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Nicky Clarke Luxury Style Finisher Creme

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Brand: Nicky Clarke / Cremes / Type: Styling Cream / Subcategory: Styling Products

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2008 22:23
      Very helpful



      Its hit the bin... lol

      When it comes to shopping there isn't really anything I won't try or buy when it comes to toiletries or cosmetics. It's fair to say I very rarely buy an unbranded or cheap product as I like the big brands with all the hype. Having said that though there is one thing I avoid like the plague and that is hairspray! I think it comes from the bad old days when I was at school and me going to a girls school was a fairly girly girl who insisted on following the crowd baa baa! lol All the girls used hairspray and so did I but my Mum would buy me a huge can of sticky crap that would last me a year at a price like 50p! It was awful but I had no choice so use it I did. Ever since then when I look at hairspray I think back to them days of having an acid perm (my Mum insisted I have one for some reason) and me gluing it up into a tight top knot and stinking to high heaven of cheap rubbish!

      I do nowadays own a couple of cans of hairspray and although I like them I use them very sparingly and on a must use type of basis when doing more complicated styles on my hair or that it's really windy out or something. To me there has to be a reason for using it and although I use lots of other hair care products it's just one I'm very wary of using... still lol

      I do own several pots of wax however and I'm quite a fan of those. Again I use them sparingly on a must use basis but I'm finding in this colder weather and me using them on nights out in the main when I'm wandering from pub to pub and club to club that humidity is attacking it and although they usually performed excellently they aren't so good at the moment which is why when I saw this I had to buy it. Seemed like a good solution and compromise.

      The Packaging....

      75ml white tall bottle with integrated push button dispenser to the top of the bottle and it has a clear plastic lid that goes over that that, that pulls on and off. On the front all in black writing I'm told it's Nicky Clarke, Hairomatherapy, Creme Deluxe, Luxury Style Finisher. On the bottom of the bottle I'm told it's to 'Sculpt, Condition & Polish for all hair types' and finally the size is stated as I've listed already. On the back I'm told a bit about the product, how to use it, a caution, ingredients, contact details for Nicky Clarke, a recycle symbol is on there and finally there is a bar-code. Quite classy packaging but I'm aware that alot of these pump action bottles break easily as I've had a few from Pantene that did way back and when that happens there is no way of getting the product out.

      About The Product....

      'Hairomatherapy has been specially created to make you look and feel sensational! I believe that fabulous hair is the one luxury you just can't live without. Treat your senses and your hair to the fragrant aroma and rich feel of this deeply caring range'.

      Indulge! Enjoy! Shine!
      Style- sleek, dramatic & sculpted
      Polish- smoothness & dazzling shine
      Luxury- creamy-rich formula
      Essential- zingy twists of lime & orange
      Results- supremely versatile & stylish

      How To Use It....

      Wash hair & style as usual. For long, dry or frizzy hair, cover the centre of your palm with creme deluxe-luxury style finisher. Rub hands together & using light movements, work from ends to mid lengths of hair. Mould & twist to create texture or curls or apply to specific sections to add definition & shine. For short or fine hair, use more sparingly to enhance colour & shine. For the best results, use after shampooing & conditioning with Nicky Clarke Hairomatherapy products.

      Me Using It....

      Well me I use it as directed. I style my hair so that it's finished and I'm ready to leave the house. I don't use hairspray or any kind of finishing product. I simply use this as a replacement product. Now the amount is what ever you think and it's not easy to gauge. I pump some through and put it in my hands and rub them together. The creme is white and shiny and there is a really nice, light smell of lime and orange with a nice sweet undertone to it giving it a very pleasant unisex but expensive smelling fragrance which isn't at all over powering.

      When rubbed between the palms it disappears in colour and all you can see is like a greasy film coating your hands. However it doesn't feel overly greasy but it does feel a bit sticky but at the same time hydrating.

      Now putting it through hair is a tricky buisness and you rally do need to rub between your palms really well first just to make it warm up a bit and melt which of course as above I have done but applying this is a nightmare. I gently run it through my hair the best I can but in some places I get too much product. I finish by brushing it through and styling it as I think this is the easiest thing for me to do.


      Quite terrible. I have naturally greasy roots and a dry mid section and split ends (even though I've had a recent hair cut!) and the problem is due to it being difficult to spread evenly on the hair that no matter how hard I try I end up getting really greasy roots that are so shiny I look like I've tried to brush my hair with a well used frying pan. Then is no denying that in places not only does my hair looks really greasy it feels it to the touch when Ive finished styling.

      My dry mid section and ends do look smoother and don't feel as dry as what my hair usually would and does feel quite soft and not greasy but due to some sections being greasy alot of my hair sticks to my head and my style looks quite limp and dragged down and has no natural bounce to it at all.

      This controls the hair far too much and the only positive is that it doesn't feel sticky anymore but on the negative it does feel very greasy. Yes shine is there because of the grease. Yes hair is tamed somewhat but that's because of the heaviness of this product. The only positive is the smell which is very light and is so subtle you can only just smell it but sadly after using this even with adjusting the amount I use my hair looks like it needs washing all over again. I can't recommend this even for people with very dry, frizzy hair. I'd just avoid this one as it's a very tricky product to use indeed and I really don't like it and neither does my hair!

      £4.99 in Boots and other chemist but do look on line and if you have a chance to test for I'd recommend that highly. Please do think before purchasing this and wasting your pennies!


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