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Naked Shine Intensive Glossing Hair Treatment

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4 Reviews

Brand: Naked / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Hair Treatment / Subcategory: Gloss

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    4 Reviews
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      18.11.2011 16:35
      Very helpful



      Not intense enough for me

      ~~~~~~ Naked Shine Glossing Treatment ~~~~~~

      Having always had very long hair since I was a child (save for the disastrous after effects of the few times I have entrusted my barnet to a hairdresser), I am very protective of it and treat it well. This does mean that I am a complete sucker for 'intensive' conditioners, masks and treatments for dry/damaged hair. I picked up the Naked Shine glossing hair treatment in Poundand for, of course, just £1.

      ~~~~~~ First impressions ~~~~~~

      The treatment comes in a squat round tub, containing a whopping 400ml of product. The lid is screw on and there is a label running around the tub displaying all the important info. The label has quirky things on it, such as "We don't believe in testing our ingredients on Bambi, Lassie or Skippy". Accompanying this a cute little doodle of a bunny! There's also a cheeky picture of a bare bottom, alongside a blurb headed "Naked truth" which details that the product is made from loads of naturally derived ingredients.

      In fact, this product contains 97% natural ingredients, which is great news for those who are very particular about not using certain things. I myself am not hugely particular about natural ingredients so this wasn't the selling point for me. I just liked the huge tub of intensive conditioner for £1! This one contains coconut oil and shea nut butter, both of which apparently have "rehydrating and glossing properties" for the hair. It claims to give your hair a "diamond like shine". Sounds lovely so far.

      The conditioner itself is very thick and white in colour - it actually looks like a heavier moisturising cream, such as traditional Nivea or Astral perhaps. It smells very pleasant, the coconut is noticeable mingled with what is, to me, a sort of generic fresh and clean conditioner smell.

      ~~~~~~ Using ~~~~~~

      The tub is as I mentioned, quite squat and chunky - the diameter is a whole four inches and it's almost the same height! I state this purely because due to the size of it, it is not the easiest to use in the shower. I have an over-bath shower and when I used this I would go to the other end of the bath out of the shower's reach and apply it to my hair from the tub as it rested on the side of the bath. If I had a shower cubicle I would find applying this really annoying, as the tub is too large to hold in one hand and potentially to fit on many in-shower shelves/racks.

      That aside, applying this is lovely - it is extremely thick, so does not run or drip from your hands or hair. I take a generous scoop and rub it between my hands before spreading it through my hair. It feels so soft and velvety on your hands and it spread through my hair very well. I actually didn't need that much of this to coat my hair, but I did like to be generous with it as it feels so luxurious! All throughout using it the smell is very apparent, which I found to be both refreshing and relaxing.

      You are directed to leave it on your hair for 3-5 minutes before simply rinsing. A slight downside of this product is that it takes an awful lot of rinsing away. It takes me a full 5 minutes or so of continual rinsing and agitating my hair with my hands before the water starts to run clear. 5 minutes doesn't sound like a lot but it is noticeably longer than most other conditioners/treatments I use. This isn't a huge grumble, but you should be careful to rinse your hair well as product residue can make your hair look lank or dull. I know it's obvious with my hair if I haven't rinsed properly!

      ~~~~~~ Results ~~~~~~

      So did I have a diamond shine, enough gloss on my hair to blind? Nope. Unfortunately, I did not. To be honest, this treatment worked for me as, at best, a run of the mill conditioner. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice product and using it is lovely, but there was absolutely no difference in my hair at all after using it. My hair wasn't softer, shinier or glossier than usual.

      I have naturally curly/wavy hair that's prone to a touch of frizz at the ends, even when freshly trimmed - this treatment did not lessen this as much as others have. At the same time, my hair did look and feel a little greasy the day after using this - I usually wash my hair every second or third day, so this was a bit annoying. I applied this from around the top of my ears down to the tips, missing out my crown, and it was some shorter layers at the front which appeared lank much quicker than usual. I did use it again, ensuring I only applied it from the top of my neck down, and this did eliminate that problem. I don't usually apply conditioner to my crown but had this been good at glossing my hair, then I may have wanted to use it on my whole head (as intensives/masks are recommended to be applied) so it was glossy from root to tip, and I wouldn't have been happy at greasy roots the day after.

      ~~~~~~ Recommend? ~~~~~~

      Yes and no. I would recommend it if you see it for a fab price as if nothing else, it's 400ml of nice conditioner. I would not recommend it if you are looking for a dramatic difference in shine and glossiness, as I did not experience this at all. I am awarding 3 dooyoo stars, as this did not deliver on its promises for me, but it is lovely to use and performs as a middle of road decent conditioner, so long as you only apply from midlengths down! I ended up using it this way by applying it every time I washed my hair. It lasted me around 3 weeks which is just fabulous for £1. Even after using it all that time though, there was still no diamond shine or increased gloss sadly.

      See www.nakedbodycare.co.uk for more info on their ethics and natural ingredients.


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      24.09.2011 22:09



      brilliant product

      This is a fabulous product, I have never found anything like it. I use it every hair wash and it makes my dark straight hair very glossy, but more impressive is the effect on my daughter's hair. She is 6 and has very long (elbow length) quite fine hair which gets very tangled. Combing it through can be rather a trial for both of us...no longer a problem with naked shine! I leave it on her hair for 3 mins or so with a shower cap on, and then combing through is actually a pleasure. Honestly. All knots vanish. I think this treatment is magical, and can't recommend it highly enough.
      I'm on this site because i forgot where i bought it and it doesn't say on the tub, so i had to google it, and ended up here. Don't normally leave reviews, but this product is amazing and i have more time now that combing her hair doesn't take an hour!
      Buy it.


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      17.02.2011 21:08
      Very helpful



      Good product, which I would re-purchase.

      I bought the Naked Shine Coconut and Shea Glossing Hair Treatment from Boots about a month ago. The Naked range is quite often on a 2 for £6 offer, unfortunately, that deal does not extend to their hair treatments which are priced at £7.99 for a 400ml tub.

      As with all the Naked range, this hair treatment is 97% natural, isn't tested on animals, and both the jar and lid are recyclable. The product is well packaged in a strong sturdy tub, with a secure outer screw lid and an additional inside lid, which I assume is to ensure against any leakages.

      The Glossing Hair Treatment is designed for normal to dry hair, I would suggest that you would also benefit from this if you have chemically treated hair like me. The product is extremely thick, but does coat well and works evenly and easily through the hair.

      Naked recommend that after you shampoo, work a generous amount of the product through your hair (then comb through) and leave it in for 3-5 minutes. For better results they propose putting your hair ina warm towel or shower cap. Then rinse thoroughly.

      I find I get fantastic results from the treatment by working it through my hair and combing to ensure even coverage. I then take either a shower cap or cling film and cover my hair, and then I will use my hairdryer on a medium heat for approx 2 mins on the cap. Lastly, I place my a towel over to trap in the heat and leave for around 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, and if I can take it, I finish with a shot of cold water - the last bit is few and far between though! I then leave it to dry naturally without heat - don't want to be undoing all that hard work.

      The Glossing Treatment smells divine thanks to the Coconut and Shea, and is not like the usual 'acquired' scent of some of the shampoo and conditioner's. It reminds me of Naked's 'Coco La Mer' range, which is a beautiful and luxurious line and equally as indulgent as it sounds.

      I have only been using this once a week (after using a clarifying shampoo for better results - yet again!) for the last month and my hair is looking so good for it. People have been commenting on how glossy and healthy my hair is. I would envisage this product lasting me for at least 6 months, working on the basis I use it once a week. For different hair types, this time of course will vary dependent on the amount of product you use and how often.
      I would recommend this to every hair type, and suggest tailoring it to your individual needs. ie; greasy hair - don't apply to roots and leave on for 3 minutes before rinsing.


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      29.06.2010 17:01
      Very helpful




      Naked is a beauty company offering various products which are 97% natural. You won't find any parabens or SLS in their products. The remaining 3% is made up of syntethic ingredients to comply with safety regulations.

      Nakeds product ingredients are mainly made up of plant and mineral extracts. All Naked packaging is made from 50-100% recycled material. All the products are suitable for vegetarians as they state they do not test on Bambi, Lassie or Skippy. The majority are also vegan friendly.


      Here we have the Naked Shine Intensive Glossing Hair Treatment.

      This hair treatment is designed for normal to dry hair. It contains coconut oil and shea nut butter.

      It has been designed to rehydrate your hair and add a bit of shine to it without leaving any residue.


      The hair treatment comes in a huge plastic tub. The tub is pretty solid and comes with a screw off lid. The tub is made with recycled materials and is therefore quite dull in comparrison to some other brands.

      The tub is transparent so you can see how much is left inside. The brand and product name can be found on the front in blue writing. There is also a label running around the back with the product information, directions for use, ingredients and information about the company.

      The tub and lid can be fully recycled after using and once opened, should be used within 12months. The hair treatment is also made in the UK.


      Once you have screwed off the lid, you will see that the hair treatment has been covered with a clear plastic lid.

      To use this, you must wash your hair and then proceed to work a generous helping of the hair treatment through your hair. It is advised that you will obtain best results if you use a comb and also if you wrap your hair in a warm towel or showercap. This isn't neccessary and is completely optional.

      Once applied, you can relax for between 3-5minutes and then rinse off as normal. It also states that if you feel brave enough, you can finish the rinsing with a shot of cold water. This is supposed to help the shine develope better.


      Aqua, Cetearyl alcohol, Brassicamidopropyl dimethylamine, Glycerin, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Dicaprylyl carbonate, Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), Aspartic acid, Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, Dicaprylyl ether, Lauryl alcohol, Parfum, Panthenol, Jojoba wax PEG-120 esters, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Citric acid, Limonene, Benzyl benzoate, Hexyl cinnamal, Linalool.

      *Availability and Price*

      Naked products are available in Boots and online at www.boots.com. The Glossing Hair Treatment comes in a 400ml tub and will set you back a few pence short of £8.00. There is often offers on the range such as BOGOF!

      *My Opinion*

      Last week, I went into Boots hunting down a product for my dry and frankly, annoying hair! I had a relatively small budget so like I do, I checked the clearance section first. Here I found several Naked products reduced and I spotted this hair treatment at the low price of £1.95! I was aware that the range was expensive so I got a bargain. I think they may be changing their packaging hence the reductions but I won't complain!

      So let me tell you a bit about my hair. I have very thick hair. It is way down my back and has suffered years of abuse from hair dyes and heat. I don't take care of it as best I should and often its a quick shampoo and a blast under the hair dryer. It is also becoming so dry that it snaps off far too easily! It lacks any moisture and often looks depressed. Would this hair treatment be able to tackle my problem? I hope so...

      I have used this a few times so I will give my views on the most recent occassion.

      The hair treatment tub is basic but has all the info you would need. It is quite chunky and heavy and therefore takes up space in my bathroom. Its solid out could and probably will experience bumps and being knocked over but I am sure it could handle this with ease. The addition of the plastic lid inside is ideal as it keeps the hair treatment off the lid and avoids it going minging.

      At the moment, we don't have a shower so any hairwashing has to be done over the bath. I have been using the Naked Sensitive Scalp Shampoo alongside this. The shampoo doesn't smell too pleasant but luckily the hair treatment takes over!

      Opening the tub, we are met with an off white and rather thick lotion like consistency. The hair treatment appears shiny in the tub and almost resembles Soap and Glory Body Butter. The scent coming from the tub is quite strong and almost exotic.

      After washing my hair, I scooped a good size blob of the hair treatment onto my hand. It was perfectly cool and kept its consistency. I started to work it through my thick hair and this proved time consuming. The hair treatment was really thick and didn't spread or smooth out too well. I had to apply more and more to get all off my hair covered. I personally used my fingertips to smooth through my hair and eventually was satisfied that I had covered it all.

      I popped my hair on top of my head as best I could and sat at the side of the bath for 5minutes. I could have washed it off after 3 but I wanted to reap the full benefits from it. Whilst I was sitting, the delicious coconut smell developed and was quite pleasant.

      Washing the hair treatment off would have been simpler with a shower head but I had to use my measuring jug so this took a bit more time. It washed out reasonably well and I was able to run my fingers through it. There was no residue left on my hair and it felt soft and tangle free.

      Normally I would dry my hair with the hairdryer but I have started washing it at night when I can let it dry naturally. That being said, I did give it the once over with the towel to avoid me dripping over wires and blowing myself up! My brush went through my normally annoying hair with ease and it felt deeply conditioner.

      To test the fully hydration of the conditioner, I would have to wait a few hours. Normally my hair would go dry and look frizzy after a few hours when using just a shampoo or normal conditioner. After using this hair treatment, my hair remained smooth and silky and was delicately scented.

      I did notice an improvement on the shine of the my hair but nothing major. I don't think I would be brave enough to use the cold water but you could try it!

      I am impressed with this hair treatment. Even in just a week and having used it a handful of times, I am noticing a difference. At just under the £8.00 mark it isn't cheap but it works and its 97% natural so you know you are not putting any chemicals into your hair.

      I would highly recommend you try this!

      Thanks for reading :)


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