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MOP Glisten Shampoo

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3 Reviews

Brand: MOP / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: volumizes / Hair type: for volume & shine for chemically treated hair

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    3 Reviews
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      29.06.2011 17:20
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      A natural shampoo that adds shine and body to the hair

      Mop is a company which strives to provide us with salon quality hair products that are made using natural ingredients. They have created products to suit all hair types and solve all beauty dilemmas involving our locks. The brand promotes healthiness and wellbeing and do all that they can to protect the environment. Many of their products contain organic and food derived ingredients because the company believes that our hair needs to be fed as well as our bodies.

      The first ever product I bought after hearing about the brand was the Glisten Shampoo. It has been specifically designed for hair that is dry, damaged and in desperate need of some TLC. It promises to add volume and shine to chemically damaged hair and to repair and rejuvenate troubled locks. The company claims the shampoo will also prolong the colour of my hair and protect it from heated styling. My hair is dry and damaged from colouring and using heated styling appliances and I always long for volume in my hair so I thought this product sounded perfect for my needs.

      How does it work?
      Maple Syrup is included within the shampoo to add body and shine to your hair. It leaves it feeling softer and draws moisture into the hair so you should see fewer breakages as the hair will have more elasticity. Honey is also included to provide the hair with body and shine but it also nourishes the hair and the scalp deeply as it is so rich in vitamins and minerals. It strengthens the hair you have while encouraging the growth of healthy new hair.

      Linseed Oil is present in order to strengthen and protect the hair and to restore it back to its former glory. It is rich in fatty acids which are required for the development of healthy new hair. It moisturises the hair and prevent frizziness, breakages and split ends. Whole Wheat Protein is included for the same reason and it leaves the hair in a much better condition.

      Orange Extract is also present which feeds the hair and keeps it healthy with Vitamin C. It also gives the hair a lovely shine and tones the scalp so the hair won't become greasy so quickly. Avocado strengthens and nourishes the hair while Jojoba Oil gets the hair really clean and hydrates it deeply. Melon removes dulling pollutants from the hair allowing it to shine and Algae conditions the hair because it is protein rich.

      How do you use the product?
      The product is to be used in much the same way as a normal shampoo. It is to be applied to damp hair and massaged through the length of the hair as well as the roots and scalp. Once you have done so, you rinse out the product thoroughly and follow it up with a good conditioner.

      Packaging and Price
      The packaging of the shampoo is fairly plain but packed with black writing. It comes encased within a creamy white bottle which is partly see through and has a white flip top lid. It is easy to access the shampoo even with soapy wet hands.

      I bought mine for £11.50 and I got 250ml of the shampoo for my money. The product is available from many online websites and the price varies slightly so it's worth having a shop around.

      My thoughts
      I like my beauty products to come with a delicious fragrance and this one certainly does. The overriding aroma is that of the Orange Extract and the scent is very refreshing, invigorating and certainly gets me awake in the morning. There is also a hint of sweetness mixed in which I imagine comes from the honey, syrup and maple sugar.

      It is a nice shampoo to use and it works up enough of a lather to make me feel like it's cleaning my hair properly. When I saw the list of ingredients in this shampoo, I did wonder whether I would ever get a brush through my hair again as it sounded so sticky. Somehow and thankfully, this wasn't the case. It was easy to brush after use and felt really soft and sleek.

      I am happy with the volume which this shampoo creates in my hair. It's not massive by any stretch of the imagination but it is certainly not flat or weighed down. The shampoo gives my hair body and then with the help of a little hairspray, I can get my hair as big as I like it to be. The shine is beautiful too and makes my hair look really healthy.

      I'm not sure whether this shampoo prolongs my colour as I use semi permanent hair dyes which are supposed to fade with time but it doesn't strip my hair of any colour. It moisturises my hair really well and prevents it from felling dry and becoming frizzy. I notice my split ends less when using this product and my hair seems in a much better condition than before. It's also good to know that this product is protecting my hair from the hair drying and straightening that it is subjected to daily and it does seem to deal with the heat better after using this shampoo.

      If you find that you like this shampoo then also available in the Glisten collection by MOP is a conditioner, hairspray, shine drops and a gloss spray.

      All in all, this shampoo lives up to all of its promises. It gives my hair body and shine, hydrates it well and leaves it feeling soft, nourished and in an all round better condition, plus it smells good too. It's lovely to know that there are so many natural ingredients in the product which are benefiting your hair. This is a really good shampoo and one that I will be repurchasing once mine has run out.


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        20.04.2011 23:52
        Very helpful



        A great product, if you have spare money to treat your locks.

        I have just used this product for the past couple of weeks, as I am staying at my Mam's and she swears by this particular brand. This review will cover my Mam's opinions that she has passed onto me and my own, hopefully this will give you a better understanding of the product on different hair types. I have been using it alongside the condition that I have also reviewed.

        THE BRAND (3/5)
        The company "MOP" is not exactly a household name and stands for "Modern Organic Products" as it is a high-end shampoo, it is considered an elite product with high prices and difficult to get your hands on. This shampoo belongs to the range of products called "Glisten" and I have used the shampoo and hair spray in the past and I am happy with both products.

        I am rating the brand at 3/5, I quite like trying out off-beat beauty products, but being able to buy it on the High St in my local Boots would be convenient.

        THE PACKAGING (4/5)
        The bottle is quite simple, a semi-opaque bottle with black text on the bottle with orange text highlighting the fact it is a shampoo. The conditioner is set out the same way, the orange text tells you which is the shampoo and which is the conditioner. The one that my Mam has a pump / squirt lid, making it very easy to use in the shower as you do not need to bother with unscrewing the lid with wet hands. I think it is a nice touch that MOP produce pumps specifically for their range, so you are not decanting your shampoo into old garden fertilisers bottles etc.

        I am rating the brand at 4/5 as it is simple, sophisticated and easy to use pump.

        THE APPLICATION (5/5)
        My hair is styled into a short bob, so I only need one pump load of the product to do my whole head. If you have longer hair then you may need more. I pump the product, and notice a lovely citrus scent. I rub the shampoo together in my hands then massage it into my hair paying particular attention to my roots as that is where my hair's natural oils gather. The shampoo lathers up really nicely without using too much of it and I leave the lather sitting in my hair for about five minutes and then rinse it out with warm water.

        I am rating the application at 5/5 as the pump is easy to use and is used like any other shampoo.

        THE EFFECT (5/5)
        My hair does feel nice and soft (I used it along side the MOP Glisten Conditioner) and it has a lovely shine back. Lately I have been using the T-Gel shampoo and not until now did I realise that it was actually making my hair quite dull. The glisten shampoo has definitely made my hair glisten again.

        My Mam has said that she really likes this product as she gets a lot of static in her hair and this prevents that problem. I have to admit, I had noticed myself getting a few fly away hairs and they seem to have gone completely after using this product.

        The main thing that makes me love this product is the citrus scent and how easy it lathers up. Many high end hair products that I have found do not lather up very well, this makes me want to use more of the shampoo than necessary.

        I am rating the effect as 5/5 because it makes my hair feel softer, more shiny, smells nice and lathers well.

        THE PRICE (1/5)
        I have the 1L size of the product, which retails at about £35. Personally, I find that it is ridiculously expensive considering I can get a bottle of Tresemme shampoo in 900ml (if I remember correctly) for 15% of the price. The only thing that this product offers over the Tresemme range is the lovely citrus smell and I am not willing to pay that much for a scent but may ask for the product for a special occasion.

        To summarise, I am not likely to pay for the product myself but it does make my hair feel and look lovely.


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        24.03.2010 20:02
        Very helpful



        Great for thicker hair.

        Mop stands for Modern Organic Products. they try to use as many Organic ingredients as possible in all of their products and mark these with an asterix on the ingredients list on each bottle.

        I first discovered mop products on Qvc a few years ago when I was looking for a new shampoo and conditioner. I decided to try the Glisten range first as I liked the idea of making my hair look more shiny and healthy. Also the glisten range is suppossed to be very good for colour treated hair and at the time I had highlights and was very concerned about my hair becoming dryer.

        I brought a little discovery style kit which had the shampoo, conditioner and some other products from the Glisten range in around a half of the usual retail size. I jumped at this because it would be enough to see if it made a difference but I wouldn't be left with loads of product if I didn't like it.

        After using the first time it made my hair very sleek and shiny and it looked great straightened as it had a real sheen and went very straight with little effort (I have slightly wavy hair).

        I continued to use it untill I had used all of the product and my hair did seem to be in a very good condition, better then when I had first used the products.

        I did like he results but didn't re-purchase the shampoo because the problem I dod have with it was that it made my hair quite lank and sometimes it would just hang. I don't blame this on the product, I blame it completely on my hair type as this has happened with other products. I have quite fine hair that's greasy quickly and really needs to be washed at best everyother day, usually everyday though. This product didn't help with this problem and seemed to make my hair greasier, quicker and I ended up having to wash my hair everday. I will say that this does seem to happen with similar products though.

        Overall I think this is a nice product if you've got thicker hair, definately not one for those with thin or lank hair. The product smells nice and is pleasant to use, lasting well and going a long way.

        The price is very good value and you can even buy it in larger 'bulk' sizes. I like that packaging is plain and quite simple, it means they are spending the money on the product, not the packaging.


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      Suitable for volume & shine for chemically treated hair /

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