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Montagne Jeunesse Hot Miracle Hair

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2 Reviews
  • It is easy to apply and rinse off
  • It makes my hair smooth and shiny
  • The serum makes my hair feel greasy sometimes
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    2 Reviews
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      09.11.2014 14:33
      Very helpful


      • "It is easy to apply and rinse off"
      • "It makes my hair smooth and shiny"
      • "The treatment is very effective"


      • "The serum makes my hair feel greasy sometimes"

      Montagne Jeunesse hot miracle hair treatment

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a hair mask that is made by Montagne Jeunesse, that is a company famous for its face masks but I think this is a very good product also.


      The mask comes in 2 parts and the sachet has got a shape so that you can open them individual and the products are kept separate. You use the hot hair treatment by standing it in a cup of warm water while you wash your hair like normal but do not apply conditioner. After you have rinsed the shampoo out you should massage the treatment into your hair and then wear it as a hair mask for 10 minutes or longer if you want to. When you have rinsed it out you apply the serum and spread it through all of your hair, you have only to use a small amount of serum so even though the treatment cream is one application only you can get 3 from the serum going on whatever length your hair is.


      I am happy with this hair mask and have bought it many times and use it regular. I think the treatment is the main important part because that makes my hair feel soft and very well conditioned, the serum adds shine only and sometimes I do not use it after because it makes my hair feel a little bit greasy and unclean. That does not happen always only sometimes.

      The smell of this hair mask comes from avocado and cherry bark and I think it is a very natural smell. It is not attractive and I think it is very unisex, my husband has used hair masks but he will not use ones that smell feminine and I know he has used this one but do not know his opinion of it.

      I like the way my hair feels after I have used this treatment but it goes hard to style for the first hour after it has dried and will not hold a blow dried style. I dry my hair straight when I have used this mask and only use it if I know I have got the time to wait inbetween using the treatment and styling my hair.

      The treatment rinses out very easy and it is creamy so when I apply it I know that it is reaching all over my hair and scalp, it makes my head itch a little bit while I am wearing it and sometimes I want to rinse it off quickly because of that but I try always to give it the full amount of time because that is how to get the best benefit from the hair mask.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      20.03.2010 20:41
      Very helpful



      Try it

      Having just come back from an equine behaviour course that involved standing in a field in the pouring rain observing horses, I was soaking wet, cold and my hair looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards (but very happy). As I have said in other reviews I have dry, thick, curly hair that I have been colouring for 12 years. I needed something to warm me up and make me look a bit less like Worsel Gummage. I bought this mask in Asda as part of a 4 for £3 multi buy but you can buy it individually for 97p.

      The packet of hot miracle and ultra shine serum in green and yellow with pictures of avocados and cherries on it. It has a picture of a lady with a hair mask on with blue and magenta writing. The mask contains cherry bark and avacado as well as pro vitamin B5 and panthenol. The mask is meant to reconstruct damaged, bleached and coloured hair. The product is suitable for vegetarians and is BUAV approved.

      Directions for use:
      Stage 1 - hot miracle:
      Place unopened sachet into a glass of hand hot water for a few minutes before use. Shampoo, rinse and apply hot miracle evenly from roots to tip. Massage in for 1 minute, rinse hair and towel dry. Follow with stage 2.

      Stage 2 - ultra shine serum:
      Apply to hair in small amounts. Dry and style as usual.

      I put the sachet into a mug of water but it wasn't really big enough, I had to squidge the hot miracle to the bottom of the packet to try and get it submerged. I left it in the hot water for about 3 minutes and when I took it out, I could feel that the mask had heated up through the packet. The sachet was quite hard to open with wet hands so I ended up using my teeth. The mask is green in colour and looks like a cream based gel. My hair is just past shoulder length and there was just enough product to go over my hair. I found that the consistancy was just right and nothing ended up on the floor. I massaged it in for the suggested minute and then left it on while I washed the rest of me. The mask smelt fruity with a hint of cherry which I found nice. It was not too overpowering.

      The mask is easy to rinse off and straight away my hair felt smoother. I did find that the floor of my shower was a bit slippery for a couple of minutes afterwards so you have to be careful. I towel dried my hair and it looked much better than it did when I got into the shower. I brushed my hair and left it to dry a bit while I had something to eat as I was starving and then went back to add the serum. The brush went straight through my hair easily as it was completely tangle free. Before I added the serum, I could see my hair was shiny and much less frizzy even though it was still damp. The serum was easy to apply and smelt lovely. The consistancy is good and I found that I had enough serum for 2-3 uses which is a bonus.

      This product works well but other Montagne Jeunesse products work just as well but smell much better and don't make your shower floor slippery.


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