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Nu:u Hold Hairspray

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Brand: Nu:u / Sprays / Type: Hair Spray

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2008 18:54
      Very helpful



      Only worth it if you spot it in a bargain bin.

      The magazines keep telling me that curly hair is back in fashion but I've yet to see anyone walking the streets of Burnley with an 80s style bubble perm. So unfortunately for me, this means I have no choice but to fill my bathroom cabinet with all manner of haircare products in an attempt to tame my world curls and make my hair look remotely presentable.

      After my daily routing of moussing, seruming, touselling and more, I need something that will keep my mop in place. And so, on a visit to a discount store, I chanced upon the Nu:u range, which was a familiar site from my hairdresser's shelves. Fortunately, it didn't come with a salon price tag attached and I snapped up a range of Nu:u products for between 49p and 99p each.

      The Nu:u range of products all come in white rectangular containers with photos on the front of beautiful women with beautiful hair. The colours of the lids varies according to the product which I suppose would help you remember which bottle is which if I could memorise all the different lids. In the case of the hairspray, the lid is purple.

      The product claims to allow you to 'keep the styles you create for longer, while retaining the softness and bounce of your hair.' Well, considering the time I spend creating a somewhat funky look with my curls, I definitely appreciate any available help to keep it that way.

      The hairspray comes in a pump action bottle and you simply spray it onto your hair from a distance of 30cm. So far, I have mixed opinions of the product. Spraying it should be a simple task but rather than coming out of the bottle in a fine mist, it resembles a water pistol shooting one line of the hairspray a metre across the room.

      It therefore takes a lot of practice and quite a nack to get the product onto your hair rather than the surrounding walls, mirror and carpet. That said, when it does hit the right spot, the results are effective. Unlike Elnette and similar hairsprays, it doesn't leave your hair rock hard to the touch. But it still manages to hold my style in place and prevents any fly away bits of frizz from appearing. In fact, I can do the flick (as immortalized by the Pantene adverts) and my hair quickly reverts to the correct position.

      So to sum up, I do like this product and it does a good job if you're willing to invest a bit of time to learn the skill for applying it. At the RRP of £8, I don't think it's worth it but if you can pick it up for a few pennies then it's worth giving it a shot.


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      Keep the styles you create for longer /

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