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Montagne Jeunesse Lime Oil Spa Hair Mask

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Brand: Montagne Jeunesse / Texture: Fluid / Type: Hair Mask

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2008 14:41
      Very helpful



      Pass on this it's not great!

      I have a self made pamper kit that lives under my bed. Ok we all by now know that I own lots of stuff but I actually collect things and put them in a huge Toni&Guy black velvet bag I own. As I say this is my pamper kit and in it goes little things I treat myself to and use on special occasions like having a date or going out on a big night out with the girls. I tend to buy little pots and tubs of things and the bag has seen many things come and go in the past year of owning it. I love my bag and I love my pamper nights in the bathroom!

      I really do have a thing for face and hair masks. I love buying sachets and I love the whole experience of lying in my warm bath and opening this one special sachet and being filled with hope and believing for a few minutes that I'm about to get a miracle. Ok sounds sad but it gets me excited anyway!

      I have used many different hair masks over the years of course and until recently never really been interested in Montagne Jeunesse products. I know very little about them to be honest but know I have sampled some of their offerings and never wrote about them purely because they must not have made impression on me, good or bad cos I usually have an opinion on everything! I've read a mixed bag of reviews which have been more on the unimpressed side of things and recently I've found myself just not buying them. Until I saw these that is.

      Now this particular one I found on offer. The usual price is between 89p-99p a sachet. I saw them in Instore for 19p each and I cleared the shelf of these and a few other types and brands the store must of been clearing out for some reason. Other women looked none to pleased with me when I positioned my basket under the shelf and with one swift movement of my arm cleared said shelf I'm telling you but I knew the product worth and there was no stopping me getting the bargains I was on a mission!

      The Packaging....

      Foil on the inside of the sachet and white and blue plastic on the outside. At the top it has a hanging up hole and then in blue and silver writing I'm told it's 'Perfectly Pampered, Spa Hair Mask, Lime Oil'. Then there is a photograph of a woman with rather wet hair (I don't understand what that's really about lol) and then under that the words Relax & Recondition are written and then there's a drawing of some cut open limes in a row and under that in small letters I can barely read I'm told it contains fusions of Marine & Plant Extracts. Then there is a couple of sentences written in a foreign language (I don't understand) and the weight of the product is stated (15ml). On the back of the sachet I'm told it's a Montagne Jeunesse product in the top left hand corner and then on the right I'm told the brand is against animal testing, and is vegetarian standard. I'm then told a bit about the product, instructions for using it, given safety and care advice, then told loads of stuff in foreign languages (which I can see is everything I've been told in English) and then at the bottom of packet I'm given a list of the ingredients, the recycle symbol is on there and finally there is a black bar-code. This packaging is not as nice as most the Montagne Juenesse products that's for sure. It's just a rather plain oblong sachet that doesn't look all that exciting and I'm not liking the girl on the front. I don't know what she's doing there as her hair don't even look nice so she baffles me a bit lol

      About The Product....

      Perfectly Pampered is exclusively formulated using carefully selected marine & plant extracts. These essential nutrients nourish, re-hydrate & protect, gently restoring the skin's natural texture & tone.

      Lovingly hydrate the hair with this blissful recovery mask. This intense hot oil product will recondition and repair damaged, bleached, permed or colored hair. A heavenly pampering experience-contains exotic lime for that beautiful citrus scent.

      Instructions For Use....

      Place unopened sachet into hand hot water while you wash and rinse your hair. Apply the oil evenly and massage for 1 minute. Rinse hair to remove excess oil and towel dry.

      My Experience....

      Well I filled up my bath with hand warm hot water and flung my sachet in there. I washed my hair twice with a normal, everyday shampoo and rinsed very well with warm, fresh water. I rung out my hair a little with my hands and went to apply this.

      Well opening the sachet is the first trial and tribulation! Although there is a nick in the side of the sachet to make it easier to get into I really struggled with it. I tried to slice open the packet with my teeth and allsorts.... finally I was in. I knew I was in when I got the stuff on my teeth! Isn't that always the way?!

      So I squeezed out the liquid into my hands and spread it between my palms to make it easier to evenly distribute. I was met by not very much product really. It was a light greenish pearly kind of colour, not too thick but it didn't run out my hands and the smell I could detect was limes. Very strong indeed and a bit fake rather than natural it was just rather zingy and it was ok and unmistakable in it's smell. Nothing wrong with it though and so I set on to applying it.

      I rubbed it into my hair, gently massaging as I went making sure I covered all of my hair and the liquid was really lukewarm and tepid. It went on like a light oil. I could see in the mirror on my wall that the colour evaporated on touch with my hair and I could feel a very gentle greasy film coating my hair as my hair drank the lotion and I could no longer see the product.

      After the minute was up and I'd given my head a nice firm massage I decided to rinse my hair. I did this in the shower because I suffer with greasy roots so I have to be careful when using oil based products time wise and also making sure they are rinsed out properly or bang my hair suffers and my roots get angry as hell.

      Could I get the product out or my hair? Erm... it took me 10 minutes to start feeling I was removing it. It got knotted in what felt like frizz and when I ran my hands down my hair it felt rough and like it had soap in it and felt sort of crunchy through my fingers! Even when I eventually quit rinsing my hair through I still felt like I hadn't removed it properly but I knew there was none left in.

      I rubbed hair dry gently with a towel and my hair in places looked a bit more defined but I had quite a bit of frizz on show. My hair appeared lifeless and all of my hair looked quite dry which concerned me a bit. When I put my wide toothed, favourite comb through my mop I could hear the 'teeth' pulling at my hair as I had knots. I had to hold my hair at the root whilst I ripped the comb through the rest and I did end up losing rather alot of hair in said comb. Once I'd combed it through hair did then look smooth and did certainly feel more healthy than previous to combing it through! Frizz and everything had calmed down considerably and hope was restored though my hair felt a bit gritty and not so clean as usual.

      Drying my hair was simple enough to do. I could have used styling products if I had wanted to of course but all I wanted was soft and supple hair so I didn't do that. I teased my hair straight with a comb and although I didn't get a perfect style I did end up getting a lovely shine that was very apparent. I did still have a little frizz and my hair did feel a little drier than usual but that benefited my usually greasy roots. The smell calmed down into something much more subtle and lasts on the hair staying fresh for a couple of hours.


      I cant say it's awful but can say in my view it's most suited to oily hair which is a bit odd when you think about it as this is an hot oil treatment! However it really isn't oily and is more creamy in it's approach. Everything about it is ok but for me didn't correct anything I wanted correcting but it never hurt my hair either which was a relief!


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