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Montagne Jeunesse Moisture Miracle

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5 Reviews

Brand: Montagne Jeunesse / Subcategory: Treatment / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    5 Reviews
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      19.09.2011 23:09
      Very helpful



      For me a fabulous product that saved my self esteem at a difficult time.

      I first used a few years ago at the same time I had problems with my hair falling out. Not only did my hair start to jump ship, but what was left was in the worst condition of my life, it was so dry it was crispy and brittle. This wasn't due to more than usual split ends, or over use of heated hair stylers because at the time I didn't even use a hair dryer let alone anything more sophisticated. The hair issue was all a bit of a mystery. I tried every conditioner, masque, oil and natural moisturising treatment (olive oil, egg yolk, beer etc) that I could think of. I picked this two step moisture 'miracle' up at Asda as a casual 'well we'll see what this has to offer' purchase. I wasn't expecting much, now I'll tell you whether it proved me wrong or not.

      This is quite a pricey product as single use sachet products usually are, I have found it in one place online from 91p but I think I paid a little more for it at the time (I haven't been able to find it on the usual high street websites so not sure if it's available 'offline' any more). The sachet is split vertically into two sections one containing about 17ml of vitamin and essential oil enriched hair masque the other side 5mls of serum. You apply the masque after shampooing and towel drying and leave on for a minimum of ten minutes, I left it on for nearly 20. You then rinse this off and apply the serum to towel dried hair, and dry as normal.

      On opening the sachet the smell of oranges was quite strong, and in my opinion quite delicious. The colour was also quite a distinct orange too, the texture was not stiff, and looked and felt like a medium thickness conditioner. I applied two thirds of the sachet to my hair, these days it would take the full sachet and then some, as my hair is back to it's normal thick long self touch wood. At the time my hair was just below the shoulders and fairly thin so two thirds was plenty. I was also being frugal so that I would have some left for the ends next time I washed as my hair really was in a sorry state. On rinsing the masque out my hair already felt better, softer and more supple than it had been for a long time.

      I was very dubious about the serum as I'd never used one before, it was long before I discovered John Frieda's frizz ease. It is clear, and quite thick, to me it felt a bit sticky and greasy. I erred on the side of caution and only applied half of the sachet which despite only being 2.5mls coated my towel dried hair rather well. I did comb it through with a wide toothed comb even though combing when wet can be damaging, as I wanted to spread the serum evenly and not risk it being too oily in one place. I was convinced the serum would make my hair greasy and lank.

      The results

      Astonishing. I was well and truly impressed with this product. My straw like brittle hair was honestly transformed almost completely back into the swishy soft hair I'd had before my problems. I didn't need to use the remainder for another month as my hair retained the soft conditioned feel and look for several washes. After the second use of the remaining product my hair felt marvellous and had a nice gloss to it again.

      The orange scent did not stay in my hair once dry, but it did leave a very nice smell which I couldn't quite describe.

      I notice that this hasn't got the brilliant 5 out of 5 stars that I'm going to give it from anyone else, but I wonder if this is because it's one of those products that works it's magic only on hair that is really frazzled. Some things don't appear to work because they are used on skin, hair, etc that is not quite in the condition it is designed specifically to treat. Perhaps the other lovely ladies hair was already in a reasonable condition so the dramatic results were not so obvious.

      For me it cheered me up no end, I was quite depressed that not only did I seem to be losing my hair but the hair that was clinging on for dear life was so 'stiff' and unpleasant to the touch (it didn't actually look that bad and still had some shine, but the texture was dreadful).

      I have used this a few times since and it's one of those products that I keep meaning to buy but can never seem to find when I'm shopping. There is another version which shows white on the pack picture and I wonder if this has superseded the orange one. I hope not because I love my orange delight.


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        08.06.2010 18:42
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Try it yourself

        I bought myself this hairmask this morning and I used it this afternoon. Although I did use some of the hairmasks from Montagen Jeunesse, I never used this one. So I hope you like my review!

        *About Montagne Jeunesse*
        Montagne Jeunesse is a company founded in the UK and the name Montagne Jeunesse means "Garden of Youth". The company is specialised in beauty products like hair and facemasks, footscrubs and face scrubs. Montagne Jeunesse offers products which can be used for all hair and skintypes and all the Montagne Jeunesse products are recognizable because of their colorfull little sachets. They most of the times are sold at the regular pharmacies or through online shops like Amazon.

        **About Moisture Miracle hair mask orange**This hairmask is best used when you have lifeless hair, brittle hair or split ends. Because I have had these problems with my hair recently, I decided to buy this mask. The mask comes in a orange/blue sachet and contains 17,5 ml of moisture mask and 5 ml of serum (the serum can be used after you have used the mask). The hairmask isn't as orange as the mask on the front of the back, but when you push it out of the sachet, it does have some orange color over it. The price of this mask is 1,75 Euros or 1 Pound. If you never used a mask like this before it is advised to test a small amount of the mask on your arm, to see if any allergic reaction is showing.

        **How to use this mask**
        Shampoo your hair and rinse it. Make sure it is towel dry and apply the mask. The substance of the mask is not too firm so be carefull it doesn't slip through your finger. Apply the mask from root to tip. Leave it in for 10-15 minutes and rinse your hair after this time.
        You can apply the serum which will give your hair some extra protection after you've used the mask. This serum is transparant and doesn't smell like orange.

        **The smell of the mask**
        This mask has a very fresh orange smell to it, I have to say it smelled very fresh and not chemical at all. That probably is because of the mandarin/citrus oil that is in it. A very nice and fruity smell I have to say!

        **My opinion** This mask works great and after using it my hair looked a lot nicer than before. I was happy to discover this fresh and fruity repairing hairmask and I will absolutely use it again if my hair is in bad condition!


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          25.09.2009 00:10
          Very helpful



          Its a lovely scent and is a nice color it does make your hair shiny


          This Montagne Juenesse product comes in a lovely sachet with numerous colors including pink purple and blue. Its nicely designed and has a picture of a woman who s hair is covered in a luxurious looking candy pink colored hair mask like stated in my other reviews on these products the eye catching presentation is what drew me to it and made me want to buy it.


          It claims to change hair lacking in volume into voluminous hair and has a particular phrase saying "turn up the volume and make your hair yell" It claims the control and define serum in the second half of the sachet will control and shape your hair and provide it with great shine.


          I am on the fence with this one because as far as volume goes i don't believe the product is the reason your hair is voluminous which it is after using this. I think the real reason is more to do with the instructions they provide you with telling you to use your brush to lift your hair as you dry it. Which everyone knows provides more volume to your hair. I believe if you where not to do this your hair would not be as voluminous after using this product. However it does add shine and your hair does look nice after using it and the control and shine serum does what it claims to do so on those terms i still would recommend it.

          If your looking to treat yourself to something that smells delicious its scent is wild strawberry's and it smells good enough to eat though i strongly advice you don't lol. I would buy this again simply because its a treat to use and smells so great, it feels nice and refreshing when on plus it leaves your hair nice and shiny afterwords.

          If you don't mind the fact that its maybe not the product you have to thank for the results but more so your own efforts as directed on the back of the sachet guiding you to lift your hair while drying it then you will still love it. To be fair it is providing you with helpful info too although i doubt many people were not already aware of the info it has provided.

          You still will get a voluminous result but its more because of your own efforts this certainly doesn't do it for you but i have tried many volume promising products and in my experience they generally do not. They just give a good starting point and its your skills with a hair dryer and brush after that that produce the volume.


          Well other than what i previously mentioned about the volume being achieved by you're own efforts there isn't much else you need to know. Except that this like all the other Montagne Juenesse products prices range between one and two pounds.

          MY OPINION

          This stuff smells lovely due to its strawberry fragrance and is still a treat to use. It does leave your hair looking nice and shiny after thanks to the second half also referred to as step two and if you follow the instructions then you will have a noticeably voluminous result. If you don't then you may not. I do however not believe the before and after results pictures on the back are true to what it does and in my opinion it doesn't provide quite as much volume as that claims but like all the rest of the Montagne Juenesse products its nicely fragranced, great for if you want to relax, nicely packaged and fun to use.


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          15.05.2007 15:16
          Very helpful




          I have a full packet of this product sat in front of me. (the pink grapefruit one)

          I bought 3 packets of this product back in february.

          I followed the instructions perfectly with the first packet. Within 2 hours my hair was dry, coarse, and brittle and a huge mess.

          I picked up the packet again and re-read the instructions. If you look ar the packet on the picture with this review you will see the packet is divided up into 2 sections down the middle. In one half of the packet there is a serum, in the other half a "frizz miracle", labelled as stage one and two. In the packet above stage one is the blue side and stage 2 is the orange.

          To my horror i looked at the packet in my hand at the time and realised it had been labelled the wrong way round on the back of the packet where the instructions were. I had used the stages the wrong way round because a mistake had been made on the packaging.

          I checked my other 2 packets. One was wrong and the other was labelled right.

          I emailed the customer service department along with photographs of the packs (one correct packet and one incorrect), so they could see the mistake, and it can get quite confusing explaining it all without a visual!

          The next day i had a reply from them, which told me i would be contacted within 2 weeks and a solution would of been drawn up by then.

          Unfortunatly it was an automated email as they failed to enter my name on it. The beginning of the reply read :

          Dear (advisor enter customers name here), we are so to hear.... blah blah blah

          and ended with:

          Thankyou for your comments, (advisor enter customers name here), Montagne jeunesse.

          They had forgotten to fill in my name!!!!!!!!!

          It is now May 15th and considering they were contacting me in 2 weeks time, and i have recieved nothing else or no contact from them they clearly couldnt care less, as their reply is 2 months late.

          I find the whole of this customer service effort disgraceful, and the obviously couldnt care less about their customers so long as they get money in their pockets.

          Montagne jeunesse products are great so long as you dont have any problems, otherwise no service worth calling a service is offered.

          The products they make i find do work,especially the hair products. I used the packet that was labelled correctly and it made a huge difference to the condition of my hair (for the better this time!)

          UPDATE-- 27/05/2007

          Since writing the first part of this review, I rang head office for Montagne Juenesse, and explained the while situation. I spoke to a lady from customer services who was very pleasant. She said that they were waiting for me to email them again before they took action --- So if any of you have a problem with this company, it seems their policy is that you have to contact them twice before they take any action!!!!

          So what did they do for me?

          The lady took the batch number from the faulty packet from me over the phone, and as soon as she checked it she said they had recieved numerous complaints about this product and that is was a production line fault and had been packaged incorrectly. She admitted the company was fully resposible and that they would send me a packet of 12 free products as an apology. I put the phone, satisfied that they had finally sorted the problem.

          What happened next?

          Two days later a packet appeared for me in the post containing the promised 12 complimentary products. Their sachets usually cost at retail price 99p each so I had around £12.00 worth of products free.

          This seemed very generous, untill I looked at the final 2 packets. They were the original product that I complained about, and guess what? Yes, thats right, they had sent me 2 more faulty products, same packets, same batch number, same fault that I had complained about in the first place. Obviously the complany had numerous complaints about this packaging fault, as the customer service assistant said so, yet they havent withdrawn any. This product is not usable as there are no ways to tell which is the first step, and which is the second to use. So, I have 10 complimentary products to use instead of 12. So all is not lost, but its a shame that they fail to realise they will only lose custom if their customer service policies stay the same.

          Not replying untill you contact them twice, and then sending the very product you complain about back to you as an apology, in my book is not good at all.

          I am yet to use my free samples, and dont know if I should. What would happen if I have a problem with one of them?


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          28.11.2006 13:52
          Very helpful



          An average conditioning hair mask

          Moisture Miracle claims to be an emergency repair for lifeless, brittle hair or split ends. I wouldn’t say that my hair was particularly lifeless or brittle but I do have split ends. I’ve put off using it, as I believe that the only thing to get rid of split ends is a pair of scissors. Having not been to the hairdressers in a long time I thought it was about time to give it a go and see if it lives up to its claims.

          It comes in a sachet so only has one application in it. At least this way if its no good then you’re not lumbered with a huge tub or pot of something you don’t actually like or that doesn’t actually do what its supposed to. Moisture Miracle is actually Seville Orange Moisture Miracle but the words Seville Orange are so small I missed them and I’m sure many others have as well. On closer inspection of the ingredients other citrus fruits are used as well (mandarin, lime and grapefruit). It isn’t clear what quantities are used so I assumed it wouldn’t be enough for them to be obvious.

          ***How to use***

          The mask has two stages. The first is the actual Moisture Miracle mask to condition and the second is a protect and seal serum. After shampooing your hair apply the mask to your hair and leave it for 5-10 minutes to give the oils a chance to work. After it has been washed out apply the serum to towel dried hair. I was quite concerned by the warning that tells you that the product won’t colour your hair. This is good, as I don’t really want bright orange hair. Once the serum is applied evenly you can either leave it to dry naturally or use a hair dryer.

          It does state that the length and thickness of your hair depends on how much serum you use. Having said that there are only 5ml of it (compared to 17.5ml of the mask) so you can’t really go over board.

          ***Applying it***

          Once out of the shower and quick towel dry I proceeded to apply the mask. Ripping open the first stage only (making sure I opened the right one!) I squeezed the sachet carefully. Out came the mask, which I could smell instantly. Although it does smell of oranges it wasn’t intense scent. Also as suspected the other fruits (lime and grapefruit) weren’t apparent at all. The mandarin being similar smell to the orange wasn’t noticeable, as it would have blended in with it. The colour of the mask was almost a pastel orange and the consistency was like a conditioner only a little runnier. This would be because of the amount of natural oils in it. Applying it to my hair was very easy as it absorbed really well. I made sure it was evenly spread out before washing my hands.

          The only problem I found was that once my hands were covered in the mask and after applying it to my hair my hands were a bit oily. It made getting more of the mask out of the sachet a little tricky. Although it wasn’t as oily as say baby oil it was still enough to make it a little awkward. As I tried to squeeze from the bottom and push it up my hands slid a little. The only way around this would be to get someone to dispense the mask into your hands.

          Once the entire mask was applied I made sure I hadn’t missed any bits of my hair. Although there was enough in the sachet for my hair I would have liked a little more. I have long hair so this wouldn’t be an issue for anyone with shorter hair but anyone with really long hair could be disappointed. However, as it is so oily maybe applying more would make your hair greasy so maybe Montagne Jeunesse have done this for that very reason.

          I found that I didn’t need to tie my hair up once the mask had been applied. The picture on the sachet made me think that it would sit on my hair rather than be absorbed as it was. It fact, my hair just looked wet and it wasn’t obvious that there was anything in my hair. The smell of the oranges was subtle and I could only really smell it if I sniffed my hair. I found this a little disappointing but it means that anyone that isn’t over keen on the smell of oranges could still use this.

          ***Washing it out***

          I actually kept the mask on for slightly longer than 10 minutes. This was because someone beat me into the bathroom more than anything else. There are no warnings about keeping it on for longer so I didn’t worry about this.

          Washing it out was very easy and didn’t take long at all. The water ran clear so I’d imagine most of the mask was absorbed into my hair. Straight away my hair felt conditioned and very soft. The aroma was very subtle but not too much that I couldn’t smell it. Washing it out didn’t take long at all and just the usual time of a normal conditioner.

          After towel drying my hair I couldn’t see any difference but the scent of oranges was noticeable. Once I’d towel dried my hair enough I applied the second stage – the serum. It doesn’t advise you to brush your hair but I thought this would be common sense and that it would mean evenly applying the serum would be easier. At this point my hair was easy to brush and I only had a few tangles but I usually do so I wasn’t surprised. The serum was a clear liquid. It reminded me a bit of glue in that it wasn’t too runny. It was runny enough that when squeezing it out the sachet you need to be careful so that you only get a bit each time. I was aware that there wasn’t much of it at all and to use it sparingly. Having said that a little goes a long way and it didn’t take me long to make sure that it was evenly applied.

          The serum also has orange oil in it so by now my hair really smelt of oranges. The scent of the mask lingered after I washed it out and towel dried it so after applying the serum it was more distinct.

          ***The result***

          I decided to dry my hair with a hair dryer to see what it looked like. I didn’t dry it completely though but I took the worse off. The scent of the mask and the serum were still evident but I was disappointed that my hair still looked the same. I didn’t expect anything dramatic but my hair was as soft as if I used an ordinary conditioner. The only difference was the scent of oranges. To be honest I do like the smell but I’m sure there are plenty of other normal conditioners out there that use oranges. It left my hair soft and well conditioned but no more than a usual conditioner would. Personally I shall not be buying this again, as the results weren’t good enough to mess about applying a mask and a serum in place of a normal conditioner.

          One thing I was glad of was that it didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy. As I was applying it I thought the oil might give my hair a greasy look. So when it didn’t I was relieved. The other concern was the fact that they warned you that it wouldn’t stain your hair. Having dark brown with a reddish tint I wasn’t overly concerned but I do have bleached bits in my hair and I thought that they might be effected. Needless to say the statement saying it wouldn’t stain your hair is correct. I noticed no change in the colour at all, only in the condition of my hair.

          I can’t really recommend this, as it isn’t worth the effort although that isn’t to say that my hair hasn’t benefited. I’ve used other products that aim to achieve the same thing, which have been more effective. If your hair isn’t that damaged then this might be enough but anyone expecting too much will be disappointed.


          One thing worth mentioning is that on the sachet it warns to test a bit of the mask on your skin prior to use. Anyone with sensitive skin may find that the natural oils would cause a reaction. I never bothered with this and when the mask was on I had no reaction at all.

          There was no mention of any ingredients such as lanolin so if you are allergic to anything then it’s best to email Montagne Jeunesse. I did have a look on the website and there was no additional information to what was on the sachet.

          It is suitable for vegetarians and they are firmly against animal testing.

          ***Price and availability***

          Montagne Jeunesse products are reasonably easy to find. I personally bought mine in ASDA for 99p but you’ll find them in other supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug and places like Wilkinsons. If you’d prefer to order online then you can order directly from them or try looking on eBay.



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