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MOP Glisten Discovery Pack

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2 Reviews

Brand: MOP / Type: Shampoo

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    2 Reviews
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      12.08.2010 11:04
      Very helpful
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      perfect for a special day or nite out

      I love all the MOP products!! (Modern Organic Product)
      they smell great and make your hair look lovely! The MOP range is pretty big so you just need to find the right product for you,

      The Glisten product range i would say is not for everyday use,
      its like a fashion range for extreme shine, its great for a nite out,
      and great on hair extensions to stop any tangles leaving the hair really sleek and glossy

      Athough it is really moisturing for everyday products i wouldnt recommend this range,
      although the Shine Drops are the best ive ever used and they actually feed the hair rather than just sitting on top of it.
      A great tip is to put 2 drops in with any shampoo for a really conditioning wash, also you can put a couple of drop in with hair colour for extra conditioning treatment.

      If you want a every day range the Lemongrass is great for fine hair or the Mixed Greens range is the most conditioning and full of lovely veggies to feed up the hair!

      ive never been disapointment by any mop product and i think ive tried them all!! :)


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        25.07.2008 00:27
        Very helpful



        If you can afford it, buy it. I would!

        You can buy these sets from the MOP website, they were doing a free offer a short while ago where they were free with postage, (normally the travel sets are £8.95) so I filled in the required survey and was directed to the Shine travel set.

        There are 4 all together, which all seem really as good as each other- but I cant really stomach paying £11 in total for one (including postage), which is a shame as the one I have tried, is really excellent.

        It arrived to me in a little cardboard box, mainly orange with a picture of the shampoo, conditioner and shine drops that are inside the box.
        The shampoo and conditioner is about 60mls and shine drops mare about 10mls. The bottles look really cute, they look like the mini ones at the body shop, but have different type printed on them, they do look really chic and I was not afriad to take them out with me to the buisy gym I go to.

        On first use, the shampoo appeared to me to be really watery, not so bad it was too watery, but I had been using the Body Shop honey shampoo and conditioner which is really dense. The Mop shampoo had a subtle cinnamon/orange/lemony scent, its quite subtle and is a nice scent. I put on a similar amount to my hair and began to wash- the lather on this thing is amazing! I think I must have inadvertently put on too much as it was really doing something- my head felt like it had been submerged in fluffy clouds- it was lovely!
        The conditioner was similar,- no lather this time (your not supposed to with conditioner) it again seemed really watery, but on application, a little goes a long way.
        The shine drops (basicly serum) are also very easy to use, they come in a bottle which actually dispenses droplets, not a massive puddle, so when it advises to apply one to two drops, you know exactly what it means.

        I was really pleased with the end result, my hair was easy to control, it felt good, healthy, and did actually look shiny just as promised.

        If I had the money, I would defiantly go buy this again when my travel set runs out. If anything as its the best shampoo I have ever used! I still cant get over how such a small amount can make such a froth- I guess the Body Shop have a lot to answer for!

        Mop also use lots of natural stuff, though seem cagey to say if they are 100% organic or not (so my guess is no) but a proportion of the ingredients is:

        How organic is MOP?
        MOP products contain certified organic ingredients to support product performance. The certified organic extracts that we source for each formula are used to enhance and support the benefit provided by each product. On the ingredients lists for each of our products, ingredients marked with an asterisk are certified organic by third parties dedicated to the certification process. MOP infuses organic extracts into formulation bases that are derived from natural materials and include synthetic materials when absolutely necessary to optimize product performance and stabilize product purity. MOP strives to bring together modern and organic...nature and technology.

        The organic certification for those items used, such as watercress, mango, etc. often occurs at the farm or crop level, where a third party organization would grant organic status to a farm's crops. The distributor vendors from whom MOP source ingredients supply MOP with these certified organic extracts that they have purchased from that organic-certified farm.

        One thing I wasn't OK with was the serum was not heat protective. I didn't actually use any other products other then what was in the box as I wanted to get a fair picture of how it worked, and although my hair was not frizzy after straightening it, who knows what would happen if I continued to use the straightening iron without any of the John Freida stuff I normally use.


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      Travel pack / Conditioner / Shine Drops

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