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Naturals Chamomile & Aloe Vera Shampoo

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    2 Reviews
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      13.02.2015 14:07
      Very helpful


      • "Is ultra hydrating"
      • "Smells wonderful"


      • None

      Transforms Dry Hair Into Healthy Locks!

      I bought this a few weeks ago as I saw it was reduced in my Avon catalogue. The size of the bottle is 700ml and it was only £1.99 so I thought it was a bargain. When I bought this there were many different varieties available and I chose this shampoo because this Chamomile and Aloe Vera variety was labelled as providing 'Complete Recovery' for your hair.

      The bottle is a lime green colour and has a big flip top opening. It's a large, heavy bottle. On the back of the bottle a label is printed with some helpful information. The brand say that this shampoo will help "replenish dry, damaged hair". This describes my hair type very well.

      The shampoo is a pale creamy colour with just a hint of green. It has a lovely fragrance which I'd describe as being very fresh and relating to nature. If you've ever had aloe vera drinks or creams you'll recognise the sharp, sweet aroma in the fragrance here. There is also a hint of green tea and fresh grass. Overall it's a very beautiful fragrance that I enjoy whilst washing and afterwards when it is in my dry hair.

      The shampoo is fairly thick like a honey substance and it feels very gooey and moist when rubbing in. It transforms into a very rich lather and it can be easier to apply dabs of shampoo to each section of the scalp as the bubbles are so thick they are difficult to move through the hair!

      The shampoo is very softening to hair and even before conditioning my hair feels like it has had a drink! It's softer and silkier. When my hair is at the styling stage it's easier to manage and when dry it looks healthy, moisturised and really shiny. It also leaves my scalp feeling clean but without stripping me of any natural oils.

      I'm very pleased with my purchase and I intend buying this shampoo again. I'd also buy other products in the Naturals range based on the quality of this shampoo. I'd recommend this shampoo to both women and men who have dry hair.


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      18.06.2012 19:02
      Very helpful



      A bargain of a shampoo at just 99p from Avon

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*

      I have mentioned in previous reviews that over the years I have sporadically used Avon products. The defining factor has mainly been down to availability as the local Rep that used to deliver orders 'retired' when she had a baby and since then it's been a bit hit and miss with others who have taken orders but given up before delivering them. I briefly had a dalliance myself as a Rep but it wasn't worth the time and effort so gave up, and as there is a P&P if ordering online from the Avon shop I ended up missing out on several years of buying Avon products.

      When my friend recently started running Avon I found myself being able to browse through the brochures once more and order if something caught my eye and have since stocked up on a few basic essentials, such as this - Care & Repair Shampoo from the Naturals collection.

      Having just finished using the bottles contents up completely, my review will now focus on 'Naturals Herbal Care & Repair Shampoo with Chamomile & Aloe Vera' by Avon.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      Our household consists of a family of four and whilst I do tend to buy more premium hair care products for myself (as my hair is coloured - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) I find that 'family' shampoos suffice for my two sons and my husband's hair. What appealed to me the most when I spotted this shampoo in the Avon brochure was the price - costing just 99p for a reasonable sized 250ml seemed a fantastic price to pay and because it claims to 'care & repair' I thought it would also be ideal for my own hair once or twice a week.

      This shampoo comes housed in a slightly curved plastic bottle which is upright standing. There is a large flip top lid which is both easy to open and close which is located directly on top of the bottle and with an overall colouring of sage green the bottle certainly indicates towards it's 'herbal' roots. There is a sticker on the front depicting a floral and leafy scene along with the logo but apart from that the decoration is quite limited and the whole appearance of the packaging is simple and 'earthy'.

      As this is an Avon product it can be purchased via a local Representative, or alternatively through their online shop @www.avonshop.co.uk. As previously mentioned above there is normally a charge of P&P though it's worth checking first online as it used to be free if you spent over a certain threshold.

      I have always found a plethora of assorted Avon products to be available on Ebay, so if it's something that isn't in a particular brochure then its definitely worth checking out Ebay as I've managed to get hold of many an item this way myself.

      *~*Our experience of using this shampoo*~*

      To be completely honest I wasn't really expecting too much from this shampoo as past experiences with Avon haircare products have been decidedly uninspiring but as this was to be a 'family' shampoo then I thought it was worth trying. My husband and two sons have short hair so as long as a shampoo is capable of cleansing then that's the main thing, unlike myself who prefers a more moisture rich product as well as something that cleans my hair and scalp sufficiently.

      On using it myself..
      On opening the flip top lid I didn't know what to expect, but found there to be a very earthy and green 'leafy' aroma escaping from within the bottle which though I wouldn't describe as being chamomile or aloe vera it was actually very alluring in it's own way. On squeezing a small amount out into the palm of my hand I was surprised to see it was far thicker in consistency than I had imagined and had a pearly iridescence to it.

      A 10p coin size blob seemed enough to suffice for my chin length hair and after wetting under the shower head I proceeded to apply to my scalp and massage in.
      The shampoo lathered up instantly and the earthy/ mossy aroma was far more prominent when applied to wet hair and whilst the fragrance of it may not be to everyones liking I was actually very taken with it as it made such a refreshing change from the more 'perfumed' artificially scented shampoos that are out there.

      The shampoo seemed to clean my hair and my scalp and on rinsing the lather and bubbles away I could feel that my hair felt soft even when wet, and I knew this was a good sign as some shampoos simply leave my hair feeling too squeaky clean which normally results in tangled hair when dry.

      (Although I use a conditioner after every hair wash I can honestly say that if I had of skipped the conditioner now and again my hair would no doubt feel in fairly good condition though as I do actually always use some form of conditioner to follow this is simply a guess.)

      My boys and husband's opinion..
      My husband washes his short hair every other day and rarely takes any notice of which shampoo is in use and just reaches for the nearest to hand as a rule. After using this for the first time he actually commented on how nice it left his hair feeling and on the pleasant fragrance so it definitely gets the thumbs up from him.

      I've used this on numerous occasions on my sons hair and it's left both with super soft hair that smells fresh and clean and easy to style so gets the thumbs up from me (on their behalf).

      *~*Results and recommendations*~*

      My hair is fairly short these days with plenty of layers cut in to add a bit of volume but if I use the wrong shampoo/ conditioner it can cause my style to be flat due to the products used being too heavy. I tend to use Aussie hair products at least once a week but due to the cost of these I alternate with a cheaper brand two to three times a week as well and this shampoo has been ideal.

      My hair feels incredibly soft when I've blasted it with my hair dryer and even when combing through after towel drying it has felt tangle free which is a rarity with me. The shampoo seems to have lasted a long time and a quick estimation tells me at least one month which for a family of four using almost consecutively is extremely good going and for 99p fantastic value.

      This shampoo smells lovely, leaves my hair feeling soft and clean and doesn't irritate my scalp (or any of my family's). My hair can sometimes become *too* soft with certain shampoos/ conditioners but after using this it has been left feeling tangle free but still easy enough to style without becoming too flyaway. The earthy fragrance seems to linger until well into the next day I've noticed too and although it doesn't smell of what it's supposed to that isn't a problem as the earthy/ leafy scent is a welcome surrogate in my opinion.

      For 99p this is an absolute bargain and next time it pops up in an Avon brochure I shall be stocking up and buying a few bottles as well as trying some of the other Naturals shampoos in the range.

      Superb and gets 5/5 from me.


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