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Neal's Yard Rosemary & Cedarwood Hair Treatment

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Brand: Neal's Yard Remedies / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Hair Treatment / Helps against: Anti-Dandruff / What it does: Nourishes / Contents/Size: 50g

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    2 Reviews
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      08.06.2011 16:22
      Very helpful



      A natural treatment for dry and damaged hair that hydrates, nourishes and protects.

      Neal's Yard Remedies is a company which aims to pack their products with as many beneficial and natural ingredients as possible and a brand which strives to do their bit to protect the environment in the process.

      The Rosemary & Cedarwood Hair Treatment by Neal's Yard Remedies is an intensive conditioner intended for use on hair that has become dry or damaged due to over colouring, over styling and exposure to pollutants. This product promises to reverse this damage and leave your locks shining with a natural health. It's made completely and solely with organic and natural ingredients.

      How does it work?
      The treatment is pure and simple with only four ingredients. Coconut Oil is included to nourish the hair and pack it full of strengthening proteins which means that it will be left stronger and in a better condition.

      The Oil contains Vitamin E which keeps both the hair and scalp in a healthy condition. The substance is extremely hydrating on the hair and it forms a bond around each strand to prevent the moisture from then being lost. This means your hair will be soft, bouncy and full of vitality.

      Cedarwood is included because of its fantastic ability for maintaining a healthy scalp. Having a healthy scalp means that you see less hair loss, healthy new hair can form and you will see a reduction in dandruff. It stimulates the growth of the hair follicles and it helps to improve the thickness of your hair.

      Lavender Oil is also present to promote the growth of the hair and strengthens each strand. It also strengthens the roots of the hair which means that you'll lose less hair and your hair will be in a better condition.

      Rosemary is swirled into the mixture in order to properly cleanse the hair while strengthening it from root to tip. The herb helps to remove any dulling pollutants from each strand and smoothes the cuticles so that you are left with hair that is shining and incredibly smooth.

      How do you use it?
      The product is designed to be used as a pre wash treatment. This means it is to used before shampooing and not afterwards and you'll need to get this stuff out after use which is not always easy. You massage this product vigorously into damp hair, ensuring that you really work it into both the hair itself and the scalp.

      There is no limit to how long you leave this on your hair but the longer, the better and it is recommended to be left on for a minimum of thirty minutes. I apply the product just before I go to bed and then leave it on overnight with my hair wrapped in a towel. When I wake up, I use a good shampoo and follow it with a conditioner.

      I then dry and style my hair as normal. Even if you leave this product in for thirty minutes, you will still need to follow it with a shampoo and conditioner to get it out again. Neal Yard's Remedies recommends that you let your hair dry naturally after use, but they obviously haven't seen how unruly and large my hair gets when I do this so I don't take that advice.

      Price and Packaging
      The packaging comes in a dark blue glass tub. This dark blue packaging is used by Neal's Yard Remedy across the board because the tinted glass prevents the natural ingredients within from being affected by the sunlight. It has a black screw top lid and some writing on the label around the middle telling you a little bit about the product.

      The product will cost you around £5 which sounds quite cheap for a hair treatment but for that money you will only get a tiny 50ml of the product. That's about enough for me to treat my long thick hair twice or three times if I apply it sparingly. It can be bought from department stores such as Boots and also from many online websites.

      My thoughts
      This product has a herbal aroma that I am not altogether keen on as I prefer sweet fragrances but it's still nice enough and not offensive. The overriding scent is that of Lavender so it feels quite relaxing when you have it on your hair. The smell lingers faintly even when your hair is dry so it should leave you feeling calmer throughout the day.

      When you first open this product you might have a bit of a shock. This treatment is in no way similar to any other conditioner that I've used on my hair. The treatment comes in the form of a solid wax and it needs to be dug out of the jar and warmed between your fingers before it can be smoothed onto your hair.

      This makes it quite a tricky process and I usually leave my pot in a bowl of hot water before use to soften the wax a bit. Whether or not this is good for the ingredients inside I don't know but it makes it easier to use.

      I need to use a lot of my hair because it's very thick, long and in terrible condition so I find that each pot I buy is gone before I know it. The product does come with a best before date because of the lovely natural ingredients that are used to create it but I always use mine because it gets anywhere near its expiry date. The product feels completely comfortable on my hair and when I have left it on over night, it didn't become itchy or aggravating.

      When the products in your hair, it looks incredibly oily and greasy which alarmed me at first but it does all come out after a really vigorous wash with a good shampoo.

      Once my hair has dried, it does have a lovely shine to it and it feels incredibly soft. My hair can feel a little weighted down after use and get greasier more quickly but as I only use this product once a week, then I only experience this the next day. For the rest of the week, my hair is in noticeably better condition and it actually feels much stronger.

      My hair is not dry at all after using this and there is a lot less frizziness on the ends. I've also noticed that it doesn't get so frizzy in the hot weather either and I assume this is because the lovely coconut has locked the moisture in my hair so it's a great one to take on holidays with you. I've also noticed much less hair falling out as I am drying, straightening and brushing my hair so it must be strengthening my scalp too.

      All in all, this is a lovely natural product that leaves your hair feeling soft and silky and will keep plenty of moisture locked inside each strand. It improves the condition of your hair and gives it a lovely shine. It is unique in that you use it before a shampoo and it strengthens your hair significantly. Another lovely creation by the people at Neal's Yard Remedies.


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      20.02.2011 23:22
      Very helpful



      Great for dry hair, easy to use and good value

      Neal's Yard is an England based organic health and beauty company. The products are made in England and available for sale in Neal's Yard shops across the UK, via the Neal's Yard website, in some department stores and several online beauty stores. Products are labelled with % organic and are approved by the Soil Association.

      The Rosemary and Cedarwood Hair Treatment is 100% organic, soil association certified, suitable for vegans and BUAV approved. It comes in the traditional 50g blue glass yar that is the trademark of Neal's Yard. The glass yar has a turquoise blue label round with lots of detail about the product, and a plastic lid with the NY logo on. A best before date and batch number, as always are provided. It costs £6.35.

      The product is suitable for all hair types and 'adds shine and condition'. It contains coconut oil and lavender in addition to the headline ingredients, which all work together to restore your hair. The instructions tells you to massage the product into dry hair and scalp and leave for at least 30 minutes. It is then to be washed out by shampooing thoroughly. It suggests that you let your hair dry naturally for best results.

      I use it on a weekly basis to treat my hair. The product is solid inside the jar and requires to be warmed between your fingers before applying to hair and scalp. According to reviews on the website, it tends to be hard in winter and runny in summer, and my experience so far is that it is solid! This requires me to use my nails to dig out a lump to melt between my hands. You can rub your hand over the product in the jar to melt it straight on but this gets more difficult as you move down the jar.

      I tend to massage it into my scalp all around the hair line, then across the back and then finally run the remainder over my ends. I have shoulder length hair so this works fine. I leave it on overnight and wrap a towel round my pillow to protect it from the product. When I get up in the morning my hair looks 'wet' but the product washes out easily. When I have used it, I notice that my hair is smoother and softer (I have dry hair due to dyeing). I ignore the natural drying suggestion because I don't have time but the hairdryer gives it a lovely smooth finish.

      At £6.35 per jar it is incredibly good value for money as you don't need much for each application. Mine has been on the go now for three months and I've barely made a dent in it. I used to get a treatment done at my hairdresser but decided it was too expensive to do regularly, so now use this as my only hair treatment.

      I am not overly keen on the smell of this product. It is quite strongly rosemary fragranced which isn't as pleasant as other NY fragrances. However, you don't really smell it when it is on your hair so that isn't a huge issue.

      Overall, a really lovely product which treats your hair well.


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    • Product Details

      Nourishing and softening coconut oil plus essential oils of stimulating rosemary, conditioning lavender and cedarwood for oily hair and dandruff / Supports scalp circulation, adds condition and shine to the hair and may be used as a conditioning hair-styli

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