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Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

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Brand: Ojon / Type: Hair Treatment / Hair type: damaged hair / What it does: Repairs,

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    10 Reviews
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      17.02.2014 23:46



      Ojon hair treatment will transform hair from damaged to healthy

      I usefully use liquid hair masks particularly aimed at curly hair but I have ombré styled hair so half my hair can look very damaged at times especially when I do straighten it , so I wanted a different hair treatment to target the damaged parts. I was shopping online at boots on the hair products section and say Ojon hair treatment which says it reverses damage hair to soft and silky manageable hair. I first purchased the small 50ml pot at £18 because the 100ml was £34 and I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a hair treatment unless I knew I would love that the product. I used the small pot up in one go and yes I loved it, my hair was nice a glossy my damaged colour was transformed and look healthy I was so surprised since this product looks like mud at first sight. I purchased the 100ml pot and I am glad I did every time I use this my hair is completely transformed the only problem is it does smell unusual and can be a tad tricky to apply on hair.


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      20.06.2013 21:19
      Very helpful



      Not for me but good for some hair types

      Ojon Oil comes from the nut of the Ojon tree in the tropical rainforests of Central America and has been used for generations by people with beautiful hair. It was discovered several years ago and since then the Ojon company has produced a range of products using the natural ingredients of the oil.

      The Ojon website says that the Restorative Hair Treatment is "a hair rejuvenator that helps hydrate and improve the condition of dry, damaged hair - without weighing it down. After just one treatment hair is extraordinarily soft, silky and manageable."

      The treatment comes in a round brown and orange tub in various sizes. I received a free trial of the product and therefore had a mini tub, but it looked exactly the same as the larger sizes. The larger sizes also have a wide toothed comb with them for easier distribution of the treatment though thick hair.

      The product is opened by screwing the lid off, and taking off the protective cover. Inside it looks like a brown solid clay or putty, which is a bit strange. However to use the product you scoop a small amount onto your hand and then rub it between your hands to warm it up. At this point it becomes almost liquid as the oil is released and it is quite slippery.

      When I used the treatment I distributed it through my dry hair as instructed before it had been shampooed. It glided through my hair quite easily but I do have very fine hair. The first thing I noticed when applying it was the smell - it smelt totally disgusting - a bit like stale cigarettes and the smell seemed to intensify as it warmed up. I placed a towel over my head to keep the product warm and left it on for about 20 minutes while holding my breath at the same time. I could not wait to rinse it off and when I did so it rinsed away easily. I then shampooed and conditioned my hair to try and get rid of the smell and help it actually feel clean.

      After drying and styling my hair it did feel very soft and also looked a bit shinier and thicker. However it did not seem to have made a major difference and I think the product is probably more effective for people with thicker or damaged hair or hair that is coloured a lot.

      The treatment is very expensive at £32.50 for 100ml and can be bought direct from the Ojon website or from places like QVC. I am sure it is good for some types of hair but as it did not make much of a difference to mine, and it smelt so horrible, I gave the rest of the pot I had been given as a free trial away and would not use it again.


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        14.03.2012 20:48
        Very helpful



        A great hair treatment for all hair types

        After colouring my hair for the zillioneth time a few months back my hair reached an all time low. It became overly dry & bits broke off leaving my fine hair even finer & wispier.
        Since then I've tried many treatments & conditioners to aid it's recovery but none seemed to make a great difference. I was beginning to lose hope until my sister recommended Ojon restorative hair treatment & gave me some of her own to try.
        Ojon Oil comes from the tropical rainforests of Central america and has been used for generations by the Taiwar people. Taiwar means people of beautiful hair.
        The oil is obtained form the nut of the Ojon tree & is hand-extracted according to ancient eco-friendly traditions. It apparently takes one year for the tree to yeild less than 8000 nuts which is just enough to produce 3 cups of the oil.

        It claims to hydrate & condition without weighing hair down & clinical tests show a
        52% improvement in the condition of very dry, damaged hair after just one use and
        a 64% improvement when left on hair overnight.
        The treatment comes in a 150ml brown & orange pot which is packaged in a distressed goldish coloured box. A small wide toothed comb is also included for easier distribution of the product thoughout thicker hair.

        The treatment itself is fudge coloured & has the consistency of butter, most people describe the scent as being like that of coffee but it does remind me more of the scent of demerera sugar.
        Following instructions I rubbed half a teaspoon of the treatment between my hands in order to melt it down to an oil, I then massaged into scalp & throughout hair.
        It can be left on for just 20 minutes but I left on overnight which as mentioned produces the best results. You can cover hair with a shower cap or as I did just sleep with a towel covering your pillow.

        The following morning I shampooed off ( Unlike most oils it shampoos off easily so just one shampoo should be enough.) & then conditioned with inecto coconut conditioner.
        THE RESULTS.......

        After drying, I was amazed at the improvement in the condition of my hair, it not only looked shinier & far less damaged but also felt & looked thicker. I first used the treatment a few days back & despite washing my hair since it has maintained its condition. This treatment is truly great stuff.
        At £40 a pot it does seem pretty expensive but as only a small amount is needed just a couple of times a week a pot will last for ages & I will definately not hesitate in investing. I also noticed that John lewis sell Ojon box sets which contain a 50ml pot along with a few other products from the range for £31. There are different box sets to suit the needs of different types of hair.
        Highly recommended for anyone who's hair is in need of an intensive pick me up!


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        23.08.2011 20:59
        Very helpful



        miracle worker for your damaged hair

        I have to admit, I am not the best of people when it comes to hair care. I use products but not on a regular basis as I forget, I dye it a lot, strip it when I don't like the colour and use heat daily. All of which may look lovely for a short space of time but it does destroy my hair!

        My mum brought this product from QVC one day as she has very fine hair due to years of damage. All the perms and colours through her teens and 20's didn't help! The product claims to restore condition, invigorate and hydrate your hair making it more manageable.

        The treatment comes in a clear tub with a brown lid, although I think now the tub is orange (but that could of been an old stock or limited edition I saw as it was in TK Maxx). The lid has the name of the product and brand on top. Inside is the incredibly thick substance and a wide toothed wooden comb.

        The product smells quite unusual, my mum thinks its unpleasant but I think it smells a little wood like.

        To apply this product, you need to apply it to your roots and spread it to the ends of your hair. They recommend to leave it on for 5 minutes, but I tend to leave it for 15-30 for better effects. I would also say to make sure hair is not dripping wet, as the product will glide off with the water and not go into your hair follicles like it needs to.
        The substance can be quite thick at first I found, but if you leave it in a bathroom that isn't cold, it softens up and its easier to get out.

        After washing the product out of my hair (which I tend to spend about 5 minutes doing to make sure its all gone), I don't feel the need to use shampoo or conditioner as my hair feels really soft and not tangled.

        I have to admit I noticed a very big difference, my hair felt thicker and in a lot better condition instantly! I tried to avoid straightening or blowdrying it as much to give my hair a better chance and I would honestly use this product forever - its a miracle worker!

        I have had the tub and used it once a month for about 8 months now, its lasting well and I still have about half left. The tub will last differently depending on frequency and amount used though obviously.

        TK Maxx occasionally have the products for sale, but the price varies. I saw it at £22.50 and £24.00 so I wouldn't buy it from there. On QVC and in John Lewis an 100ml tub costs £29.50 (with postage cost if you buy from QVC).


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          28.06.2010 22:48
          Very helpful



          An excellent product that really does make a long term difference to hair.

          I had a period in my life about 5 years ago when my hair changed dramatically. It started to fall out in quantities that would have made a decent Yorkshire terrier within a week. I was scared I would lose it all, my hair has always been one of the few things I like about myself and the thought of losing this really shook me. Luckily my mop has always been extraordinarily thick and even with this extreme loss I maintained a reasonable head of hair What was left became very dry and straw like - although it had thinned, as you couldn't see scalp yet I kept it well trimmed but long as I couldn't face cutting what I had left.

          I tried many products over the course of 6 months to try and make what was left of my hair silky and glossy as it had once been. I spent more time and money on hair care than I ever had before. Previously my hair had been healthy and easy to please, so I tended to use mid to cheap range brands and they always worked well.

          I stumbled upon Ojon being advertised on (again my embarrassingly often mentioned) QVC. A very 'enthusiastic' gentleman Denis Simioni was wittering on about how ethically sourced this amazing hair care range was. Produced in the same way it has been for hundreds of years from the Ojon Palm Nut, by the Tawira people - also known as the people of beautiful hair - of Central America (Honduras). I was immediately sucked into watching demonstrations of how the product worked, and I must admit I assumed it was largely B.S.

          To cut a long story short(ish) B.S. or not I decided to give it a try; it was part of an 'offer' at the time where you got a 250ml bottle of Ojon shampoo and conditioner with the50ml restorative treatment for about £25, the same set is still available at QVC for £36.75 and a massive £4.75 postage. The shampoo and conditioner whilst being lovely and making a difference to my hair are so expensive individually that I wouldn't bother buying them again. However the hair restorative is a different matter.

          The 50ml tub isn't a huge amount if you have long or very dry hair but it was enough for me to be amazed at the effect to go on to purchase (after much wrestling with my conscience over the cost) the 100ml size, which is available on QVC at the moment for £29.50 and £3.45 packaging
          The brown tub (with a bronze rim around the screw top) has a rubbery/plastic re-sealable insert which keeps the product fresh for a long time. On the tub in tiny writing amongst other things (including the address of the company ingredients -which I'll list at the end - etc) is the instruction to bend and "burp" the insert to remove air from the tub. There is a slit in the sheath which I assume acts as a one way air release valve when you do this. After much slippery fiddling with this insert I gave up on the bend and burp, as I got fed up with seeing it fly across the kitchen floor like a skimming stone. So I decided to just use it as a normal seal. With the product you get a small very wide toothed comb; Which is shaped and coloured like a disc of wood about the size of a pocket watch with teeth cut into it. There is an indentation on one side which you can use as a scoop to remove some Ojon from the tub.

          Ojon could be used anywhere on the body, but it is primarily a hair 'restorative', I don't use it anywhere else because I don't like the smell (as detailed below) and I find it isn't as effective in this function as the one it is meant for. So I won't be going into any detail about alternative uses as I don't have experience of them.

          The product itself is a 'softly' solid oil, which melts very easily, in hot weather you may notice that some of the product is a little runny around the edge of the pot in averagely warm temperatures, but the oil will liquefy at temperatures above 30 degrees C. It will solidify again without any ill effects to the product once the temperature drops, you can pop it into the fridge for an hour to aid this if you so wish.

          For a deep treatment you are advised to take about half a teaspoon at a time, melt it in your palms and rub through the hair, and repeat this process until the hair is saturated. I don't take the product up onto my scalp as I have greasy roots, so just use it two thirds of the way up from the tips, it takes about 2-3 full teaspoons to achieve saturation on my waist length hair. I plait my hair and leave it on all night, but you can wash after 20 minutes. Personally I don't tend to use the comb that comes with it, as it's too small to get through my hair effectively and is too slippery to use if you utilise the scoop at one end for its purpose. If your hair is short the comb will probably work well. I either use my paddle brush or larger wide toothed comb. When I first used Ojon I did a full treatment twice a week but as the condition of my hair improved this reduced to about once every month or so. I now sometimes use it in between treatments as a leave in conditioner when I'm at home; using a small amount brushed through the bottom half of my hair.

          As well as being used for deep restorative treatments Ojon is advertised as being suitable to use in a small quantity melted and brushed lightly through the hair to give it movement and shine. Personally I don't use it in this way as I find the oil attracts dust etc and can look greasy no matter how small an amount you use. However I do use it as mentioned above when I'm not going out and I feel my hair needs a boost just to keep it in good condition.

          One down side for me is the smell of the product. Some seem to like it, but I find it very unpleasant, to me it smells like cigarette butts mixed with stale coffee, both smells which make me a little queasy. My daughter thinks it smells unpleasantly musky and cat p*ssy, and my husband actually asked if my hair needed a wash because it "smelt dirty", bloomin' cheek as if I'd leave it unwashed long enough to get smelly! However there are three strong negative opinions on the smell, so I don't think I'm that unusual in my dislike of the aroma. That is another reason why I normally wouldn't use this product in my hair when going out. Although - to contradict myself - when I first used this product and my hair was horrifically crispy and immobile I did sometimes use a small amount in this way; as my dislike of the smell was overcome by my desire to present a more natural movement to my hair. On such spectacularly dry hair it didn't look greasy for the first few hours and did give it a healthy sheen and movement. So perhaps whether it suits you to use it in this way depends on how dry your hair is and whether you like the smell or not.

          Ojon washes out of the hair very easily and there is no need for a second wash as there sometimes is if you use olive oil, commercial hot oil products or similar. After washing I do still use a conditioner, as the Ojon has sunk into the hair, and the standard conditioner just gives a surface protection to finish off.

          Ojon can not 'mend' split ends nor can any other product, but it did perform a small miracle in bringing my hair back from the dead, so any qualms I may have about the price or smell are as nothing in comparison. My hair seems to have recovered from the worst of its hissy fit, but I still use the Ojon restorative treatment as I've found nothing else that gives such a deep long term result. I've had my current 100m size pot for eighteen months now, so despite the price it's been good value for me.

          Ingredients of Ojon Restorative Treatment:
          Palm Oil. Prunus Africana bark extract. Serenda Serrulata fruit extract. Lecithin.Cit Ronellol, Linallool, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl, Palmitate, Parfum, and something acid which even with my glasses on I can't read
          * Ojon products are not tested on animals, nor contain any animal derived ingredients


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            13.05.2010 08:17
            Very helpful




            The Ojon Hair Restorative treatment, I'm not going to go on about the rainforest or how's its made, what i am going to say is that if you have naturally curly/frizzy hair tendencies that are generally course thick hair and this tends to be generally dry in condition, which mine is. this product is just what you need as it really does what it says on the blurb.
            I use this once a week, using only a 1p size amount rubbed into your hands to warm up the thick paste, to an oil form, rub it into my hair, leave over night, you may want to put an old pillowcase onto your pillow as it will get on to your pillow over night, does wash out though. then wash your hair in your usual way, style and dry as desired, you notice a difference straight away, softer, silkier, smoother hair, which makes it much more manageable. It is expensive agreed but if bought with QVC you can try it for 30 days and return it if you don't get on with it, all for the cost of the postage. you wont send it back, as its brill, wish i had known about this years ago, a little goes along way, I'm still on my 1st tub and that's over a year ago. recommend this to friends with hair like mine YES I think they would love me for the tip. P.S. it doesn't make your hair greasy when washed out. LOOK OUT FOR QVC OJON EVENT DAYS BEST WAY TO BUY IT.


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            19.01.2010 21:19
            Very helpful



            Not an essential purchase

            I bought this from QVC after someone recommended it to me. I bought it as part of a set and I think it was around £40.

            Ojon uses oil from a rainforest tree and has supposedly been the staple of an indigenous tribe there who are known for their beautiful hair because of this oil.

            The tub contains a brown treacle coloured waxy solid that you scoop out and rub between your hands to get an oil. You spread this all over your hair and leave it on for as long as you can - overnight is best. I really like the smell of it - it smells like cocoa butter. When you put this on, your hair will look as if you haven't washed it for several weeks - very greasy and wet looking. When it comes to washing it out it does come out surprisingly well, then you shampoo and condition as normal.

            It did leave my hair quite soft and shiny and it smelled nice too. Quite honestly though I didn't find myself raving about it as others do. It's nice but not one of those products I would not be without. I still have it as it lasts such a long time and I don't use it very regularly but at the moment I don't really know if I'd re-purchase it as it's quite pricey for what it is.


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            27.10.2009 14:48
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            love it

            In a nutshell (no pun intended), this product is a HIGHLY concentrated oil that is meant to be used as a deep conditioning treatment, a de-frizzer, or a shine enhancer. This product can also be used on the body to ultra hyrdate those rough, dry areas.

            Scent: Its hard to describe. When I first opened the package, my intial thought was coffee or espresso. After taking a small amount into my hands and warming it into a liquid oil, there is a smokey-ness to it. Not a cigarette, ive been in a smokey bar all night, smokey, but definitely a smokey smell to it followed with hints of floral. I personally love this scent, coffee, smokey, floral all rolled in one. Even after shampooing and conditioning, I can still smell the scent. So I prefer to wash and condition my hair with something that mixes well with the scent. Typically something that smells of shea butter.


            The texture of this is a hard oil in the container. After scooping a TINY (size of a peice of rice) onto my finger tips and melting it, its a very lightweight oil. Not thick like olive oil, but very light and thin.

            How to use:

            As a restorative treatment: I section my hair off like when I flat iron it. Starting with the bottome section, I warm the size of about a pea into my hand and spread it through the hair shaft and ends of the section working my way up to the roots. I continue this process until all sections of my hair are coated evenly. I brush it through my hair to distribute it evenly. Then I treat myself to a 1-2 minutes scalp massage (as per the directions). I pull my hair up into a messy bun or clip, and let it sit as long as I have. I usually do this after work, or on a saturday so it can sit for a few hours until I wash it out. To wash it out, rinse with warm water, then shampoo and condition as usual. Style as desired.

            As a leave-in conditioner: warm a small amount in hands and distribute evenly through damp hair. Style as usual.

            As a shine enhancer: Warm a small amount (the size of a grain of rice) in hands and smooth over the surface of dry hair.

            After work yesterday, I used this as a hair restorative treatment. After letting it work its magic in my hair for about 4 hours, I hopped in the shower and shampoo and conditioned my hair as usual. I decided to see how this stuff really worked by blow drying and flat ironing my hair (which I havent done in ages!). I used my typical Chi Silk Infusion, and a new heat protectant (review to come) as usual, but my hair looked SO different. It literally felt so much stronger and resiliant. Typically, when I blow dry my hair, it looks like a bird nest, but after using this product it blow dried much smoother and less frizzy. If I was good with a round brush and had more patience, I could have gotten away without flat ironing. But alas, I busted out the flat iron and did my thing. My hair is so smooth and shiney and feel super strong. It smells amazing, and looks just as awesome.

            I have used this product 2 times now as a deep treatment and could not be any happier with it.

            When you purchase it, it comes with a pamphlet to explain everything about the product(which I though was really cool) with complete directions on the many uses.

            If you dont want to fork over the $21 for the small container( which is what I purchased and plan to have a very long time) pop your head into Sephora and see if you can snap up a sample. You wont regret it!


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              16.09.2009 22:29
              Very helpful



              A fantastic treat for your hair

              I was lucky and was given the Ojon restorative hair treatment as a present from my Mum, she herself using a lot of the Ojon range and as my hair is prone to be a little dry she thought my hair would benefit from using this.

              Who are Ojon -

              Ojon hair products were created ten years ago when a canadian traveled to the Honduran rain forest and found a tribe known as the people of beautiful hair, he learned that their secret was Ojon oil that was derived from the nut from the Ojon tree.

              The hair restorative treatment is their signature product.

              The product -

              Ojon restorative hair treatment comes in a round tub in beige and tan colours and has a very earthy and natural quality to it, It comes with a small wide tooth comb to apply the product.

              When you screw the lid off the top the product inside has a clay or putty look to it , because its a natural product the colour of the treatment can vary from season to season, mine had quite a grey colour to it.
              The texture of the product is a little gritty and this is completely natural

              The tub contains 36ml of product and has a lovely scent of coco and chocolate!

              How to use -

              It is best to apply on dry hair, scoop half a teaspoon amount into the palms of you hands and rub together until the product warms up and turns into an oil, then apply it to the scalp and right through to the very ends, use the comb provided to ensure that your hair is completely covered and feels saturated, then massage the product in for 2-3 minutes and then leave for 20 mins.

              Then completely rinse your hair to remove it all, you may need to rinse a few times as its an oil it is not quick to come out.

              You can also leave it overnight which i did, if you are going to do that then i suggest that you use a showcap or place a towel on your pillow as it does get every where!.

              I would recommend that you pick and evening you are not going anywhere to use it as you may have to wash your hair a few times.

              Other uses -

              You can also use it as a body moisturiser and a hand and nail treatment although a feel that it is just a little to oily to use on my body.

              Results -

              The first time that i used the product i did find that after washing my hair felt very greasy but that is because i didn't wash it enough, as i have very thick and porous hair one wash was not enough.

              The second time used the product i did have to rinse three times to remove all the product and the result was that my dry and rough hair was completely smooth and the rough texture vanished and in its place was soft, smooth and silky feeling hair.

              Where can i get it -

              You can purchase Ojon products from John Lewis and on the T.V shopping Chanel QVC, they also sometimes have special prices and offers on Ojon products.

              Cost - is approx £29 (QVC)

              Conclusion -

              I think that if you have hair that is very dry and has been over coloured and over styled then this is the product for you, even though it is a little pricey using it as a treatment once a week or once a fortnight makes it cost effective and even with my really thick and really long hair it has lasted me well.


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                26.08.2009 15:00
                Very helpful



                Brilliant hair treatment for anyone who wants beautiful hair

                Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

                ~About the Company~
                Ojon began more than 10 years ago when Denis Simioni, a advertising executive, set off for Honduran rain forest to find the Tawira tribe known as "the people of beautiful hair" and their secret ingredient, which was to be known as Ojon oil.

                Ojon oil is derived from the nut of the Ojon tree.
                Today the Ojon brand is very successful making women's hair beautiful and healthy inside and out.

                Ojon use ingredients from nature using environmentally responsible methods, and the integrity with the Miskito tribes of Central America who harvest the Ojon oil.

                Ojon oil is still continues to be harvested and extracted by hand as a guarantee of its purity and effectiveness.

                ~About the Product / What the Product Says to Do~
                Ojon says "Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is a hair rejuvenator that helps hydrate and improve the condition of dry, damaged hair - without weighing it down. After just one treatment hair is extraordinarily soft, silky and manageable. Restorative Hair Treatment contains our highest concentration of pure Ojon oil".

                Ojon have run clinical tests and this is what they found about Restorative Hair Treatment
                * 52% improvement in the condition of very dry damaged hair after just one use.
                * 64% improvement when left on hair overnight.

                Apply to dry hair. Scoop the wax into the palm of your hand and warm the mixture by rubbing between your hands until it becomes an oil.
                Work evenly from root to tips until hair your hair is fully saturated.
                Massage 1-2 minutes to stimulate hair follicles and scalp while allowing oil to penetrate.

                Comb hair thoroughly with a wide tooth comb to ensure all strands are completely saturated I the oil.

                Leave for 20 minutes or longer.
                A great tip is to apply gentle heat from a hairdryer for 5 minutes and leave Ojon in overnight by placing a towel over your pillowcase or by wearing a shower cap over your hair.

                ~Texture / Packaging / Colour~
                The texture of this product is like no other product I have felt before. When you touch it, it feels like a wax but once you start to massage it on the palms of your hands it quickly turns into oil.

                Packaging in itself looks quite natural, it is a round pot and the natural colours of brown (which is to represent the Ojon Oil), and the shiny orange rim around the lid. To be it screams I am a natural product.
                This product comes in sizes 50ml and 100ml.

                Colour and smell of this product won't be something you have seen or smelt before. The colour is brown but looks more like a wax. Once you take some of the product out and rub between the palms of your hands it turns into oil. I don't know what Ojon oil plant actually smells like and it is hard to describe the smell but it does smell natural and like a grounded bean/plant.

                It is not an overpowering smell but it's not a light fragrance either. After all there isn't any chemical fragrances put into it, it all is pure natural Ojon Oil.

                ~My Opinion~
                I am a fan of the beauty shows on QVCUK and I remember the first launch of Ojon. It was a few years ago and I was amazed by this brand new product that came from Honduran rain forest that was said to restore healthy, shine, protect and make half soft, silky and easy to manage also to treat very hair damaged hair.
                At the time I remember buying the Restoring Hair Treatment in a pack with a shampoo and conditioner that also had the Ojon Oil ingredient.

                When my parcel arrived from QVCUK 7 days later instead of wanting to use it straight away I wanted to try it a day I wasn't doing anything and I could take my time over it.

                The Restoring Hair Treatment came in an 100ml round pot with a small brown wide tooth comb.

                When I have a hair mask I like to leave it on for as long as possible as I am forever using my hairdryer and GHD's as you all know can seriously damage hair unless you take care of it.

                I had a weekend free and thought right this is the day I am having my Ojon day. I washed my hair the night before so I was ready for the mask. As with any mask it is best to use it on clean hair as it is more likely to penetrate the hair follicle a lot better.

                My hair is to my shoulders (sometimes I go a little shorter) before you start applying the mask all over it is best to clip strands of hair away while putting the product on other stands of hair. This way all of the hair will be saturated with the product and no hair will be missed.
                When the whole of your hair is covered and your happy with it comb it through with the wide tooth comb.

                I left the product on for 7 hours, and washed with my normal shampoo and conditioner.
                You have to make sure you wash your hair very well as any product that is left will make your hair look greasy. I find washing twice and then applying conditioner is reasonable enough.

                As soon as I started to wash the shampoo away and I was running my fingers through my hair I could tell how soft and hydrated my hair felt. It just felt so silky, soft and manageable all ready. Once I'ld finished and started to blow dry my hair I could see it was shiny, looked and felt very soft and smelt lovely.

                Once I had finished that and started on my GHD's, sometimes this process can take a while as my hair has a tendency to do what it likes, they just glided through with little ease and I was finished within no time. At the end I was left with very soft, shiny, well hydrated/conditioned, healthy hair that I was proud to show off.

                Personally I do this once a month for a real deep condition and once a week I apply my Osmo hair mask (that I did a review on).

                I have since gone though a few pots and I love it; there is nothing I hate about it and nothing I wouldn't change, apart from having a bigger pot.

                This is defiantly a hair mask I will be buying for maybe the rest of my life.

                (You dont have to leave it on 7 hours like I do, 20 minutes is significant enough to tell a real difference).

                ~Price and Where to Buy~
                Unfortunately you can buy this product alone from QVCUK you have to buy it in a pack. You can although purchase it from eBay.

                ~Would I Recommend / Purchase Again~
                Defiantly, this product is brilliant for anyone!


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              • Product Details

                Revive dry, damaged hair due to over-styling and colouring /

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