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Ojon Rub Out Dry Cleanser

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Brand: Ojon / Type: Hair Shampoo / Subcategory: Cleanser / What it does: Cleanses / Suitable for: dry hair

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    2 Reviews
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      20.11.2010 11:26
      Very helpful



      Perhaps more useful as a volume booster than a shampoo

      I actually got suckered in to buying Rub out after being amazed by a demonstration on QVC where a hair stylist poured oil into a woman's hair and appeared to completely clean up the mess with just a few sprays of the brands dry cleanser. I like my hair to be clean and fresh but find the condition of it is terrible if I wash it daily so try to stick to every other day. I am constantly on the look out for products to freshen up my hair on the days I don't shampoo it and also products to give a bit of volume and lift since my hair is quite fine.

      I have used quite a few different dry shampoos from different brands in the past, some have been ok but I've never found anything that's wowed me. The dry cleanser from Ojon seemed to be the perfect solution to my problem and I assumed it would do wonders for my hair since it dealt with pure oil so well in the shopping channel demo. I was so confident with the cleansers ability after watching the demonstration that I didn't even bother to check reviews (which is very unlike me) before ordering a can online.

      About Ojon

      Ojon is a hair product range that consists of treatment products that contain the ingredient Ojon oil. The range was developed 10 years ago by Denis Simioni after he discovered the Tawira people (also known as the people of beautiful hair) from the remote tropical forests of Central America had been using the precious oil in their hair for hundreds of years. The brand offer a large range of different products designed to help with a range of different hair issues or problems including their signature product, Ojon intensive repair which is aimed at very dry or dehydrated hair. There are also a number of different volumizing products aimed at fine hair and various different shampoos, conditioners and treatments products designed for dull, colour treated hair.

      What is Rub out dry cleanser?

      Rub out is a spray in dry cleanser or waterless shampoo that's designed to be used in hair and on scalp between shampoos or when you've overdone it with styling product. It contains a mix of Amazonian white clay, silk powder and rice and potato starches to revive, refresh and recharge hair without the need for washing. According to Ojon the formula erases impurities, oil and product whilst increasing hair volume at the roots and leaves hair looking and feeling cleansed, light and healthy.

      Rub out of course also contains pure Ojon oil which has been shown in studies to hydrate and restore damaged hair and the dry cleanser is fragranced to leave hair not only looking fresh but smelling it too.

      Cost and availability

      As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, I originally saw this product on QVC but instead of purchasing from the shopping channel I decided to shop around online and see if I could find it cheaper elsewhere. I was surprised to see that there aren't actually a huge amount of stockists and after comparing prices decided to order a can from e-bay. I paid around £14.00 with post and packing for a full size 185ml bottle but if you're not an e-bay fan I noticed prices are only slightly more expensive elsewhere. John Lewis and QVC stock the product where it's currently priced at £16.50 and Liberty currently have it on their site for £16.00. I also noticed a number of smaller online retailers that have it for a few pounds less although I'm unsure how expensive postage would be on these sites.


      The product is in a tall, cylindrical aerosol can with a transparent plastic cap or lid and has a red/brown nozzle. The can itself is a matte, pretty plain, off white colour that has the Ojon logo, product name, use and size on the front. The back contains a large amount of text giving advice on how to use, more product info, warnings about the pressurised can and an ingredients list.

      I wouldn't say the packaging is particularly pretty and personally I find it rather bland although the matte texture of the can is quite a nice touch and I feel this allows you to get a better grip on it.

      How to use

      On the can you are instructed to spray the product throughout hair and scalp holding the can at a distance of around 12-15 inches away from your head. After you've applied you're supposed to gently massage the product in to your scalp and rub hair from root to tip before brushing to ensure even distribution. When the product has been given a couple of minutes to penetrate you can then go on to style your hair as normal.

      I have quite long, naturally wavy and colour treated hair that I tend to straighten with straightening irons on a regular basis and I decided to iron my hair like I always do with these types of products before applying the rub out. After giving the can a good shake as you're instructed to do on the packaging I started spraying the product through my hair, mainly concentrating on roots. The first thing I noticed about the cleanser is the smell which is very hard to describe. I would describe it as being quite fresh and a little bit sweet but also very powdery and a little bit old fashioned, not really what I was expected and not a scent that I'm particularly fond of. I haven't tried anything else from the range so I'm not sure if the scent is similar to any of the other products; I really hope it isn't because I'm not a fan.

      The nozzle allowed me to spray the product quickly and evenly on to my roots and I found the can easy to maneuver with one hand since my other was busy lifting sections of hair. After managing to get the product on most sections I then tipped my head upside down and applied a couple of extra squirts for good measure. When I tipped my head back up I was pleasantly surprised to see that the rub out had done a pretty impressive job at adding volume to my normally fine and flat hair and was also pleased to see that there was no white powder or residue on the areas where the product had been applied. The cleanser was easy to work in to scalp and through the lengths of my hair and as I was doing this I did notice that my hair definitely felt cleaner than it did beforehand. I also noticed that my hair had stayed straight which was a bonus as these types of products normally dampen down sections which then allows the waves to creep back in and means I have to redo areas with the straighteners. Overall my hair stayed quite dry throughout the process of applying and bits that did feel slightly damp dried quickly with no sticky feeling.


      As I mentioned above the main difference I noticed after using rub out was the increase in volume in my hair. I have experienced similar results with other dry shampoos that I've tried before but also got a slightly sticky feel which was not the case with Ojon. My hair did feel less greasy at the roots and felt lighter overall and I found it easy to style although I generally don't have problems with this anyway. There was no visible residue left on either roots or lengths but the lengths of my hair did feel quite powdery which is something I've found happens with most products of this type. The condition of my hair was the same as before I'd started and I can't say I noticed any hydrating effects but it did look slightly shinier.

      I found the initial volume boost I got from the product lasted quite well throughout the day but found my roots quickly returned to a similar state they were in before I'd used rub out and I reapplied the product again during the day. I was slightly disappointed with this as I expected the results to be a little bit longer lasting considering the spray is quite expensive. The smell also lingered quite a bit throughout the day which I personally didn't like because I don't find it appealing but if you're a fan of the smell I imagine this would be a good thing.

      Overall I was quite pleased with the volume I got from rub out and it did a reasonably good job at freshening up my hair but I was disappointed with the fact that it's not particularly long lasting and of course, the smell.

      Would I recommend?

      Yes and no. The product does work quite well but the short lived results mean I need to use quite a lot of the spray on my long hair and rub out is pretty pricey. I've already used quite a bit of my can and I'm still debating on whether to replace the current spray or try something else. The product certainly does work well when it comes to volume and although the results it gives are nowhere near as good as actually washing your hair, it does allow you to comfortably go that extra day without washing.

      It's really not a bad not product and probably the best dry cleanser I have come across so far but the scent and short lived results have already sent me on a search for similar products. I think you might have more luck with it if you have shorter hair than my own or perhaps if your hair is drier and doesn't tend to get very oily between washes.

      The product gets 3 stars from me, it loses one star for lasting power and another for the odd fragrance.


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        12.06.2010 23:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Over priced and not worth it!

        I recieved a trial size of this Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser with a package of other Ojon products. As I love all the other products in the range I was keen to try it out.

        In the past I have used Batiste dry shampoo and also baby powder to give my hair a pick me up inbetween washes both of which give great results.

        The product packaging is minimalist and attractive, it looks a lot more high end then a bottle of baby powder!

        In terms of application, I really struggled to use this product as its not applied in the same way as other dry shampoos. Rather than just spraying all over the hair, you spray on the roots then comb through to distribute the product to the ends of the hair. That doesn't sound complicated but I think I ended up combing out most of the product before it even had time to work.

        After combing through, you are then supposed to leave the product in for 2 minutes then comb out. This was probably the worst bit about the product: once its been on for 2 minutes you just can't remove it!

        The results: Afraid to say it didn't refresh my hair that much, left it looking rather dull and was very very difficult to remove. The only upside is the nice smell.

        The price also lets the product down at £16.50 for 185ml! Overall I would say you should save your money and just buy baby powder!


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      • Product Details

        Refreshes hair and scalp without the need for water!

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