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Multi Lights Kit

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Brand: Multi-Lights / Type: Hair Colour

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    4 Reviews
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      01.08.2008 18:13
      Very helpful



      I would not recommend this to potential buyers

      Ok, so I saw the advert for the new Garnier Multi Lights Kit on the telly - now called Garnier Nutrisse Cream Multi Lights Kit - they have changed the name and box for some reason! And I have dark brown hair and have been thinking of getting some highlights for a while to lighten up my hair for the summer.

      So, when I saw this product £1 off in Superdrug - it is usually £4.99 but was down to £3.99, I decided to go for it! I bought Kit number 4. There are 4 different kits now, which the website describles as:
      Kit 1 - Medium Blonde
      Kit 1+ - Extra Light
      Kit 2 - Light Brown
      Kit 3 - Red/Copper/Auburn
      Kit 4 - Dark Brown

      I haven't quite worked out what the Kit 1+ is, because I gathered from the website it was for extra blonde hair, but on the box in the shop it said for any hair colour! Anyway, I bought Kit 4 for dark brown hair.

      In the box you get a mixing bowl, 2 gloves, a 20ml bottle of developer milk, a 10g sachet of multi lightening powder, a 10ml sachet of conditioner with avocado oil and an applicator brush.

      The instructions are pretty simple - first make sure your hair is damp, then put on the gloves and mix the developer milk with the lightening powder. The "patented applicator wand" is kinda useful as one end is a stirrer/mixer. You then select a strand of hair, scoop the brush into the cream and sweep the brush through the hair starting 1cm from the root. You carry on like this until you have highlighted all the hair you want, then when you have finished applying, leave for 20 mins or 30 mins for a stronger colour. You then rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo, and then apply the conditioner sachet for 2 minutes. Rinse your hair and thats the end of the instrustions!

      My experience:
      The mixing was easy because the mixing bowl you get is a plastic square with a small and a large compartment. The small compartment is so you can rest the brush in there, which I really liked as there is nothing worse than having nowhere to put something that had hair dye on it in the middle of you application process and end up staining your bathroom sideboard or whatever!

      The brush was awful, they hail it as an easy to use patented applicator but really, I dont know why they spent the time and money patenting it! It looks and feels like the hairbrushes you get for barbie dolls - a few plastic bristles and thats it! It did not hold the hair dye and when you swiped it through your hair you got uneven blobs of it here and there. In the end I just applied it with my fingers and smoothed it evenly over the strands.

      The leaflet has images of different hairstyles and how you should highlight them - the options are - a bob cut, a layerd cut, long curly hair or short cropped hair. None of these seemed to really fit my hair but I opted for the layered cut which told me to frame my face with thin strands of highlights. This is what I tried to do, but it ended up looking like I had highlighted the whole top layer of my hair rather than individual sections.

      One major problem with this stuff is that it can take a long time to apply if you want specific areas to be highlighted. It took me about 15mins to highlight all the areas I reqired, and then you are supposed to wait 20mins before washing it off. The problem being that if I did this, some of my hair would have had the dye on for 35 mins, and some for just 20mins. Even as I was finishing my hair, I noticed some areas were very light, this panicked me because I didnt want them to go that light (or any lighter for that matter) but I couldn't rinse my hair yet as other strands hadn't changed colour. I then decided to go for the fiddly process of using a wet flannel to try wipe the highlighter cream off strands that were very light. In the end I just gave up because none of my other strands looked like they were ever going to get lighter.

      So, I had my shower and rinsed my hair. The conditioner on the other hand, was lovely. It was really fruity and made my hair so unbelievably soft! I wish I could buy it in a bottle but they only do it in the hair colouring packages at the moment.

      Now I shall come to the second major flaw with this product - the instructions are very specific that you should only put the product from 1cm away from the scalp. Now I have the problem of having "roots"! This is the worst thing, because you cannot put the product any nearer to the scalp with the applicator brush because it is so useless, and if you try to apply some with your gloved hands, you find you get the colourant all over other hairs. So, you can either end up with a large lighter patch surrounding a highlight, or have your roots a much darker colour than the highlights.

      This was the final straw for me and I decided I shall not have another attempt with this product as its not worth the risks of messing up your hair with splodges and patches!

      I also noticed that it is quite hard to get the product spread evenly on the hair, so you end up with lighter or darker patches along the strands.

      All in all, not a great look!

      I shall probably update this review in a few weeks to describe if it fades quickly or lasts a long time (it is supposed to be permanent)


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        24.09.2006 20:30
        Very helpful



        home hair highlighting kit

        Recently I decided to add a few highlights to my hair to brighten it up. I was originally going to use L’oreal Experte, which includes a semi-permanent dye and highlighting kit, but when I got to Boots I noticed that they had the Garnier Multi-lights kits reduced to £3.99 and decided to try that instead.

        ~About the kit~

        Multi-lights is a hair highlighting kit made by Garnier, which contains all you need to highlight your hair from home. There are four kits in the range, with colours ranging from light brown through to auburn. I bought kit four for brunette hair.

        ~What’s included~

        In the kit you get the following:
        - Full instruction leaflet, which includes diagrams
        - Plastic gloves
        - Clear plastic mixing bowl
        - Double ended applicator brush – one end for mixing, one with a brush for application
        - One bottle of developer milk
        - One sachet of lightening powder

        ~Using the Kit: My experience~

        First of all your hair will need to be unwashed, dampened, and towel dried. You will need to comb your hair into its usual style, and they recommend you put a towel over your shoulders to protect your clothes.

        The next step is to mix the sachet and developer milk to make a cream. I liked the fact that you are supplied with a bowl to mix the cream, as I have bought hair dye kits in the past, where you have to use an old saucer and a teaspoon to mix it, so it’s much more convenient to have everything included in the one box. The bowl is made of clear plastic and split into two sections – one to mix the cream, another to rest the brush. Preparing it is easy, simply pour the milk into the large section of the bowl, add the powder and mix using the flat, spatula end of the applicator. I found this process to be very quick, and more importantly mess free!

        Now for applying it to your hair. The leaflet simply suggests selecting strands of hair, and applying the highlighter by dipping the brush into the cream and then running the brush through your hair. You then need to work the product through your hair with your fingers, so that it’s properly coated. It sounds simple, and mainly it was, but I did experience a few problems. Firstly because you need to load the brush with cream, a lot of the time I seemed to end up with a blob of cream near the root of my hair, and hardly any near to the tip. Also because you have to work the cream through your hair, it was hard to tell which strands had already been done, and which hadn’t.

        Next you need to wait 20 minutes for the cream to develop, or if you want a strongly contrasted result leave for 30 minutes. Then you simply rinse with warm water, wash with shampoo and rinse again. Then, supposedly you are left with beautifully highlighted hair. However for me, this wasn’t quite the case. I have light brown hair, therefore, according to the box, I should have ended up with quite strong highlights. Despite following the instructions to the letter, what I actually ended up with was hair that looked no different, apart from, that is two orangey coloured patches near my scalp – one on either side of my head! Fortunately these were not too noticeable, and thankfully for me, they faded after a few days. If, however the highlights had actually worked, I would have been pretty disappointed if they had disappeared that quickly.


        These kits usually cost £4.99 in Boots, however are currently on special offer of £3.99. They are also available in Bodycare for £4.19.

        ~Other info~

        This kit can be used on coloured or uncoloured hair. It should not be used if you have previously had a reaction to a lightening product, or if you have a sensitive or itchy scalp.
        Visit www.garnier.com for more info

        ~My Verdict~

        Well on paper this kit seemed like a good idea, however in practice I cant say I was impressed. I definitely won’t be using this again, and next time I decide to highlight my hair, I’ll get it done professionally.

        ~Please note this is also published on ciao, by myself under my ciao username pink_champagne


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          23.04.2006 23:25



          highlighting kit

          Today i plucked up the courage to use Multi lights highlighting kit and I was really really pleased with the results. I would definately reccommend it to anyone who is a bit scared about dying their hair and is worried about messing it up. My Mum and Auntie helped me out and i'd say it definately takes two people to do a good job. I have quite fair, mousy hair and wanted to add some lighter tones especially with summer coming. The kit was really easy to use and even though there were a few "oops" and "oh that bit's a bit blobby" the result was even and natural. I'll prob have another go in a few months maybe with a lighter kit. I think that once you got the hang of it you'd get more confident and creative. Do it do it!!!


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            16.01.2006 18:58
            Very helpful



            If you want to try subtle highlights, check this out.

            Always on the look out for a new hair product to use, KM has had her eye on this Garnier kit for some time. I'm a redhead (albeit a fake one) and kit number 3 had my name on it. A quick flip over of the box gave me a rough idea as to how my hair would look after applying the colour. So into Savers I went, as it was 50p cheaper than Boots, and the final sale price was a meagre £3.49. At normal price these do retail at around £5 and are available also in Superdrug and supermarkets.

            * The kit *

            It's in a fairly small box, and tells you that you can add lighter tones to your existing hair colour. I read on the back beforehand that you can use this kit fairly soon after you've dyed your hair so I waited 2 weeks and then decided to have a bash.

            For those of you with other hair colours, there are four kits to choose from:

            Kit 1 - blonde for coloured or uncoloured medium blonde hair
            Kit 2 - golden blonde for coloured or uncoloured light brown hair
            Kit 3 - copper for hair coloured copper, red or auburn
            Kit 4 - auburn for uncoloured brown hair

            * Inside the box *

            There is a plastic rectangular mixing bowl, complete with a sachet of multi-lightening powder, a bottle developer of mix, an applicator brush (which looks much like a white mascara wand) with a spatula at the other end for mixing. The instruction leaflet is placed on top of the box and there are a pair of plastic gloves attached.

            * Mixing it up *

            Empty the bottle of developer mix into the plastic tray and then add the sachet of powder. Use the spatula end of the wand to mix carefully until it becomes a thick paste. It's white and doesn't smell offensive, surprisingly!

            * Applying *

            After throwing an old towel around my shoulders, I dampened my hair as required. My hair is curly and immediately becomes longer on getting wet, so I parted it into the usual style and started from the middle. There are handy 'hints' on the left hand side of the instructions, there are four different 'examples' you can refer to. One is for a 'bob' cut, one for long, curly hair (that's me), a layered cut and for short, cropped hair.

            My example told me to take a good 5 or 6 thick chunks of hair and apply mostly to the top layers, which is what I did. I started off using the mascara wand but it started to get caught up with the other curls so I gave up and just put the mixture over my gloved finger and put it through my hair that way. I wanted thicker highlights rather than thin, puny ones!

            Time taken: around 15 minutes. Just be sure to apply the mixture evenly on both sides of your head.

            * Waiting patiently *

            Once you've finished, remember to discard all the unused mixture (I still had over half left). I just put everything back into the box and threw it away. Remember to keep the instructions though - you will still need them!

            Waiting time can vary - it's 20 minutes from the time you finish the last application and 30 minutes at the very outset for a strongly contrasted result. I split the difference and waited 25.

            * Rinsing *

            Put the gloves back on and rinse off with warm water. You can then shampoo your hair and style as normal.

            * Results *

            Well the results weren't earth shatteringly different. My hair was a bit lighter where I'd applied the mixture and it definitely looked more 'sun kissed'. The best place to see the difference is under fluorescent lighting. My hair was more a copper blonde where the highlights had taken.

            * Ease of use *

            I'd say this was pretty easy to use. It does say on the packet to try and get a friend to help. Not very helpfully, all my friends seemed to have 'other things to do' rather than help me but bah, who cares? KM tried it herself and got the top layer covered, which is what she wanted. I think if you wanted all over highlights then some of the back and underneath hair would need a helping hand.

            The whole process, including drying time, took about an hour so it's not particularly time consuming or as messy as when I dye my whole head of hair, which always looks horrendous with an awful mud brown dripping from my head into my new white bath. *sigh*

            * Verdict *

            This is a quick, easy and cheap way to update your current hair colour. As summer is just around the corner (ahem) it would be a good time to try out the kit then or if your image needs an update now, what better way to start the New Year? You can be as sparing (or daring) as you like with the mixture so it's entirely up to you (or a handy passer by) as to how you much you apply and how radical you want your highlights.

            I do recommend this kit although the results were a bit subtle for my liking. I really couldn't get on with that applicator wand, which, I am sure, is designed to be used on straight hair! So four stars as it is good value for money. I will use this again and perhaps pop a few more highlights in next time!

            * Warnings *

            Do not use on eyebrows or eyelashes (obviously!)
            Do not use if your scalp is sensitive or itchy.
            Do not place hair in front of the eyes during development time.
            Do not use on straightened hair, or just after a perm.
            Keep out of reach of children.
            This kit may cause severe allergic reaction so always read the instructions beforehand very carefully.

            * Other info *


            Garnier customer careline:

            0845 399 0104 (UK)
            1850 604 104 (ROI)
            086 010 2492 (RSA)

            Thanks for reading.


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