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Oriflame HairX Winter Care Protecting & Anti static Mist

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Brand: Oriflame / Type: Hair protection / Subcategory: Hair Mist / What it does: Protects,

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    1 Review
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      20.01.2013 14:54
      Very helpful



      An average winter protection spray

      **The spray**

      I am happy to try any new hair products to try and find the miracle product that will transform my hair. My hair is down past my shoulders and I am trying my best to keep it in good condition before I end up cutting it off again. I have fine hair but LOTS of it so it can be a nightmare to style. Any slight change in humidity in the air and my hair puffs up like I have been dragged through a bush. As I came across this in the Oriflame catalogue I decide for £5 I would give it a go and see if it could help my hair with the winter conditions. As soon as it arrived I was keen to try it out and see what it was like. For your money you receive a 150ml spray bottle. The bottle is easy to hold in your hand and the spray function is very easy to use.

      I really like the scent of this spray which I think is important in a hair care product. It is a nice sweet scent but not overly so that it is sickly. It does really linger in your hair which I love and even after three to four hours I can still smell the product without having to lift my hair to my nose. I do find that even with a light spray of this a large amount comes out a time. For this reason it really needs to be held a little further away from your head so that it covers the whole of your hair rather than just one area. This did catch me out a few times at first and my hair was soaking from the amount of the product that dispensed from the bottle. The bottle is transparent so you can see when you are running low, and the bottle has lasted me a good few months so far, so it is great value for money.


      With any hair product I always use it both before and after styling. I find that is how I get the best results and this is no different. Before I begin to dry my hair I spray a large amount of this product on my hair. This only really takes 2 squirts of the bottle as so much comes out. Then I go about styling my hair as usual. I prefer wearing my hair down in winter as it helps keep my poor ears warm. This does help tame frizz while I am styling which is a difficult task as usually the slightest bit of humidity sends my hair wild. After my hair has been styled to be honest I could not notice a major difference. It did help contain the frizz but other than that there were no notable differences.

      Again I decided to use some on my finished hair to help protect it for the day. I knew that I needed to be careful as it could easily soak my hair and leave it worse than before. I tend to hold the spray further back so it covers a wider area and this works ok. My hair feels a little sticky at first so I was worrying about how it would look once dried. My main problem is that this does leave a film on my hair. The description does promise to provide a barrier to lock moisture in for your hair, but you can actually feel the product on your hair after application.

      My hair did have a lovely healthy shine to it and you could not notice any film of the product without running your fingers through your hair. It is a little heavy and for the first hour or so I can feel it on my hair, this does wear off after a while. Usually within a few hours my hair starts to frizz again and I end up tying it back. With this spray it did hold it off a little longer than if I had not used anything in my hair, but again it is just average and I still found myself tying my hair back after lunch. To be honest I am not sure if it prevents damage from winter weather like it promises. Other than a lovely shine to my hair it never really improved the condition of my hair, but at the same time neither did my hair seem worse after using it?


      I am not sure if I would recommend this product as I just don't see the point. You have to be really careful with application so that you do not soak your hair and the results are not hugely amazing. I do still use this but mainly because it is sitting there and I hate wasting things. I actually use this as a styling product for putting my hair up now as I think it works well at holding my fly away ends without making my hair stiff and uncomfortable. I will not purchase it again, but at £5 you may find you like it. It is exclusive to Oriflame so needs to be ordered online or through a local representative. Overall it is just an average product nothing exciting.


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