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Organic Surge Fresh Grapefruit Hair Treatment

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Brand: Organic Surge / Type: Hair Treatment / What it does: Repairs, Refreshes, Nourishes

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2009 11:46
      Very helpful



      A good buy if you are trying to reduce your chemical exposure.


      The purchase of this pot of Organic Surge Fresh Grapefruit Hair Mask is part of my plan to try and buy more products which have fewer chemicals in them. I am not always successful in this, as many products are not as effective as the more traditional ones, but in my recent quests I have found a good selection of more simple products, and have replaced some of my usual buys to reduce the chemical overload.

      Who Are Organic Surge?

      They are a relatively new player in the market and are an ethical company who are not only committed to making toiletries without parabens and other harsh chemicals, but also have an interest in helping people in third world countries. One of their products called "Happy Soap" is actually made without any of the profits going into the company, but is solely for the purpose of providing jobs for the inhabitants of the foothills of Mount Kenya in Africa.

      Where Can It Be Bought?

      I purchased mine online at www.organicsurge.com. At the time I bought this last month I could find a sprinkling of their products in Superdrug and Sainsbury's and Waitrose, but the Grapefruit Hair Mask was not among the selection. However Holland and Barrett have since begun to stock most of the range now so obtaining it will be much easier in the future.

      What Is The Price?

      I paid £6.35 for a large body butter size tub from the online website but this may be cheaper in Holland and Barrett. It sounds expensive but it lasts for many weeks as it is a hair treatment as opposed to a daily conditioner, so I estimate this will last two months on my shoulder length hair.

      The Product.

      The tub of The Fresh Grapefruit Intensive Hair Conditioner is very attractive. It is identical to the large body butter tubs you see in Boots and the Body Shop, and on the front it explains it is suitable for normal/dry hair, and that it is an intensive treatment. It also has a circle in which their slogan states "impressive results without chemical overload."
      The pot simply unscrews making it easy to manipulate in a wet shower, and inside is a thick snowy white cream. It has a pleasant fresh smell like new mown grass. It doesn't resemble grapefruit as such, although the matching shampoo in the range does. Overall the smell reminds me of a summer meadow when the daisies and buttercups are in flower.

      How I Used It.

      I also purchased the matching grapefruit shampoo, but also did a test on the product using it after other shampoos I had to determine whether its effect was as good as the effect of using the duo.
      So in the first experiment I washed my hair in the grapefruit shampoo. This is very astringent and citrusy and is quite drying. I will review this product separately in another review, but after rinsing it felt clean, but in desperate need of a conditioner. I applied the mask having towel dried my hair, and I used a detangling comb to make sure it coated all the hairs thoroughly. The pot says for best effect leave for 5 minutes but seriously dry hair benefits from 15. I left it the full 15 as I wanted to see the best it could do.

      On another occasion I applied a different shampoo to see how it performed after that and for this I used Herbal Essences for coloured hair (the new version in the blue containers with coconut)

      The Verdict

      Firstly after using the grapefruit shampoo and the mask afterwards:

      After rinsing my hair felt really fresh and clean and the smell was lovely. The disappointing thing was that after rinsing the comb encountered some resistance, and did not glide through my hair as I had hoped it would. It needed a lot more time with my GHDs that normal to achieve a sleek look.

      Secondly after using Herbal Essences first and then following with the mask afterwards:

      In this case the smell was lovely again and my hair felt fresh, but the difference here was that the comb was able to slide through the hair perfectly. It needed minimal time with the straighteners which was a great outcome.

      Both methods did however produce shiny hair, which looked well cared for and the fresh smell lingered all day. It also defined my highlights well and they seemed more light reflective.


      The drying effect of the matching shampoo means that I would not recommend this combination if you have dry or coloured hair, as I do, because the shampoo is to drying, so much so that the hair mask is unable to correct this enough to give a satisfactory outcome. If you use the mask after a more conditioning shampoo like Herbal Essences, or something like John Frieda Moisturising Shampoo, then it works really well, and together with the beautiful smell is well worth buying. I believe it may be fine to use with the matching shampoo, if you genuinely have normal hair, not dry or coloured, as I have.

      You also have the benefit of knowing you are reducing your exposure to chemicals, and that your purchase goes to an ethical company as well.


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      Nourishes and re-conditions hair /

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