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Neutrogena Clean Color Defending Shampoo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Neutrogena / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    2 Reviews
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      18.10.2011 15:36
      Very helpful



      A decent quality shampoo!

      Usually when I purchase shampoo I usually opt for the matching conditioner too. However the other day in my local Poundland store I spotted this product for of course a pound a bottle but with no matching conditioner on sale. I bought it anyway as I was looking for a mild shampoo to use on my bright red coloured tresses at the moment and decided that I could either hunt down the matching conditioner in another shop and at a later date or use this in conjunction with an intensive conditioner I already own that I use as a 'treat' a couple of times a week on my hair as it is expensive!

      The Packaging:

      The bottle is rather stylish and unisex in its appearance and the bottle is slightly colored blue plastic and still see-through and with a flip top grey plastic lid to the top of it. On the front of the bottle there is a white label trimmed with silver and on it and in black and white writing we are told that it is Neutrogena Clean For Colour, Colour- Defending Shampoo 'Locks in colour and shine, leaves no heavy colour-dulling residue', again Neutrogena is written on there an the size is stated with is 300ml. On the back of the bottle we are told a little bit about the product and directions for use are given, ingredients are listed and contact details for Neutrogena are given. Its a nice looking, informative bottle this one and like I stated earlier it is is very unisex and sleek in its appearance.

      A Bit About The Product According To The information Listed On The Back Of The Bottle:

      Neutrogena Clean Colour Defending Shampoo locks in colour and shine and protects hair against colour-fading for vibrant, long-lasting colour.

      Naturally derived cleansers and colour-locking moisturisers hydrate each strand to brighten colour and add shine. Gentle enough to use everyday, its thick rich lather removes daily build up and your hair feels exceptionally clean with no heavy colour-dulling residue. Now, you can help keep the healthy-looking, vibrant colour you love. Every time you shampoo.

      Neutrogena Clean Colour-Defending Shampoo. Works like the first time....every time.

      The Shampoo Itself:

      Uncoloured gel like in its consistency this has a very light but natural fragrance of fruits to it. It isn't an in your face fragrance but really natural and really pleasant in fragrance indeed, and once again unisex in fragrance. A little of this goes a very long way and of course you damp/wet hair first and massage it in and you can lather, rinse (which is really easy to do so) and repeat if required (which I always do). Its smooth in use and pleasant in fragrance and is simple to use and rinses out easily leaving no residue in the hair at all.

      This leaves my hair feeling and looking clean and my hair feels great and light after using it. The initial fragrance this gives lasts on the hair a good couple of hours too and with this I can get away with not using conditioner if I don't want to as it doesn't leave hair knotty or anything like that and its perfect for frequent use.

      However although it leaves the hair feeling clean I haven't noticed that it retains my colour at all though its not particularly stripping or anything like that. It does leave my hair naturally shiny but then to be fair I always have reasonably shiny and healthy looking hair anyway. As a shampoo this works well but as for the claims about helping to keep color bright.....well not really but its ok.

      I found this for a pound a bottle in my local Poundland store though if not on offer in places like that it can be found in chemists and supermarkets at about £2.19 a bottle.


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      09.07.2006 09:00
      Very helpful



      shampoo for colour treated hair

      Due to the fact Boots regularly have their hair care ranges on a 3 for 2 offer, I realised the other week that I had somehow ended up with several bottles of conditioner and no shampoo! On a shopping trip to town I went to Fenwick, where I noticed the Neutrogena Clean range was on special offer of 99p. I chose the Clean for Colour as I dye my hair darker, and like to keep the colour strong.


      The shampoo comes in a blue tinted, see-through bottle, through which you can see the shampoo. The bottle is narrow at the bottom, wider at the top, and has a grey and white label. Although the packaging is fairly plain, I think it’s simplicity makes it look quite nice.


      This has a very subtle, clean smell to it. Although after use the scent still lingered on my hair, it just smelled clean, unlike some more highly fragranced shampoos which can leave a strong, almost over-powering scent on the hair.

      ~Price and Availability~

      As mentioned I bought this for 99p from Fenwick. I have also seen it in Boots for £1.79 and at the time of writing this it is currently on a buy one get one free offer. Another place I have seen this is in Poundland, so it really is a bargain shampoo.

      ~My Experience~

      The first thing to note about this shampoo is that a little goes a long way! Only a small amount is needed to produce a good later. The first time I used it I used far too much and ended up with a head covered in lather, which took ages to rinse away!
      After use, my hair felt noticeably softer and also felt lighter. One of the things this shampoo claims, is that it doesn’t create a heavy build up of residue, and from my experience that certainly seems true, as my hair somehow seemed to feel lighter after I’d used this.
      This particular shampoo is designed for coloured hair, and Neutrogena claim that because there is no heavy build up, colour is not dulled. I found that there did not seem to be any difference in my hair colour – it certainly wasn’t faded, but then again did not really look any brighter.
      Overall, this shampoo is pretty average. There is nothing in particular that makes it stand out from other similar products on the market, but is a good, low price product suitable for regular use.

      Three stars.


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    • Product Details

      Neutrogena Clean Color-Defending Shampoo defends against the three threats to color: wash-out, dry-out and fade-out /

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