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Nice n' Easy Perfect 10

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48 Reviews
  • Great Result in 10 Minutes
  • Makes hair look good
  • None for me
  • Smell - like similar products.
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    48 Reviews
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      16.07.2015 13:12
      Very helpful


      • "Well priced"
      • "Makes hair look good"
      • "Quick development time"
      • "Easy to apply"


      • "None for me"

      The perfect hair dye for me

      I’ve been dyeing my hair for several years now, ever since a former colleague described my hair colour as “mousy”. I wasn’t having that, so ever since I’ve dyed my hair, which is naturally dark blonde, a medium to dark brown shade.

      One thing I love about this ten-minute dye is that it is so quick – I can even do it before work, if I get up half an hour earlier, which saves me wasting my weekend dyeing my hair. I get an old towel ready to wrap around my shoulders, put another one on the floor (though the dye doesn’t really drip so long as I am careful, so this isn’t a necessity) and smooth Vaseline along my hairline and on my eyebrows. This helps to prevent the dye staining my skin.

      I LOVE that the dye is applied on dry hair. There’s nothing worse than shivering on a cold morning applying dye to wet hair, unable to put your dressing gown on because you don’t want to stain it! This way is much more comfortable. I comb out my hair, ensuring my parting is in the correct place, and I’m ready to go.

      I put on the gloves and follow the instructions to mix up the dye, shaking the bottle and removing the tip straight afterwards. I use the precision applicator to apply the dye to my roots as instructed. I find it is relatively easy to angle the applicator and rub the dye into my hair. Once this is done, I wait five minutes or so, checking my skin during this time and wiping off any dye/reapplying Vaseline. I change the precision applicator to the comb applicator, and apply the rest of the dye to my hair. I find this really easy as it just works like a comb. I have to squeeze the tube slightly, but not much. After waiting the rest of the time – five minutes, though I sometimes leave it a little longer just to be sure – I get in the shower to rinse off the dye. This doesn’t take too long. My hair does feel quite dry afterwards, but I apply some of the conditioner included in the pack, and this sorts it out.

      The dye lasts three or four weeks on my hair before it starts to fade, though this depends on the shampoo I use. I use the included intensive conditioner and it helps to keep my hair in good condition. Overall this is a great hair dye which is priced well and meets my needs: it is easy to use, quick to apply, and makes my hair look good. I don’t have any complaints and I intend to continue using it for as long as I am dyeing my hair.


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      23.01.2015 22:19
      Very helpful


      • "So easy to apply"
      • "Great coverage in just 10 minutes"


      • "Smells so strong of ammonia"

      Easy application and quick development what more do you want?

      I always thought nice and easy, and the Clairol brand was for people older than me, just being in my twenties I thought no I need the trendy brands of hair dye you know because well I was a bit shallow. Tell you what my mind soon changed, and it won’t be changing back any time soon!

      Clairol have been around for as long as I’ve been dying my hair and a long time before then I can only imagine, they’re an old faithful in the hair dying world – and they’ve fast become one of my favourites.

      A perfect ten hair dye does exactly what it says on the packaging, and literally takes ten minutes to dye your hair to the colour on the box – which in my opinion is absolutely fantastic, taking half an hour can sometimes be a little too long, depends how much time you’ve got on your hands.

      Mix the colour into the bottle, with the developming crème already in, and give it a good shake to get the crème mixed and you’re ready to go. A slim line tip for root coverage, or a comb attachment for all over colour, and if you’ve got long hair this is the best development I have ever come across. It covers roots effectively because you can properly apply it, then just smooth the rest through the lengths of your hair with the comb. It’s the best coverage of any hair dye I’ve ever used.

      Due to the brilliant way you apply, for anything shorter than shoulder length unless you’ve got very thick hair one box will do you fine, because you can be more specific to where you’re applying. The colour is very rich and will give a brilliant covering to every strand and with the shade you want, go for the lighter one as they do come out a bit dark – but that wasn’t a problem for me because I had red to cover!

      10 minutes full head cover, it will take a good bit of scrubbing to get the colour out as it seems to get quite deep quite quickly. I found to get the residue out a small blob of shampoo made it really foamy and really easy to wash out, covered with the conditioner and you’ve got some seriously healthy feeling shiny hair!

      These are £7.14 a box in Boots at the moment or buy one get one half price and on offer for two for £10 Tesco too, which is where mine came from today!


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        07.12.2014 19:18
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • "Great Result in 10 Minutes"
        • "Lasting Colour"
        • Easy
        • Quick


        • "Smell - like similar products."

        Perfect Hair Dye for Me with Great Result in 10 Minutes

        WHAT’S IN THE BOX?
        High Gloss Colour Crème – tube marked 1
        Colour Activating Crème – bottle marked 2 with Root Applicator Tip
        Colour Comb to use instead of Root Applicator Tip for whole hair colouring.
        Colourseal Intensive Conditioning Crème – tube marked 3
        Protective Disposable Gloves
        & Full Instructions.

        HOW TO USE
        You are advised to do a skin allergy test 48 hours before each colouring, using small amounts of products in a bowl, and to be sure of the colour result, you should also do a strand test, as instructed.
        For full hair colouring, you squeeze contents of tube marked 1 into bottle marked 2, replace applicator tip, and shake to mix thoroughly.
        The applicator tip can then be used on the roots, if they are all that is to be coloured. A colour comb is also supplied if you want to colour all of your hair.
        I only use this permanent colour 3 or 4 times a year. The regrowth only shows on the grey hairs, as the colorant is a very good match to my natural colour. For those who change their natural colour the regrowth will be more obvious.
        For me both techniques are used. The root applicator is used on my parting to make sure the most obvious roots showing are extremely well covered. Then, as the whole of my short hair needs colouring, the applicator comb is used. Either follow the manufacturers’ instructions exactly, or trial both techniques, to see which is easiest and produces the best results for you.
        After leaving the colorant on your hair for 10 minutes, rinse off and massage a 10p piece size of conditioning crème through your hair. Leave in for a couple of minutes and then rinse again. There should be plenty of conditioner left for use in later shampoos. The leftover conditioner lasts me a lot longer now that I have short hair, rather than shoulder length hair.

        LONG and/or THICK HAIR ADVICE When I first started using Perfect 10, I had very thick, shoulder length hair. To get a good result, I then had to use the colouring contents of 2 boxes at once. More recently my hair has thinned a bit (it is average thickness now), and I have had it cut short to make it easier to manage. Now I only need 1 box at a time.

        PRICE Full Price is £7.
        Asda currently have a 2 for £9 offer, or £5 each.

        RECOMMENDATION I love the result I get when colouring my hair with Perfect 10. Instead of the 50% greys I would naturally have now, I get back the all-over colour I had when I was younger by using their Light Brown.


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          08.07.2013 15:36
          Very helpful



          a well-priced hair colourant kit from Clairol

          I colour my hair about every 6 to 8 weeks and have used many of the main brands of dye over the years but keep returning to Clairol mainly because of the good results and the fact that they are a good price. This morning, on my trip to Superdrug to see their latest offers, I purchased the medium blonde for just £4.99.

          The assortment of hair colouring these days is daunting but it was the box (plus the price!) that caught my eye and having just used it I thought I would pass on my findings to other Dooyooers.

          The packaging is very stylish and looks very much like more expensive brands. It tells me on the front of the box that it is a salon inspired formula and claims to provide ' high gloss colour and healthy looking hair in just 10 minutes' plus delivering '100% long-lasting grey coverage'. The contents include 1 application and it is a permanent colour.

          Clairol provide clear information about ingredients, safety precautions and application both on the box and in the enclosed leaflet. Instructions are also given in pictorial form for those, like me, who have lost their reading glasses! There is also a helpline and web address if you need help or advice.

          Inside the box are a sealed pair of latex gloves, a colour cream, activating cream, a comb/nozzle end and conditioner - everything you need in fact to make the process as straightforward as possible.

          I found the instructions easy to follow and applied strictly as told (I have made mistakes in the past) and, after rinsing and drying, have to say I am very pleased with both the colour and the texture of my hair. The grey roots have disappeared and the cover is even and it appears more glossy than it did earlier on today!

          I have found some hair colourants to be overwhelmingly whiffy but this one, although a little strong, isn't too bad and any smell of the dye soon disappears once you apply the lovely conditioner. My hair feels soft too so it was well worth the 20 minutes of my day that it took me to do - 5 minutes preparation, 10 minutes waiting and 5 rinsing. The colour is not quite the same as that shown on the box but near as dammit and I am not complaining for the £4.99 I paid for it considering how much I would have paid to have my hair dyed professionally.

          5 stars and a big smile from me on this lovely sunny day!


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          26.05.2013 20:55
          Very helpful



          Not for long hair, unless you have help!

          I bought this last week from Wilkinson, as it was on offer at £4.50 I normally pick a mid to cheap price range dye. This one is normally £6 and is a bit more then I would pay normally. I chose it as, apart from it being on offer, I was attracted to the comb like applicator. I have been dying my hair for about 6 years since I was 30 (I blame my husband :) ), and have tried a variety of different dyes. I would say that normally I am pretty good at dying my own hair, although the last few times (possibly as a result of using cheaper dyes) I have struggled to dye the stubborn grey hairs at the front of my head, and as I wear my hair tied back for work this can be annoying. I thought that with this being towards the dearer end of the market and having the comb applicator it would hopefully provide better coverage, and be easy to use.

          The packaging
          This is quite a wide thin box, it is glossy and attractive. On the front is a picture of a woman with the dyed hair colour (in this case dark brown), and on the right of her is a picture of the comblike applicator. Under the branding the box claims "Salon inspired formula", as well as a "High gloss colour and healthy looking hair in just 10 minutes" It also claims "100% long lasting grey coverage". On the side of the box are safety warnings. On the back of the box are questions and answers telling us about their special colour creme formula, that is specially formulated to dye hair quicker, and to cover grey hairs for longer. There are also several helpful colour swatches to give you an indication of what colour you will get, depending on what colour your hair is to start with.

          In the box
          The box contains the High gloss colour creme, Activating creme with choice of ordinary tip or comb, intensive conditioner (enough to last 6 weeks), and some particularly strong plastic gloves, as well as instructions.

          My Experience
          Now I will admit that I compromised myself by dyeing my hair on the same day as I was going out with some friends, meaning I felt added pressure to not get it all over my face :)

          I pretty much followed the instructions although I must confess to being rebellious and not first testing it (I don't think I ever have, I've never understood how you can both test dye 48 hours before and yet use it as soon as it is made up). I also put some vaseline around my forehead, but away from my hairline to help protect my face.

          Anyway apart from this I followed the instructions, first combing and dividing my long hair into sections, then adding the Activator to the Colour Creme before giving it a good shake. Now my grey root line was about an inch, so I chose just to use the applicator comb. I started by applying it to the roots at the front using the comb to comb through the hairs and over them, I then proceeded to unclip the rest of my hair and try to comb it through my long fine hair. I found this quite messy and tricky, as with my hair being long the hair and dye went everywhere, thankfully I was wearing an old long sleeved top as otherwise I would have ended up with dye all over my back and shoulders. In the end I did what I normally do when I dye my hair, scooped all my hair up on my head and squeezed the dye on it (still through the comb), and used my fingers to make sure it was all covered. I think the comb would have been much easier to use with shorter hair, or if I had, had someone to help me dye my hair. There was plenty of dye for my hair, although being fine when squeezed my hair all together is only about half an inch thick. I also ended up with a lot more in the sink, then I normally do, but this did wash of easily.

          I then went and sat while the dye did it's work for what was actually about 12 minutes as I lost track of time, and then had to wait for the shower to heat up to wash it off. I then rinsed the dye of in the shower, before using the conditioner. It was recommended that you use a 10p size dollop of conditioner, but this didn't cover all of my hair so I ended up using two.

          So did it live up to it's claims

          Salon Inspired Formula, hard to tell I've never had my hair professionally dyed :)

          High Gloss colour and Healthy looking hair in 10 minutes.
          Well as said I left mine on a couple of minutes more, but to be honest I'm not really happy with the result. I think this is a result of the problems I had with the comb, but when I went outside to show my husband he pointed out that I had managed to dye my hair two tone. My natural colour is a light mousy brown (with grey :( ), and I had somehow managed to only dye parts of my hair, so it is now a mix of light and dark brown. Now don't get me wrong it looks nice and the dark brown is glossy, but it's something i've never managed to do before, and wasn't the look I was going for.

          100% Long lasting Grey hair coverage
          This also fell somewhat short here, again it may be because I used the comb, but I know for sure that I had covered all of my grey hairs with the dye. I know this as while around the front of my hair I still have grey hairs, the skin underneath has dark brown track marks made by the comb. In fairness the grey it did cover looks nice, and is a nice glossy rich colour. I don't know how long this will last, but I will update this review when I find out.

          6 weeks intensive conditioner
          This is a nice big bottle, and even though I had to use extra for my hair I can believe it will last 6 weeks. It is a nice conditioner and did leave my hair soft and glossy.

          The smell
          This was milder then the normal dye I use, and if not pleasant was ok. This does contain Ammonia so isn't natural.

          In conclusion
          I was left feeling disappointed by this dye, I found it awkward and messy to apply, the colour and coverage wasn't particularly better then cheaper brands, and while it was a nice colour I can't help feeling it's not really worth the money, and the comb is gimmicky. Worse then that the dye staining the skin on my hairline narrowed down my choices of hairstyle for going out last night meaning I ended up leaving my hair loose (thankfully for once it wasn't windy). The marks are still there today, but will hopefully be gone by the time I'm back at work on tuesday.

          Therefore I'm giving this 3 stars as while it's a nice colour, and with help or short hair would probably have worked better, it's not one for me.


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            11.02.2013 16:22
            Very helpful



            A disappointing result

            I tried Clairol Perfect 10 in medium blonde on my more than 50% grey hair. I have previously gone to the hair dressers to have my hair coloured. On this occasion a friend persuaded me to try a home dye product, so I choose Clairol Perfect 10 because it is a well known brand.
            Clairol Perfect 10 claims that it will cover 100% grey hair. Well I thought that's perfect for me It also says that you only need to leave the colour on for 10 minutes.
            I think I was sceptical of this claim but decided to try it out anyway.

            Inside the box there are step by step instructions that are very simple to follow.
            The instructions say that you can choose either to use the colourant as just for a root application or as all over colour for your hair.

            I found that the colour was easily mixed up and ready for applying. I did ask my friend to apply the colour as I thought it would be a lot easier than applying myself. The colour is applied with the application bottle and comb that is provided
            The colour was easy to apply using the applicator nozzle. You then set a timer for 10 minutes and wait.

            Word of warning here! During the 10 minutes I found that I did experience some intense itching and tingling of my scalp. The instructions do state to perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before, which I had not done. This was because I knew that I had, had previous skin allergy tests in hair salons with no problems or reactions at all. (On hindsight I should definitely have done this).

            After the ten minutes, the colour is washed off and you are provided with some nice smelling intensive conditioning crème to apply.
            When my hair was dried I did feel a little disappointed with the results of the colour although, my hair did feel shiny and very soft.
            Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the colour result. The blonde colour was not as bright and vibrant as I had expected it to be and worse, the colour had not covered the side parts of my hair which still looked grey! I expected better results from Clairol.


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            09.01.2013 03:25
            Very helpful



            A great product, which does deliver.

            Nice 'n' Easy Perfect 10 hair colourant really does what it says on the bottle and, as someone who has been colouring my hair for many years, I can honestly say that this is the easiest permanent hair colour which I have ever applied to my coarse, silvering hair. The product retails around the £6.99 mark, but I bought mine in colour No. 6 - Chocolate Brown - in Superdrug, where it was on offer for £3.99. At that price it is worth buying a couple, so you can touch up your roots later and save a few pounds.

            Application: What I liked about this product was the fact that it comes with a built-in comb which you attach to the application bottle. There is also a large tube of conditioner included in the box, with enough conditioning treatments to last for approximately 6 weeks. Once the colour is mixed with the developer, attach the comb to the top of the prepared product and it is easy as abc to apply the colour evenly through the hair. I managed to colour all my grey (even the little wispy bits in my fringe and around my ears. I timed the colouring process for the exact 10 minutes and, once rinsed off, conditioned, and dried, I was left with lovely golden, brown locks, with a hint of chocolate which warms my fair complexion nicely. It left my hair shiny and soft.

            Likes: The multi-tonal quality of the colour. Ease of application with the built-in comb, and the end result - a lovely shade which is well suited to fair skins.

            Dislike: The smell! Whilst working, this product had the usual strong ammonia smell. I am glad I only had to bear this for 10 minutes! Also, there were a few drips - I would have preferred a more mousse-like consistency.

            Overall: A great product, especially for first-time home hair colourers.


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            09.11.2012 17:36
            Very helpful



            A really quick way to colour your hair

            Perfect 10 is a hair colour from the Clairol Brand that is salon inspired and claims to give results in only 10 minutes.

            This hair colour comes in an impressive 22 shades. There are a few light blonde shades, medium and dark blondes, a few auburns and plenty of browns to choose from. Each of the shades is a really nice natural looking colour and there should be something for everyone in this range.

            I opted for Lightest Blonde.

            The price of this seems to vary quite a lot depending on where you shop and what offers are on but it seems to be between £8-10.
            I got a bargain with my box, someone in the local pharmacy had gone a bit barmy with a pricing gun and each box had a different price so I picked up the one with £5 stuck on it.

            The box is larger than most and is black, gold and white. There is a colour chart, some warnings such as not using if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, instructions, ingredients and a little bit about the product and how it works.
            I was really impressed when I opened the box. It has the usual mixing bottle, tube of colour to add to the mixing bottle, gloves instruction leaflet and conditioner. The tubes look quite professional and are different colours. The instructions on the leaflet have instructions such as use the silver tube for one thing and the black for another which is much easier to follow than bottle A and bottle B as described in some home colours. Often with others it's the conditioner and the colour tube will be identical so it could be easy to make a mistake whereas this one is easy to tell the two apart due to the different colours.
            What I also liked was the size of the conditioner, there is enough in the tube to apply once a week for 6 weeks which is brilliant. Normally I find there is only conditioner for one application straight after colouring.
            My favourite part inside the box was the choice of two ends for the mixing bottle. One end leaves a small hole to pour the colour from onto your hair on onto your hands to apply, you also have the option to remove this and pour into a dish to use a brush if you like, or you can replace the end with a silver end with a comb on it, which for me is really useful. I decided to use the comb end, thinking it may spread the liquid more evenly through the hair.

            I hadn't realised at the time of buying this what the reason behind the name of the product was. I was to find out when reading the instructions that this colour takes only 10 minutes to develop! I was very sceptical about this as I'd never used a colour that takes less than about half an hour to develop. It also says that 10 minutes is enough even to cover grey hair. So I decided not to risk damaging my hair or having a strange colour and trust the 10 minute time advised on the box.

            I mixed the tubes together, changed the nozzle for the comb and instantly regretted this. The comb was a nice idea but was more like a torture device. The spikes on it kept scratching my head, not only this but this liquiddoesn't come out through the small holes easily, the only way I could get it out was to tip it completely upside down and squeeze, with lots of it ending up all over the place. Once I had done this the liquid flowed fine for a short while before needing another squeeze. If you don't find the comb tangles your hair or too uncomfortable I would recommend squeezing the bottle a little over a dish so as not to waste any before combing through. I gave up and used my hands in the end.

            After 10 minutes I rinsed my hair under the shower for between 5 and 10 minutes before applying a small amount of the conditioner and leaving this for a couple of minutes before rinsing again.

            After rinsing I could comb my hair really easily, the conditioner was very good and left my hair tangle free, soft and in good condition. I towel dried and then blow dried my hair and was really quite impressed with the results. I wasn't expecting much as the starting colour was all over the place after being coloured and stripped and going through the wars but the colour was very even and natural looking. It wasn't as vibrant as I had expected but it was a really nice colour. I was very impressed that the 10 minutes was plenty.
            I recommended this colour to my mother who used one of the brown shades and her colour looks fantastic, even better than her last couple of salon trips. It also covered the greys really well.
            I found my colour has lasted really well, I used this about a month ago but I thought I'd wait before writing this as I find a lot of blonde shades nice at first but turn a yellow shade after a few washes but this still has a lovely natural tone to it.

            I'm really impressed with the colour and would definitely use it again, the smell of it was worse than most and that's saying something but it's only for 10 minutes and I think the fact that it's so quick to develop alone means this hair colour is superior to others. Nobody likes sitting for 30 or 40 minutes with a wet head that smells like cat urine.
            Even at full price I think it is reasonable for a nice colour which lasts well. I will be getting this again and recommend it, next time the comb will be staying in the box though!


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            04.08.2012 00:22
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A brilliant shade, easy enough to apply and recomended from me!

            When I was younger (I'm 38 years old now) I used to dye my hair every week or so and went every colour of the rainbow over those years too lol. Nowadays though I simply can't be bothered with the trouble and effort required and really don't dye it very often at all however tonight I was off out for the evening and my stepdad bought me a complete new outift as a treat and although the outfit looked lovely my roots showing through against the faded red ends I had did not look good so I popped to my local Boots store very close to closing time and picked up a box of this which was on offer from its usual price of £7.00 to £5.00 (for a limited time only). I found a lovely looking shade of dark brown that I couldn't find in amongst the cheaper offerings on the shelves and decided to try this one as on the box it says it only takes ten minutes to get the colour on your head so I thought that was a decent price to pay for something that quick acting!

            The Packaging:

            The box is actually larger than the other boxes that were on sale and on the front of mine there was a photograph of a lady with lovely, glossy dark brown hair and we are told that it is Clairol 'Our Ultimate High Gloss Colour' Perfect 10, 'High Gloss Colour And Healthy Looking Hair In Just 10 Minutes! Guaranteed, 100% Long_lasting Grey Coverage' and that it gives 1 Application, Premium Permanent Colour and that of course it is a 'Nice 'N' Easy product. Other information on the box tells us a bit about the product and we are even shown a colour chart as to what colour hair you may have to what to expect colour wise from it, cautions and being told what is included in the box is given and finally contact details for the manufacturer are given then inside the box there is a leaflet along with the contents of course telling us how to use it, the ingredients it contains and so on as well as 72ml of the colour creme, 67ml activation creme (which is a runny white lotion you add the colour to), a colourseal intensive conditioner which is meant to give 6 treatments (to help keep hair in a glossy and healthy condition), gloves and a silver plastic comb that is easy to screw onto the main bottle of activating creme to comb through the hair for easier application. This is all very informative packaging indeed.

            Using It:

            Whether you use this for a root touch up or an all over application this takes only ten minutes on the hair and is simple enough to apply. The colour itself comes in a squeezy foil tube you puncture with the lid and you pop that into the main bottle and give it all a good old shake, pop the gloves on and f you want to you can use the comb or not which is easy to screw on/off to the bottle. I did try to use the comb attachment but my my hair is a bit knotty even after combing it through and rather thin and I found it easier to blob out the mixed product onto my gloves and to apply it that way to be honest and all over my hair.

            You apply this to dry hair and even though I have shoulder length hair I found it really easy to do this. I had more than enough product to cover mine and was careful applying it and then left it on for ten minutes hoping it would not only cover existing colour but some greys as well. It took ages to rinse it out and it did stain my hairline rather badly so the best piece of advice I can give you is to not use this on a day you going somewhere and to give it time to come off the skin!

            This did sting my head a little whilst on the hair and the gloves ripped on my hands meaning I also got a bit of staining on my hands which did eventually wear off which meant I did have a giveaway in more ways than one that I had dyed my hair however my hair was left with no grey whatsoever, an even coverage and gloss and was a wonderful colour that drew compliments from rather a few people including my parents. Even though it rained I had no running of colour and my hair not only looked good it felt it too.,The conditioner within this is brilliant too. Its easily going to give me 6 applications which is nice and its a thick, white and very nicely fragranced of coconuts conditioner that is a joy to use and I feels locks in colour and helps my hair stay moisturised.

            I usually use cheaper hair dyes than this to be honest but the quality of this is superb and it gave me such a lovely colour that yep I'll buy it time and time again in the future even at full price...I just wouldn't hesitate. This covers greys and patchy, older colours so served me well!

            Available in all good chemists and supermarkets.

            This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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              11.02.2012 18:44
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              It costs a little bit more than other hair colourants but is well worth spending that little bit mor

              I have a lot of grey, it comes at the sides of my hair and in the partings it becomes visable noticable after just a few week.

              Ive tried all different products and have to admit the one that I prefer, it works well, is Perfect 10.

              As the name discribes it is quick and easy to use and if you are in a hurry to get that coverage of those horrible grey hairs, which my daughter says to me mum your 50 now why dont you just go grey gracefully, but im not ready for that just yet, so I find that this Perfect 10 works fantastic.

              I tend to pay about 7.99 for a packet of this, but sometimes I have noticed that they will occassionally do this on special offer for 4.99, so i usually buy two boxes then and keep one in the cupboard for when the occassion is required and those grey hairs rear there ugly heads.

              The box contains a solution which you add to the developing bottle and mix by shaking, they do provide you with a pair of thin plastic gloves. You will find an application brush inside the box too, unfortunately I never use this, as I prefer to apply this solution directly onto the parting areas of my hair and the sides of my face, which I do straight away.

              Warning. This dye stains, even in your bath, so be carefull when applying that you dont splash any around your bathroom, which I always do, if so make sure that you do clean it up straight away, as earlier is better, because if you allow this to set on your bath or walls, it takes ages to wash it off.

              I apply the hair colourant, and wait for ten minutes as it states on the package, and to be honest ten minutes is all you really need for this to work. It really does work, it is one of the best hair colourants I have found that permanently covers the grey hair areas, well until it grows back again.

              I usually cover the roots and side area of my face, every three weeks, and then oce every two months I pull the remainding colourant all over my hair spreading it evenly throughout, just to brighten up the colour. I always opt for the darkest brown colour, although they do a big range of hair colours ranging from lightest blond right up to black.

              After the hair colourant has set you simply rinse off with warm running water, having a shower head works wonders for this. Then apply the colour conditioner, which is now being sold seperately in stores for 99pence. It is a really lovely conditioner and creamy so you can spread it throughout your hair, it leaves you hair smelling nice, as it has a lovely fresh fragrance, and also makes your hair feel soft and silky, takes away from the fact that you have just dyed it.

              I really rate this product and have tried some of the cheaper products to dye my hair, having only to be left with the tell tale signs of old age creeping up. I always return to perfect 10, and would reccommend this to anyone that wants perfect coverage of grey, or have the need to change their hair colour.

              It lasts well, you do get a little bit of the colour rinsing through from your hair when you next wash it, but the colour stays well in your hair, and it does not need reaplying until the grey grows out, i usually get away with a month at a push, but then I have quick growing long hair, ill add a picture of me and my hair to this site so you can see the fantastic results I acheive by using this product.

              Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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                22.10.2011 03:50
                Very helpful
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                My hair looks lovely and it is long lasting.

                === The Product ===

                This is a kit containing all the items needed to permanently dye your hair colour. There are around 20 different shades available and my preferred one has been 5G Medium Golden Brown. There are lots of different shades in the collection so you should be able to find one to suit your hair colour or change it to a colour that you'd like to change it to. This hair dye is designed to take just 10 minutes to change your hair colour.

                === Contents of box ===

                Creme colour
                Creme developer
                Conditioning Creme
                Perfect colour applicator comb
                Application nozzle
                Paper Instructions

                All items are supplied sealed and in a cardboard box which is recyclable. The gloves come in their own packaging and the other items are all sealed for safety and so you know that they have not been tampered with before use which is always reassuring.

                === How to use it ===

                Before using any hair dye it is always advised to carry out a skin/strand test. This is done by using a very smell amount of the hair dye 48 hours before carrying out the actual dying. This should be done before using the hair dye each and every single time. This is firmly recommended due to the small risk of an allergic reaction and while it does not guarantee that you won't suffer an allergic reaction when you use the full hair dye it should give an indication as to whether you will have a problem.

                You receive gloves with this kit that allow you to keep your hands protected while applying the dye and as I seem to be particularly messy when dyeing my hair this is important to me and is something that I am always looking for when purchasing a hair dye.

                Mixing the dye is simple. Put the bottle of colour with the developer, mix together, shake well, follow the instructions. This takes just a few seconds of vigorous shaking to mix up and then you're ready to use the hair dye. Always ensure that your hair is brushed well and free of tangles and knots before dyeing, I have knotty and very tangled hair and no amount of brushing seems to cure all of my knots or tangles which is so annoying. This hair dye comes with an applicator nozzle for direct application or an applicator comb. I don't actually use the comb one as I never find these to work well with my thick hair, I tried this one out, just to be sure, and was as disappointed as ever. The applicator nozzle is ideal for parting my hair and ensuring that my full head of hair is covered.

                This hair dye is very easy to use. It's quick to mix, taking just a few seconds, quick to apply, taking just 4-5 minutes and then I leave it for 10 minutes to colour my hair, sometimes maybe 12 or 13 minutes depending on whether or not I am using two or three different clocks to keep an eye on the time. I then rinse my hair continually for around 5 or 6 minutes until the water runs completely clear. I keep wearing the gloves as these allow me to scrub at my scalp to ensure that all of the dye is removed.

                There is a conditioner provided in this kit. It's easy to use, just apply to my hair, leave for a few minutes and then rinse. I can definitely feel the difference between my dyed hair and how nice it feels after I have used the conditioner. This is quoted as being 6 weeks supply but it is really just 3 or 4 weeks with the amount that I use.

                === The price & where to purchase from ===

                This can be purchased from Boots stores and Boots.co.uk for £7.14. There are frequent special offers on this brand.

                === Does it work? ===

                Yes, my hair changes colour and definitely looks like the one on the box that I expected it to look like. I have only used this dye once but I was very pleased with the results. I would be happy to use this again.

                === Overall opinion ===

                I really like this hair dye, I have only used this once so far. The shade came out well and transferred on to my hair and stayed there well. I did not find that this colour 'bled' like a similar one I used fairly recently which is always a plus point. The only reason that I had to dye my hair again was due to my roots showing through, however, I have brown hair anyway, just a different shade, so this is not really a big deal to be honest and barely noticeable.

                This took just 10 minutes, as advertised, and the value for money was quite good. I don't believe I actually paid full price for this and I think I paid somewhere about the £5 mark which was fantastic value for money for me and well worth it for a nicer shade of brown of hair that looked healthy and shimmery. The instructions were clear, simple and easy to understand. The gloves were strong and protected my hands and nails from any stains, they were easy to remove and discard after use.

                I must say that my hair looks better for being dyed. Lots of people regularly comment on how healthy my hair looks nice and I feel like I have more confidence for having a more vibrant, shiny colour to my hair. The difference in shades is not much but my hair looks shinier and healthier in general just for having more of a chocolate rich brown tone rather than a dull brown tone. The conditioner that comes with this hair dye is fantastic, it doesn't last for as many washes as advertised even though I have thinned out shoulder length hair but that is not really a problem as I dye my hair every 3 or 4 weeks anyway so always have a new supply of conditioner. I also seem to be able to go a full 2 days without washing my hair now rather than my usual 1 1/2 days which is always good.

                The only thing that I could mark down on this hair dye is the applicator comb provided, however, that is just down to my knotty tangled hair which can't really be helped. The comb just ends up getting stuck in my hair and it really is an unnecessary product for me.

                I would definitely buy this hair dye again in the future, it works well and its quick to use. 5/5 from me.


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                  17.09.2011 15:13
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                  So easy to use, great coverage, leaves your hair feeling amazing

                  I don't usually die my hair, and if I do it's just been once in a blue moon...then I discovered I was going grey already at 25!
                  Perfect 10 was on offer, and was supposed to be quick and I was going out that night so it seemed the perfect product for me. I went home and it was great....so easy to use and so quick, it didn't smell horrible or drip down my face, and it covered brilliantly. When I rinsed the dye out and used the conditioner it was amazing...the smell was gorgeous and my hair felt so silky I couldn't believe it.
                  Once I dried & straightened my hair I was even more impressed, the colour was lovely, and it had covered all of my greys...my hair was really soft, smelled fab and was so glossy and shiny it looked amazing. I definately recommend this to anyone, whether it's their first time or not...10/10!


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                    11.05.2011 10:42
                    Very helpful



                    A good hair dye but not worth £7.99

                    Even though I hate to admit it; I'm actually a natural blonde. I've been dying my hair for about six years so I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of hair dyes. I've tried many different brands and different colours over the years but my favourite has been Clairol products. Their range of permanent hair dye remains cheap and affordable. Clairol have dominated the hair dye market since 1931 and "Nice and easy" has been a complete success making home hair dying simple and quick. This 10 minute version of the classic is a relatively new concept and perfect for the women of today who are living hectic life styles. This dye costs £7.99 full price and personally I find that too expensive. Whenever I see this on offer of buy one get one free I snap it up and recently have seen it at my local supermarket for £4.99. I do not think it is worth the full retail price and for this reason I keep swapping and changing brands depending on what is on offer. There are some other great products out there and the competition is steep.

                    The packaging

                    If you take a wonder down the hair dye aisles some of the boxes you will see are horrifically old fashioned with pictures of women that have walked out of a 1980's hair salon. They do not make me want to buy them. This box however appeals to the younger market, the modern professional woman. It's smart and well designed with an image of the supposedly easy to use comb on the left hand side and a woman with your hair colouring of choice on the right.

                    What's in the box?

                    * Instruction sheet
                    * Activation cream in a tube
                    * The dye in a squeezy bottle with sealed nozzle
                    * A comb designed to fit on the end of the squeezy bottle
                    * A pair of latex gloves
                    * A tube of after treatment conditioner.

                    Preparation and application

                    Firstly you need to rub a small amount of Vaseline on the hair line and ears to prevent dripping, unless you can be super careful. Many times I have been stood scrubbing my skin raw to get dye from my ears and face. (A little tip - If you do get dyer on your skin rub a small amount of toothpaste into it and it lifts the dye away.)

                    You now need to mix the dye. Piece the end of the tube of activation cream and squeeze into the squeezy bottle. This is made a lot easier because both pieces screw together. Place the sealed nozzle back on the squeezy bottle and shake the mixture up. I now put on the latex gloves. It's quite refreshing having as pair of real latex gloves in a hair dye, recently many brands have been going for the cheaper alternative of polythene gloves that are thin, ill fitting and fall apart.
                    I use clips to section my hair off and always start on the parting and crown. The box contains a comb attachment for the squeezy bottle. This is a ridiculous piece of kit, it drips and it doesn't grip the hair. It is by no means an easy solution to the tedious job of applying hair dye. I like the concept of it and when it failed on my first try of it, I was very disappointed. I would stick to the squeezy nozzle as you have more control over where the dye is going. I would then use my fingers to rub it in. Once the hair is covered and styled up in a garden gnome style point I would then find a quiet corner to sit in and wait. The dye will ruin anything it touches so try and avoid leaning on anything.

                    After the recommended ten minutes I would wait another five. I've taken this dye off after just over ten minutes and still had light patches at the back where it had not fully taken. By leaving it the extra five minutes it should have all been dyed. I find this a little frustrating that they are selling the product as a ten minute dye and you have to leave it on longer.

                    The hair dye washes off easily in the shower but I would make sure you get all the dye out. If it's not all out, your hair smells terrible and it itches. After giving it a good soaking I would then apply a good few inches of the conditioner treatment. You can leave this on for two minutes or for a deep conditioning treatment leave it on for ten minutes.

                    The effect

                    My hair always feels silky soft after using this product. It feels subtle and full of bounce. I always enjoy styling my hair after using this product as it feels delicious and smells great due to the conditioner. Some dyes can dry out the hair but Perfect 10's high-performance colour crème works at a lower pH level (pH 9 instead of 10-11), which preserves hair's natural protective coating.
                    For the past year I have been using natural darkest brown and had a great shade of brunette. The shade 'Natural darkest brown' by Perfect 10 made my hair jet black! Luckily I quite liked it but if I hadn't have liked it I would have been a little cross. The colour seems to last quite well and only fades slightly in the six weeks I leave between the next applications.

                    Would I recommend it?

                    Yes but only if you can pick up when it is discounted. It is a nice hair dye but not worth full price. I would also advise people that you need to leave the dye on for longer than ten minutes to avoid disappointment.


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                    16.11.2010 00:04
                    Very helpful



                    The best hair colour I've tried

                    My hair is naturally brown in colour but for many years now it has mainly been blonde, starting off with a few highlights which over time have gradually built up resulting in there being more blonde in my hair than brown. I usually get my roots done at my local hair dresser but have on several occasions in the past brought a lightening kit to brush through to touch up any dark areas coming through usually with great success meaning I do not need to get my highlights done properly too many times which saves a lot of money. So recently before a night out and after weeks of saying I really need to get my roots done I decided to by a lightening kit (review to follow) to touch up my existing highlights. Unfortunately I bought a different brand to what I have in the past, basically to cut a long story short this kit was no where near as good as previous ones resulting in a disaster!!!!! There was no way I was going out with my roots a different colour to the rest of my hair, I was surprised because this had never happened with the usual kit I used I dashed to Tesco to find something to rectify the problem. I had been advised that Nice n' Easy Perfect 10 was good, they had it in stock and was also on offer (bargain) Reluctant to try the blonde shades I opted for the Medium Brown a few shades darker than my natural colour, hoping it would work and cover up all of the blonde. An hour later my hair was a lovely dark shade of brown, shiny and looking in good condition (despite all the dye that had been put on it)

                    The Nice n' Easy Perfect 10 kit comes in a box, on the front of the box is a picture of a woman with their hair dyed the colour of the kit you are buying, I often find that the picture on the front of the box never matches the colour your hair ends up, however with this one my hair is actually the exact colour shown, maybe a tiny bit darker but it is a pretty accurate picture of what you hair will look like, the picture takes up about 3 quarters of the box.
                    The words Perfect 10 are written in large white letters across the bottom of the box with Nice n' Easy written slightly smaller in white letters below. The name of the manufacturer which is Clairol is written across the top of the box in silver writing, personally I do not think this stand out very well compared to the other writing. On the right hand side of the box is a picture of the hair dye applicator. Across the bottom of the box (again in white writing) are a few statements about the hair dye which include "High gloss colour and healthy looking hair in just 10 minutes guaranteed", "100% long lasting grey coverage", "1 application" and premium permanent colour" I have to say all of these statements are true, well not sure about the grey one as I do not have grey hair. One side of the box again contains a picture of the hair dye applicator with the other side containing various information about warnings and precautions which I will describe later and it also advises you to fully read the enclosed instruction leaflet. On the side of the box there are also various help lines should you need any advise or help. On the back of the box is a small colour chart which shows you what colour your hair will turn out compared to your current colour, the chart shows what colour your hair will be if you current colour ranges between dark blonde and dark brown to darkest brown, it is not advised that you use this dye on very light blonde hair, although mine was bleached and it has covered it very well. The majority of the back of the box contains further information about the product including 3 questions and answers. The box is quite busy with various pictures and information but it is very important to read all of the information before applying the dye to your hair.

                    What the Kit Contains
                    High Gloss Colour Creme
                    Colour activation creme with Colour Perfect comb and applicator tip
                    Colour Seal Intensive Conditioning Creme
                    Basically this one small box contains all of the ingredients you need to colour your hair, with this kit you do not need to buy anything extra everything you need is literally there.

                    Applying the Colour
                    To start with I was a little worried about how successful this would cover my hair as I do have very think hair despite it being thinned out by the hairdresser and it is quite long as well, you can use this kit on your own it is supposed to be easy to applicate yourself however I was not that confident and got my mum to do it for me. Once you have followed the instructions on the leaflet provided you simply clip the comb applicator onto the end of the bottle containing the dye and comb it through sections of your hair, there is no real need to rub it in as if you are shampooing it. The dye was very easy to mix together, there are step by step instructions but you literally have to mix together 2 different substances and shake to mix and you are ready to go,
                    the whole process is so quick, even with all of my hair applying the dye was also quick. Now a lot of different dyes I have used over the years (and there's been a lot) say that it cant take as little as 10 or 15 minutes to dye your hair but you often end up having to leave it on longer so when Nice n' Easy said that this only takes 10 minutes I wasn't sure, I dare not leave the dye on for any longer than 10 minutes especially as I had already dyed my hair once that day so I washed it off after the correct amount of time expecting the colour not to have taken very well but I was pleasantly surprised that it had worked very well and all in the space of 10 minutes as promised. I was very impressed!!!! I then had to condition my hair with the colour seal conditioner provided, the instructions say use a 10p size amount, well this wasn't going to even condition half of my hair and I ended up having to use half of the tube in order to cover all of my hair, the smell was lovely and it felt very rich and creamy as I rubbed it in my hair, it is advised that you leave it on your hair for 2 minutes to let it really work. After rinsing, blow drying and straightening my hair I was very pleased with the result. I had been convinced that my poor hair was going to be very dry after all it had been dyed, washed, dried (your hair must be dry before using Perfect 10) dyed again, then blow dried and straightened, but it was not it felt so soft to touch smelt lovely and is so shiny it does not look like my hair!!! The whole experience was very quick and very simple to do, using the comb applicator you could probably do you could probably do your own hair but I am not confident enough to and will stick to getting my mum to do it for me.

                    Although I was very impressed with Perfect 10 and extremely pleased with how well it covered up the disastrous dye I had used that morning I did have to use 2 of the kits on my hair, 1 was not enough due to it being long and very thick, this was not a problem for me but I do find with all hair dyes that they all seem to produce one size kit of dye for all lengths and thickness of hair so if you have thick long hair like me you have to use the same kit that someone with thin short hair would use and sometimes this is just not enough. I had the same problem with the conditioner as I mentioned whereas it recommend you use a small amount I had to use half the tube in order to cover all of my hair with the conditioner. Theses were not major problems for me and defiantly would not stop me from using Perfect 10 in the future as this is a problem with most brands of hair dye, I will just buy 2 kits when I dye my hair in order to fully cover it, although next time I may get away with one as when I first used this kit I was trying to cover blonde hair which would be more noticeable should you miss a few strands.

                    As with all hair dyes it is very important to carry out a skin test in order to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the products. The skin test is supposed to be carried out 48 hours before using the product and consists of mixing up small equal amounts of the 2 components and applying this to the bend area of your elbow, you are not allowed to wash this area for 48 hours. After the 48 hours if the area is ok you can use the product, although they do state that even if the test area is ok there is no guarantee that a reaction will not occur when using the dye. If there are any signs of reddening or a rash in the test area you must not use the product. Now this is what you are supposed to do but to be honest I didn't even do a skin test, most of the time in the past I have done a test but this time I was in such a rush to get rid of the disaster that had occurred with my hair I used the Perfect 10 dye immediately, I have been dying my hair for as long as I can remember and have never had a problem, however this is no excuse and it is really advisable that you do perform the test.

                    Warnings & Precautions
                    All of the precautions and warnings are written on the instruction leaflet contained within the box, this is basically a sheet of A4 paper, on one side are the step by step instructions about how to use the dye, and on the other side are all the various warnings and precautions to take, along with how to perform the skin test. Most of the warnings are common sense and consist of-
                    Do not let the product come into contact with your eyes as it contains hydrogen peroxide which can cause irritation or even eye damage, should this occur flush immediately with lukewarm water and seek medical advise
                    Do not wear contacts when applying the dye (oops I did) should you get the dye into your eyes remove the lens immediately, flush with lukewarm water and seek medical advise
                    Do not use the dye on eye brows, eye lashes or on a irritated or injured scalp
                    Do not inhale or ingest the product
                    Do not use on hair coloured with henna or metal dyes
                    Prepare in a well ventilated area (the smell is quite strong)
                    Wear gloves whilst using Perfect 10
                    Do not mix any part of this kit with other colorants
                    Keep out of reach of children
                    All the warnings are pretty self explanatory, it also advises that should you experience any adverse reaction such as itching, irritation, swelling of the eyes or face, rashes and so on seek medical advise straight away as it is likely you are having a reaction to the product.

                    I bought my Nice n' Easy perfect 10 from my local Tesco but it is also sold in places such as Superdrug and Boots. In Tesco it is currently on offer for just £4.65 which is a bargain especially compared to some other brands, however at full price it is still only about £6 which personally I do not think is too expensive especially for a complete kit like this one, and one of such a high quality. I would definitely be prepared to by this product at full price.

                    The Range
                    I bought the Medium Brown (5) colour however there really is something for everyone consisting of various shades of blondes, reds, browns and black, each colour has a number dependant on the shade you select, in the brown range the lower the number the darker the shade, mine (Medium Brown) is either the second darkest or third darkest in the brown collection within the range, personally I would describe it as slightly darker than medium brown, however the shade my hair has turned out is exactly they same as that shown on the box so there were no surprises.

                    Overall I would definitely recommend Nice n' Easy Perfect 10, it is quick and easy to use and really does only take 10 minutes. The shade shown on the box is very accurate and the coverage you get from this dye is very good. another advantage of this product is the price and the fact that it leaves your hair in excellent condition. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of dying their hair there is a colour for everyone and the kit is very easy to use, even on your own if you are brave enough. All in all an excellent hair dye!!!


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                      05.08.2010 15:43
                      Very helpful
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                      Not worth the money when not on offer.

                      I have tried just about every hair dye on the market! As I hadn't tried this one yet and it was on offer at just £5.00 in Asda I thoght I would see what it was like.

                      Before dying my hair this time I had not dyed it in four months. I was having it very dark brown with a bleached fringe that I would then dye pillar box red. This means that I had long roos in my natural mid brown, my fringe is an over processed mess that was light brown and the lengths had faded but were still darker than my roots.

                      I opted to buy Perfect 10 in shade 4G, Dark Golden Brown. I thought this would take me back to a fairly natural colour for me that would just look like I was back to normal, yet enhanced. (As well as removing my greys shhhhhh!)

                      This did look like it came in a good array of shades. I have to admit I just concentrated on the mid to dark browns but I had a few to pick from.

                      The reason that this dye is different is because it takes just ten minutes to do it's thing! This way dying time is reduced making the small amount of time you have to spend on yourself last a bit longer!

                      This comes in several parts in the box;

                      -The developer bottle with the normal nozzle. -The end of the nozzle always snaps or screws off. When you have to shake the liquids together I always worry that I will end up with them everywhere. I didn't worry about that with this bottle as it seemed to have a much thicker more reliable end to it. Small plus point I thought.

                      -The tube of colourant. - This has to be squeezed into the developer bottle. This is completely sealed! You have to pierce the top with the back of the lid. It means that it is far less likely to leak. (See below for another point about this tube.)

                      -The tube of conditioner. - Draw back point number one, this and the colourant tube are similar, be aware that you should check before mixing! I am not usually unsuder but I had to read both tubes before I could tell. That is not a mix up that would be a good idea!
                      This is a LARGE tube. Considering you usually get a tiny tube or sachet which only does one or two conditioning treatments maximum I was very pleased with this. It contained 58ml and I managed to squeeze five uses out of it.

                      A comb applicator. - This is brilliant! I have never used one before. It is a small comb attachment, you remove the normal applicator nozzle and this screws on instead. It has small holes in the end of each of the prongs. You just run it through you hair and it distributes it evenly and far more quickly! I thought it would be useless but was certainly pleased with how well it worked.

                      There was also a set of very good instructions. I have to be honest, I didn't read them until after apart from checking if it had to be applied to wet or dry hair! Oh and it is dry hair by the way which means that you don't get drips. As well as a pair of very good, for a (hair dye) gloves. They were thick and I didn't have any on my hands at the end of it. In fact they were that good that after I had applied the dye I washed them and used them again to rinse my hair without any problems. I usually end up with patches of dye that have managed to get through a hole in the glove some how!

                      This mixture stank! I am used to hair dye stiking but this took my breath away on several occasions! It is not for anyone with a sensitive chest! If you are asthmatic I would advise you to avoid it.

                      I left it for the ten minutes and rinsed, and rinsed, and rinsed, and rinsed some more! This took forever to rinse out. That might have had something to do with the fact that my hair felt like it was in dreadlocks! It felt like my hair was ruined! I was starting to really panic if I am honest. It was just like my hair had formed massive matts.

                      I got to a point where the water was almost completely clear and jumped under the shower (I had my head hanging over the bath before) and rinsed some more before applying the conditioner carefully and slowly separating out my matted hair. I left this on for a good ten minutes then rinsed it out. My hair felt fabulous already.

                      After drying it my hair was in readonably good condition, even my over processed fringe didn't seem any worse for being dyed. A comb ran through it all easily.

                      The result, now here it falls down a bit. My roots have gone a different colour to the lengths, as though the dye couldn't change the colour of what was already dyed previously. I don't know if that is specific to this particular dye or not because maybe the last dye was a strong one in comparison to most or it is where it was such a dark brown. I am not happy about it but what can I do?

                      The colour of my lengths is not what I am judging the colour of this dye on as it is obviously the roots that are the closest to how it 'should' have come out. My roots are a nice colour but nothing like is shown on the box. I would say they are a light brown with a red tinge. They are nothing like the images on the box at all. Had I known that my result would be the colour my roots are (had it not gone a bit wrong) I would never have picked this colour because of it being too light. My colouring could not carry off the colour it resulted in.

                      I will have to re-dye my hair soon because it just looks rediculous and in a few weeks when I have roots again I will have tri-colour hair!

                      It is worth a try but not if you have darker lengths than the colour you want to go! I would try this again but I don't know if I will the next time I dye my hair.


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