudberry in her hair even after she's been at college for seven hours, which I think you'll agree is pretty impressive for a shampoo.

      Here our views on Cloudberry differ. The shampoo seems to suit Charlotte's shorter, thicker layered hair much better than it suits my long one length non-style. It's suggested that you should use the complimenting Cloudberry Nurturing Conditioner after shampooing, but we didn't receive this so I've been using another Molton Brown conditioner while Charlotte's opted for a cheapie Argan Oil offering from Poundland. My hair issue is the fact that it tangles at the slightest hint of moisture, conditioner is a must at every hair wash or else I'd seriously end up losing half of my hair to the hair brush - I tried Cloudberry without conditioner as it felt like such a moisturising shampoo but personally I felt it wasn't rich enough and I ended up hopping back into the shower to apply conditioner. It doesn't dry my hair or leave it feeling unconditioned, as a shampoo it's simply not nourishing enough for me from a conditioning aspect - but then I wouldn't really expect it to be. On the other hand Charlotte, always in a hurry in the morning, regularly foregoes the conditioner and her hair always looks great.

      Neither of us found the shampoo weighs our hair down, impressive really considering the fact we're both prime candidates for hair products being too heavy in our own ways. My hair is long but quite fine, whereas charlotte has some crazily short layers cut into her hair - our hairs share the common problem of certain hair products giving the impression of lankness even when it's freshly washed and perfectly clean. This isn't a problem with Cloudberry despite the rich consistency and after washing Charlotte in particular has noticed extra volume; we both agree that our hair is easy to brush and style afterwards, with Charlotte's layers looking extra impressive since we've been using it with noticeable added volume at the roots.

      My hair just 'sits there' with no discernible style (other then a varying fringe), the only thing I really care about is how clean any given shampoo is going to make my hair look and feel. I've got to say full marks to Molton Brown and Cloudberry here, each wash leaving my hair feeling remarkably clean and refreshed. I don't use too many styling products but my hair errs towards being greasy so I need a shampoo which will leave my hair clean until I wash it again, either twelve or twenty four hours later. Cloudberry succeeds in this and my hair is actually squeaky clean with a visible improvement in shine after washing and this effect lasts for as long as I need it to, Charlotte has had the same results and I've heard her comment several times over the past couple of weeks about how clean her hair feels.

      I like this shampoo, but there are products which suit my hair at least as well (if not better tangle-wise) as Cloudberry so I can't see that it makes much sense for me to re-purchase. I feel quite guilty saying that as this IS a fantastic shampoo, it's just not what I need - although I have to say if it suits your hair type a little better then it could be a fab addition to your hair care regime. Even at £15 a bottle...


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        15.12.2012 18:36
        Very helpful



        A lovely but rather luxurious shampoo

        Molton Brown Cloudberry Shampoo

        I am a member on 'Beauty on trial and was lucky enough to be selected to trial these new shampoos and conditioners from Molton Brown.

        I have only ever tried Molton Brown products when receiving then as gifts or when staying in posh hotels so was absolutely thrilled to get two full sized bottles to try. One is the shampoo and the other is this conditioner that I am reviewing here..


        This is a UK based company that started in London in 1973 in a salon in Mayfair no less. This means it is a fairly new company but they have quickly become known for their quality products in hair and beauty.

        In 2012 they were awarded the very prestigious award of 'BEST BRAND' from the Cosmetic Executive Women just as Molton Brown move into 2013 to celebrate their fortieth year.

        The CEW gave the award as " Molton Brown have always been a passionate innovator in the bath, body and beauty world".


        Molton Brown do not test on animals. They use plant based extracts that they travel the world to find and source.


        This small bottle of 300ml is available for £18 yes you did read that correctly so it is a luxury conditioner rather than an everyday one that you let the rest of the family use! No one is sharing mine I can assure you. You can buy this on line through the Molton Brown website and also in their stores and probably in high end department stores too but that I don't know as I have never bought any myself.


        This is part of a new range brought out in September 2012 by molton Brown and according to them; "captures the hottest new advances in plant based science."

        The range includes:
        Indian Cress Purifying shampoo & conditioner - for all hair types - £18 each
        Indian Mulberry Volumising shampoo & Conditioner - for fine hair -£18 each
        Plum-kadu Glossing shampoo & Conditioner - for dull looking hair - £18 each
        Cloudberry Nurturing shampoo & Conditioner - colour treated hair - £18 each
        Papyrus Reed repairing shampoo & Conditioner - Damaged hair - £18 each
        Mer -rouge Deep conditioning Mask for all hair types - £25


        Molton Brown have added Arctic Cloudberries for their ability to add moisture to the hair, amino acids for shine, UV filters to protect hair from damage and also help hair colour from fading, and the scents of red berries, patchouli and carnation.

        They claim the shampoo will help prevent colour fading for colour treated hair and will add a moisture and shine to your hair.

        The instructions are pretty basic as with all any shampoo you apply this to your wet hair then massage into your scalp, rinse and then either towel dry and style or apply the matching conditioner or any other if you chose before towelling dry and styling as usual. It is always best to rinse out with luke warm water as hot water damages hair.


        My bottles came in a Molton Brown bag tied with a brown ribbon. The bottles are the classic Molton Brown looking plastic recyclable bottle. It has a sort of frosted look but you can see the colour of the product and how much is left easily. It has a silver lid which you push down on one side to flip up the side with a hole. You have to upend the bottle and squeeze out the product as needed. I opened the lid and squeezed a very small amount of quite thick shampoo into my hand. The product came out easily but as my bottle is full I do wonder of I will have to up end the bottle to get it out as it becomes emptier.


        I used this shampoo and then followed it with the matching conditioner which I also got as a freebie.

        The first thing that struck me was the fabulous scent. It smells like a luxury perfume, a sort of Gucci scent but I can't quite place which one. It has a hint of fruitiness but the smell is pure luxury, fresh yet sweet and with a touch of classiness.

        I used a very small blob of about the size of two smarties for my pretty sort but quite thick hair and this gave me plenty to work through my hair and massage into my scalp.

        It lathered up very quickly into a very thick and wonderfully scented lather. I just kept on smelling the lather as it was just so luxurious. I give my hair just one shampoo as I always do as my hair is dry rather than greasy. It rinsed out quickly and my hair felt really nice afterwards. I probably could get away without using a conditioner but it is nice to pamper your hair as well as your face and body so as I have the matching conditioner I used that so that the scent continued to be on my hair.

        Both the shampoo and conditioner rinsed out easily leaving my hair feeling well nourished and I was able to dry it quickly and style it as usual. After drying my hair felt nice and soft and felt comfortable. It didn't look especially shiny but my hair never really does shine I have found.

        I have had my hair re- coloured for about two weeks now and the colour has stayed true so I am happy with that and I love the feel and the smell of this.

        Molton Brown manufacture 90% of their products at a factory in Hertfordshire, England and never have and never will test on animals or use ingredients tested on animals.


        Yes Ii would say this is a really lovely luxurious product that smells divine but is however very expensive. It does compare to Lush shampoos but I rarely buy them as I cheekily ask for samples when I need some or fancy trying a new one. In fact it does last pretty well as you do only need a small amount for each wash so it probably doesn't actually work out that expensive in the long run but £18 is a lot to pay out for a small bottle of conditioner or shampoo and if you buy both £36 is needed. I cannot visualise me ever paying out £36 for a shampoo and conditioner so I will have to enjoy this for as long as possible and dream of winning enough money so that I can spend that much on two hair products without worrying!

        I am really pleased that I have been able to try this wonderful shampoo and enjoy my hair smelling so great so thanks Molton Brown for the trial.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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      • Product Details

        Molton Brown Cloudberry Nurturing Shampoo / London via Finland / Out with fast-fading colour / In with a shampoo giving glossy vibrancy / Best for: colour-treated hair / The way we blend it: Arctic cloudberry for moisture / UV filters (to help protect your colour) / Amino acids to help improve shine / Aromas of red fruits / carnation and patchouli / For vibrant blondes / dazzling redheads and sultry brunettes / this shampoo for coloured hair is a must-have / UV filters help to maintain your colour / while artic cloudberry and amino acids combat any dryness that might be caused by dyeing / And true to form / it smells great too / Massage into wet hair / then rinse and repeat (if needed) / Follow with Cloudberry Nurturing Conditioner

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