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Original Source Tangerine & Bergamot Shampoo

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Brand: Original Source / Type: Hair Shampoo / Subcategory: Tan / What it does: Tans,

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    2 Reviews
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      26.05.2008 10:01
      Very helpful



      One of the nicest smelling shampoos I have used in a long time.

      I was in the pound shop the other day when I noticed they have started stocking Original Source products, £1 for these products is a real bargain because this is quite an expensive brand so I stocked up.

      The bottle which really caught my eye on the shelf was a beautiful orange colour, and it was this Tangerine & Bergamot shampoo. I flicked open the lid in the shop and it smelled lovely so I bought a bottle and also a bottle of the matching conditioner.

      The following morning I set about washing my hair. You don't need to use very much of this shampoo to produce a good lather, the shampoo itself is nice and creamy and feels very soft when I am rubbing it into my hair and scalp.

      The smell of this shampoo is beautiful. As soon as I opened the bottle I was engulfed in the lovely scent of oranges, as expected this shampoo is extremely citrus smelling and reminds me of fresh tangerines in the summer. It is the peel of the tangerine used to create the essential oil in this shampoo that gives it this delightful zesty scent.

      After washing my hair I towel dryed it as usual and was instantly surprised at how well conditioned it felt even while still damp. By the way, this shampoo is very easy to rinse out and does not leave any residue on my hair.

      My hair was left very shiny looking all day and felt squeeky clean both immediately after washing it and by the time bedtime rolled around. I wash my hair every 2 days but when I used this Tangerine & Bergamot shampoo I found I could actually wash it on the third day and my hair did not look dirty or greasy.

      I could pull a comb through my hair straightaway and this is very unusual for me as even though I keep my hair short it gets quite knotted after washing and if I have not used conditioner I tend to have to brush it before combing to get the bigger knots and lugs out. In this instance I didn't use the conditioner because I wanted to see how well the shampoo performed in its own and I honestly do not know how much difference the conditioner would make as the shampoo itself is so nourishing.

      As it claimed on the bottle, this shampoo did give my hair a little bit more volume and made it easy for me to style it when it was almost dry as my hair is usually very flat and it takes me quite a while to boost it's thickness with the hair dryer. Unfortunately this extra volume did not last all day and about 3 hours later my hair looked as flat as ever even though I had done nothing more energetic that making a cup of tea and chatting with my friend.

      The usual price for this, and all the other Original Source shampoos, is about £2.50 for a 250ml bottle and even though this is more than I would usually pay on shampoo I do think it is worth the money. At £1 this is an absolute steal so if you have a pound shop near you go and have a look and see what Original Source goodies you can find.


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        17.03.2008 14:10



        not for me

        Yet another one of my bargains from poundland.

        I became a fan of original source products after recieving a free trial bottle of mint shower gel through the post, after that i tried the mint shampoo and conditioner but wasnt too keen on smelling like a mint permenantly so i decided to try this shampoo and brought the matching conditioner.

        You can smell the oranges in this shampoo the second you open the bottle and it is a very strong smell, ok i thought so i am going to be smelling like an orange for the next few weeks, i suppose there are worse things i could smell of but i didnt realise how strong it would smell after my hair was dry, people kept asking me if i had been eating oranges. I decided that was enough and in the bin it went.

        As a shampoo i wasnt overly impressed, it was a good concistency but it seemed to strip your hair of any moisture it had leaving it very dry and looking damaged even after using the matching conditioner.

        I think this would suit someone with natural hair that is greasy but not anyone who colours or perms there hair.


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