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Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Repairing Conditioner

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2 Reviews
  • It feels like luxury
  • It is cheap to buy
  • There are no disadvantages
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    2 Reviews
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      22.06.2015 14:49
      Very helpful


      • "It makes my hair soft and shiny"
      • "It feels like luxury"
      • "It is cheap to buy"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Very beautiful and effective conditioner

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is conditioner that is made by Palmers. It has got coconut oil in it to help repair your hair if it is damaged by bleaching or if you use heating styling tools.


      I have used this conditioner for many years because I think it is effective on my hair that I abuse very badly with alot of styling products, heat, bleach and dye. I use other conditioners but this is one of my favourite ones and it is one of the cheapest to buy also.


      I am very happy with this conditioner. It is thick and feels like it is very rich when I apply it to my hair. It does not smell so nice as I think it should but it is pleasing and the smell does not stay on my hair for long anyway so I do not care about it.

      I leave the conditioner in my hair for a number of minutes and then I rinse it away. It rinses out of my hair very easy and I am happy about that because it feels so thick that I always think it will take a long time.

      My hair is very soft and shines when I have used this conditioner. It makes my hair feel like it has been repaired and I can tell that because when I brush it I can make all of my hair smoother than before I used it. The shine tells me also that the conditioner has worked good.


      A tube of this conditioner costs £3.99 and that is value because it is so effective and very pleasing to use also.

      5 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      09.10.2012 20:03
      Very helpful



      a brilliant conditioner i hope i find it at a decent price in the near future...

      Like a true Barbie, I love bleaching my hair... and as well as bleaching my hair I LOVE to put a lot of toners on my hair to get rid of the brashy yellow hair look. However these things take a toll on the overall condition of my hair... thankfully my hair is quite thick and is quite durable with the things I put it through... but the colour can sometimes make it look like straw (I like it to be a pastel white colour)...

      My usual toner is a professional colour that salons use - L'oreal P02 - but on a recent Amazon binge I decided to try a Directions toner in white - I had an idea it would work really well as I have tried some of their wild red colours in the past. Sadly the toner did not do anything for my hair and I had to end up buying my regular toner anyway... but one good thing that came out of the purchase was the Amazon seller sent me two free sample sachet's of Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Vitamin E conditioner - likely because they know their customers all fry their hair with bleach so to me it was a nice freebie to throw in!

      My expectations of the product were high as I had previously used Palmers Cocoa Butter for stretch marks when I was pregnant with my daughter and after and I would say I was mainly happy with the product.


      The sachet I recieved was yellow and green in colour and the front shows the image of the full size conditioner. You are advsied the product contains pure coconut oil and is made for the intension to repair and renew dry and damaged hair - which is perfect for those who colour as much as me. I have done my research into coconut oil over the years and it truelly seems to be the best conditioner for your hair compared to the competition. I couldn't wait to try this due to this reason!

      The back label tells you the way the product works is to strengthen and seal the hair cuticle, moisturises and softens hair and gives a shine which lasts all day.

      For use it advises you to apply to wet hair (after using Palmers shampoo, which unfortunatly I don't have but I would say any shampoo will do as long as its formulated for dry and damaged hair as this is what I did) and simply rinse off. You then dry and style as normal.

      Other information included on the back show the ingredients and I was happy to see some real coconut elements there instead of full to the brim with chemicals!

      The sachet contents come to a total of 4ml/.14 fl oz.and in my opinion this is just the right amount for people with similar hair to mine... Its not a lot but its enough for shoulder length hair.


      My thoughts?

      This is truely one of those products where a little is a lot. You don't get much in the term of a sample and is only enough for shoulder length hair but the results are amazing.

      The conditioner itself is creamy white in colour like coconut milk and to me its a lot thicker than other conditioners I have encountered you literally have to scoop it out... however this to me is a good thing as it doesnt drip and cause you to waste the product!

      The first sachet I used was a day after my latest hair bleach - I used as instructions recommended and being honest didn't see much of a difference - still felt like straw! The second occasion I left it on for 2 hours and covered with a towel to work its magic. Once washed out, I didn't notice a difference straight away until it was dry - when it was straightened it visably looked better and was actually nice to touch - which is a first for me! Its been two days now since I used this and my hair still feels and looks great. Other conditioners do this for me if I leave it on for a couple of hours but in my opinion this particular one works a lot better when used like this.

      Another thing I love about this is how its coconut flavoured but its actually bursting with coconut scent compared to other brands where it smells quite watered down. As soon as you open the sachet the smell of coconut pours out and hits you - reminds me of holidays so I love it! And even after two days the coconut scent is still there and is nicely noticed by others around you!

      Would highly recommend the full product to all - I will be looking out for it myself!


      Dissapointly it seems if I want to buy a full bottle of this product I will have to pay an extortionate price online as its not in any of my local shops and Wilkinsons only seems to do the body creams. I can find it at the cheapest doing a google search at £3.50 including P+P. As much as I like this I think I will wait until I spot this in a shop before indulging again...


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