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Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

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Brand: Organix / Type: Conditioner

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    3 Reviews
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      16.07.2013 10:22
      Very helpful



      condition from organix

      I have dry fine hair that is not helped by the recent hot weather and my love of swimming. I am a fan of the L'Oreal range of hair care products but whilst in Superdrug I spotted a range I had not seen before and decided to try the conditioner.

      Moroccan argan oil conditioner is made by Organix and the manufactures claim that it will * rapidly penetrate the hair shaft restoring shine whilst softening and strengthening*. I was also impressed that the range is both paraben and sulphate free; chemicals I try to avoid. If you are buying the shampoo in the range then you need to be aware that the lack of sulphates will mean less lather! However back to the conditioner. The bottle is distinctive blue with a gold flip top lid. I paid £4.99 for a large 385ml bottle from Superdrug. The conditioner usually retails for £6.99 and at that price I probably wouldn't have bought it. So does it deliver?

      I usually wash and condition my hair in the shower. The conditioner is quite thick and has a subtle sweet scent that I really like. I find I only need a small amount to cover my hair. I like to massage the conditioner through my hair paying particular attention to the ends as they are really dry at the moment. After a few minutes I rinse the conditioner out. I can immediately feel that my hair feel smooth with no tangles.

      I usually leave my hair to dry naturally as using heat leaves my hair in poor condition. I have now been using this conditioner for a few weeks and am really impressed! My hair looks and feels soft and it definitely has a shine to it! I have also been using the L'Oreal intensive conditioner a few times a week and this too has helped.

      I will definitely buy this conditioner again but only at a reduced offer price. I think that my hair benefits from ringing the changes as far as hair care products go.


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        20.06.2013 00:07
        Very helpful



        A great conditioning product. Just don't expect a miracle.

        ---The Packaging---

        This conditioner has very luxurious type packaging. It has a smooth bottle that is a lovely shade of blue, with black font, and with gold accents. The bottle is ergonomic to hold and use. The bottle has a flip-top lid with a generously sized hole for the product to come out. One thing that I absolutely adore about this product is their commitment to eco-friendly packaging. Using post-consumer recycled resin for the bottle and 'environmental inks' and a compostable film for the label. Being environmentally friendly is a huge selling point for me.

        ---The Product---

        First of all, it smells great!!!! (Indeed this is one of the reasons I continue to buy this product). The conditioner itself is a yellowish color. It has a wonderfully soft and smooth feeling to it that definitely feels like it should pamper your hair. I have seen this conditioner run anywhere from $5-10 depending on where you find it and whether or not it is on-sale. I always buy it on sale, usually at some place like... I hate to even say it...Walmart (such great prices I can't seem to avoid this place as much as I try). For the $5 or $6 I usually get it for the amount of product is great and it lasts me for quite a while (and I have waist length hair, that is very dry). It seems to go a long way in my hair and i never have to use more than about a nickle sized blob (except if I have just bleached my hair, because then I pile it on).

        ---The Experience---

        I have moderately thin hair and it tends to be a little on the dry side and I don't really deal with frizz. This stuff tends to make my hair feel smooth and certainly knot-free :). However, I most often use this conditioner in combination with other one of my absolute favorite conditioners (the 3 Minute Miracle [3MM] by Aussie). So my impression of the ability of this conditioner on its own may be a bit skewed. Anyhow, I do love the way this conditioner feels, both in the hand and on the hair. It's silky, smooth, and thick enough to hold onto the hair without just running out. On the back of the bottle they claim that your hair will be 'silky perfection'. While perfection may be a bit of a stretch I have definitely seen my hair be smoother, shinier, and more silky after using this conditioner. There were no drastic first time use results that blew my socks off or anything but with continued use I definitely saw some change. Also, this product proves itself to be environmentally friendly again by not testing on animals (yay the lab rats and bunnies are safe from the Organix lab!), another big selling point for me.

        Word to the Wise: Use as directed!

        The bottle says to let this product sit in your hair for 3-5 minutes. DO IT! Don't short yourself here. If you're going to spend the money to use this product and you want your hair to turn out like they say on the bottle, give it a chance to work it's magic. It might seem like a long time but it's worth it to let this product soak in as much as possible and to allow your hair to absorb the nutrients

        Overall, this product does what I expected it to (I did not expect a miracle conditioner). It exceeds the ability of any kind of generic or drug-store brand conditioner I have tried and the price is very comparable when it is on sale. In combination with my Aussie 3MM I believe I have created the perfect conditioner concoction and I think that the Organix plays a very important role. I would suggest it to anyone with 'normal' type hair who wants a little bit of luxury in their conditioning routine.


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        27.05.2013 17:09
        Very helpful



        A bit of a dark horse!

        So having reviewed the accompanying shampoo some time back, I have finally got off my lazy rear and reviewed the conditioner. I used my last application from the light blue, rounded bottle that smacks of quality with its little domed dark gold cap, and here are my thoughts.

        ***THE PRODUCT***

        Organix Renewing Morrocan Argan Oil Conditioner. A product that I had lusted after trying for ages, sitting there, teasing me in Boots and Waitrose, with its lovely packaging and "I'm so high quality" aloofness. So when I finally decided to treat myself to something with a price tag of £6.99, I had high hopes.

        Supposedly the oil content in this product penetrates the hair shaft to leave it restored of its shine and softness. It is suitable for colour treated locks, is paraben and sulphate free, and supposedly is also strengthening. It claims to be able to restore moisture to dry hair - something my ends are desperate for - and protect from styling heat and UV rays "whilst creating a soft and silky texture".

        Them's some claims, Organix.

        ***MY EXPERIENCE***

        Well now. Once upon a time, before I was scared away from hairdressers about a year ago and have never returned since, I had a cut in a lovely salon in Covent Garden which was done by a very talented young girl who I had every intention of returning to. Except, when I tried to rebook her, I was told she had left.

        Must have been something I said. Like "I'll come here again".

        Anyway, one thing this lovely girl imparted was that, in studying her craft, she had once read that you should rinse shampoo from your hair for a full four minutes before you can consider it prepared to make the full use of its conditioning treatment. Now, we're all busy, but lately I've been crazy busy and today, with one application of this left, I decided I would do so.

        Truth is, I ended up so bored that I started cleaning the shower walls with a sponge and some unloved shower gel. Whether the hair thing is true or not, it certainly saves time on the cleaning.

        Anyway, I digress.

        First off, let me say that I have used this product as is advised - ie in the normal way you would use a day-to-day conditioner - when I first got it. Wash, rinse, apply, leave in a short while, rinse thoroughly, naff off to work. And I wasn't impressed. Sure, it was capable - but I had really ramped up my hopes about this product (probably more my fault than that of the product). It was perfectly capable and produced perfectly acceptable results, but after using neat Morrocan Oil in the past and having those expectations I was left a little deflated. My hair felt fine - quite soft, quite shiny, but no more so than it had with cheaper products. Hmm. Oh well. Live and learn.

        But then I tried something else. Something that, the first time I did it, resulted in my mother looking at me quizzically and asking if I had coloured my hair again. Let me explain...

        ...First of all, let's get the basics out of the way. In this dome-lidded, rounded bottle, you have a thick, creamy, light yellow product that when you dab with a fingertip comes away with a tip, like whipped cream but more dense in its consistency. The scent is hard to place but is subtle and pleasant. The cream is easy to apply and soon works easily through the hair, leaving it coated with a nice, thick treatment that does not drip. I personally like to be generous with my conditioners as my ends are all very dry thanks to my now paranoid fear of hairdressers, and I have quite long hair. This does mean that the bottle might not last me as long as it will others, and it hasn't lasted as long as the shampoo (which I always use it in conjunction with, by the way). But I don't have any complaints about the longevity - I thought I would, but the weight of the high-quality plastic bottle is deceptive and after leaving it on its lid, balanced in a candle holder, for a day or two, there was another generous application to be had. I enjoyed that this morning.

        Right, that's that established. Now, for me, this product comes into its own when used as a real hair mask, which the consistency is more in keeping with in my opinion. One day I whacked it on, and then thought "sod it", slapped on a face mask and sat there with my book and let it do its thing for a quarter of an hour, then rinsed thoroughly in the shower. That was the day my mother thought I had got my hair done and coloured - that is how shiny and healthy it looked afterwards.

        Now, you do have to rinse thoroughly if you use a lot of this and leave it in a long time, but if you have the time to do it, for me this makes the product well worth its price and it outperforms more expensive salon "mask" products I have used before. I make sure the hair is coated, and kick back while the oil really gets into the hair.

        Today my hair has dried beautifully, feeling strong. I have sat out in the sun reading a book and keep getting distracted by the remarkably vibrant way that my natural highlights are reflecting the sunshine - and while noting this, I saw that my very evident split ends were virtually unnoticable. It truly is remarkable. My hair overall feels like it has more body but, because it was rinsed thoroughly, I don't feel that it has a residue feeling to it. I wish my time and money stretched to looking after my hair like this every day - it is remarkable, and the marketing bods at this company are missing a trick.

        ***IN CONCLUSION?***

        Well as a day-to-day conditioner it would have been three stars. You have high quality packaging and a nice product in terms of scent and consistency, but overall performance-wise, it didn't live up to quite what I'd hoped. It might have pushed a four star if I were having a happy day.

        But having stumbled across its best form of usage, I am so impressed with this product. It has outperformed every expensive or non-expensive hair mask or intensive conditioner I have ever tried and leaves my hair not only strong and relieved of its usual dryness but also so supple and smooth that it is massively shiny right down to its normally "cloudy" dry, dull and broken tips. I know my hair needs the attention of a professional so for a product to achieve this for effectively £7 a bottle, which has lasted approximately a dozen very generous applications, I can't rate it highly enough. Marketing bods, take note - you don't even know what your own product can do! Highly recommended. I'm going to rate it five stars because the way I use it means it performs miracles, even if the people who make it clearly need to spend more time in the bathroom.


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