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Palmolive Pomegranate & Jojoba Oil Conditioner

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Brand: Palmolive / Type: Conditioner

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    4 Reviews
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      16.12.2012 11:30
      Very helpful



      I do not like this conditioner very much but it is good for my daughters hair

      WHAT IS IT?

      A bottle of hair conditioner from Palmolive.


      It is a rich conditioner so it makes my hair feel soft and takes away any knots that have happened while I am washing my hair.  It leaves my hair shiny and you can see this straight after I have towel dried it.  The problem I have with it is that it makes my hair greasy if I apply even just a bit too much and even if I use the right amount my hair goes lank very quickly and I usually have to make sure that I am going to wear my hair up if I am using this conditioner.


      I do not like how greasy this conditioner makes my hair look sometimes and think it is also very hard to rinse out after I have applied it.  The conditioner smells very nice and has got a creamy milky smell that lasts nice on my hair, there isn't much of a fruity fragrance and I could never say that I could smell pomegranate in it.  It feels a bit greasy in my hands when I am applying it and so I make sure I rinse it very well or I'd end up with sticky hair.

      It does condition my hair good and makes it easy to style after because the conditioner does not make my hair fluffy or frizzy, I try not to use too many styling products after I have used this one because that can make my hair greasy as well as if I have used too much conditioner.  I like how shiny it makes my hair look and my light blond highlights are brought out better in the colour of my hair after I've used this shampoo and that was a nice positive point.


      I buy this conditioner because it is very good for conditioning my daughters very long dry hair and sometimes I use it myself when I have run out of other products.  It only costs 99p and the bottle lasts for a long time because you only need to use a little bit each time.

      3 Dooyoo Stars.


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      30.11.2012 15:00
      Very helpful



      A fantastic conditioner that leaves my locks smooth and shiny

      I love my beauty products from Yves Rocher as many readers familiar with my reviews will probably know, although these items are my little piece of luxury and are generally used for pampering only. The rest of the time I buy products which are suitable for the whole family and preferably if they are on sale or cheap in the first place!
      A few months ago I picked up a wonderful shampoo by Palmolive from their Naturals range which was Pomegranate fragrance and aimed at people with coloured hair (I dye mine). I was so impressed with how soft and clean it left my hair feeling and thought if I could get hold of a matching conditioner this would enhance the softness even more. I purchased my bottle of shampoo from my local Poundstretcher costing just £1 but was disappointed to see only the shampoo..until recently. I popped in a few weeks ago for something totally unrelated and happened to walk past the end of the aisle where the toiletries were and straight away noticed both the shampoo and conditioner this time with both being sold at just £1 so stocked up on both.

      **P & P**
      The packaging is similar to that of the shampoo - which is a deep red in colour, in a 'bullet' shape plastic bottle which is wider from the front view but quite slimline from the side angle giving the indication it holds more than 300ml it claims.
      To access the conditioner there is a flip open lid which is situated at the base of the bottle and is both easy to open and fasten with a secure 'click' each time on closure. I often store hair products/ shower gels in similar designs on their base but find they can sometimes leak though I'm pleased to say I've had no problems concerning leakage with this conditioner.

      **What Palmolive has to say about this**
      "...Palmolive brilliant colour condiitioner contains a unique blend of jojoba oil, pomegranate extract and UV-filter. Its caring formula protects and nourishes coloured hair, increases its smoothness and leaves it with a brilliant colour shine..."

      My review will now discuss my experience of using this product - Palmolive Naturals Conditioner 'Brilliant Colour with Jojoba Oil and Pomegranate'..

      I've been using this conditioner now consecutively for the two weeks since I purchased it and have had both the same results from using with the coordinating shampoo as well as different brands of shampoos.

      On applying to my freshly rinsed hair in the shower I found this conditioner to feel ultra smooth against my wet hair and could instantly feel it moisturising deep down the second it was applied. The product is easy to access as once the lid is opened it gently emits from the packaging with just the smallest of squeezes needed to the bottle. The conditioner is has a pearl esque` appearance to it as even though it is a bright white colour with mainly a matte finish there is a slight iridescent shimmer to it in certain lights which makes the product look far more expensive than it's RRP £1 cost.
      The aroma of the conditioner is both rich and fruity but with a more berry scent that reminded me of raspberry more than pomegranate in my opinion, though is still very appealing and alluring to use. The consistency is neither thick nor thin but the texture has a very creamy essence to it which suggests on first using that even though the product doesn't seem very thick it will still give sufficient moisturisation.

      I've found that by leaving the product on my hair for around 4 to 5 minutes it gives it chance to fully penetrate any dry ends that look in need of helping and this seems to be the right length of time for my own hair. If left on for just one or two minutes it doesn't care for my hair in the same way as leaving for 5 minutes and too long leaves my hair too soft to the point it is impossible to style.
      Once the 5 minutes or so are up I've found it easy to rinse away and even when wet my hair instantly feels soft which is always a good sign with a shampoo or conditioner I've found.

      Once towel dried, my hair has been almost tangle free when blow drying and has felt smooth and soft once fully dry with no flyaway ends. The fragrance is noticeable even after my hair is dry but is stronger still when used with the matching shampoo in the same fragrance.

      For £1 this is an absolute bargain and I've found that much of the product is still remaining despite using almost daily, thus making it an extremely economical purchase. Even though I bought it primarily for my own hair my husband has used it on several occasions on his short naturally dark hair and has also commented on how soft it has left his own hair.

      My hair is both easy to style after using, tangle free and has a nice healthy sheen to it so it's scores top points as far as I'm concerned.
      I've been really impressed with this conditioner just as much as I was the shampoo and think for the price it's a complete bargain as many 'cheap' (in price) hair products don't leave my hair feeling anywhere near as soft as this and it's a product I not only fully recommend but will continue to buy myself and use in the future.

      Full marks for Palmolive from me and I will look at trying the other fragranced shampoos in the collection.


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        16.07.2012 12:06
        Very helpful



        a good conditioner

        Palmolive offer a range of hand wash, deodorant, hair and bath care products.


        This conditioner is part of the Naturals 'Brilliant Color' range that Palmolive offer. A matching shampoo is available. This conditioner is enriched with pomegranate and jojoba oil and is perfect for those with coloured hair. Like any other conditioning product, this conditioner should leave your hair soft, smooth and nourished. Coloured hair should remain shiny for longer.


        There isn't anything inspiring about the packaging. The conditioner is presented in a tall, curvy bottle which is red in colour. The contents are not visible to the eye. The flip lid is at the base of the bottle and conceals a reasonable sized dispensing hole. This conditioner has a 12month shelf life and the packaging can be recycled.

        ~Price and Availability~

        This conditioner doesn't seem to be available in major supermarkets. It can be purchased on the high street from your local Poundland or Poundworld in a 300ml size. As you may have guessed, you can buy it for £1.00!

        ~My Thoughts~

        I recently reviewed the shampoo in this range so now I will discuss the conditioner. I have coloured hair which dries out badly if I do not condition regularly. Until recently, I had been using the L'Oreal colour shampoo and condition but couldn't abide by the smell of them. I had a sniff at this range in my local Poundworld and handed over my 100 pennies. I can understand the logic of having 400ml of shampoo to 300ml of conditioner as you are likely to use more shampoo aren't you? Anyway..

        The scent of this conditioner isn't quite as powerful as the shampoo but my hair is always left smelling clean, fresh and beautifully scented. It is more soapy than it is fruity. This conditioner isn't the thickest I have used so at first, I was a little unsure at how well it would perform on my thick, unruly hair. It has a slightly thicker (but only just) consistency to the matching shampoo and is an off white colour. It isn't as rich or as luxurious as some other conditioners I have used before. I tend to use two small blobs for my whole head of hair and it spreads well allowing my roots and the lengths of my hair to be coated in an even layer of conditioner.

        I use a special conditioner comb to run this conditioner through my hair and ensure it coats every strand. I do need to use more than I would do with other conditioners. I leave it on for a few minutes usually depending on how busy I am. The conditioner takes a few minutes to fully rinse out from my hair but this is mainly due to the length and thickness. Providing it has been thoroughly rinsed, there is no noticeable residue or build up which may make my hair feel sticky or greasy - always a bonus.

        My hair feels instantly soft and smooth and the results are better if I have left it on my hair for aslong as possible. Once my hair is dry (either naturally dried or with a hair dryer), my hair is easier to manage than it would have been had I not used any conditioner at all. This conditioner locks in moisture from root to tip and stops my hair from drying out. My hair is a deep purple and I have been impressed by how fresh and shiny it appears after using this conditioner. I do feel more expensive conditioners give better results in terms of moisturising my hair for longer but this conditioner is suitable for everyday use if you need it.


        I tend to wash my hair every second day. I notice my hair either drying out or turning greasy after a day or so (I have awkward hair) and I do not feel that the conditioner keeps it hydrated for very long. That being said, it is very gentle and light weight with a unisex scent. It is suitable for all the family and is super cheap. I do like using both the shampoo and conditioner as a set but I do like to use a more intensive conditioner once a week.

        My bottle is lasting well despite regular use so definitely value for money and one to buy if you are watching the pennies.

        Thanks for reading :)


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          13.07.2012 22:10
          Very helpful



          A brilliant affordable conditioner to liven up coloured hair

          - Why I Bought -
          For the last couple of years I purchased shampoo and conditioner from the Alberto Balsam brand as I could usually get it for £1 a bottle. However I have recently been trying shampoos and conditioners from the Palmolive range as I have found them excellent quality and they are available in Poundland. This review will focus on the Palmolive Naturals Brilliant Colour Pomegranate and Jojoba Oil Conditioner.

          - The Packaging -
          The Silky Shine Effect conditioner comes in a bright red, curved, thick plastic bottle. The red shade is vibrant but not garish. The plastic has a bit of a shine to it which makes it look like a good quality item. At the bottom there is a cap lid which is easy to open/close. I am always wary of bottles that open at the bottom but I haven't had any problems with leaking. The opening of the bottle is quite small so a controlled about of conditioner is delivered when the bottle is squeezed. I like that the bottom of the bottle is quite narrow because it means it fits nicely on the edge of my bath when I'm using it. On the front of the bottle is the Palmolive logo, the name of the conditioner, that it is for coloured hair and flavoured with pomegranate and jojoba oil. There is a picture of a pomegranate which nicely compliments the name and scent. On the back there is a list of ingredients and a bit of information about the conditioner. I think the bottle makes it look like it cost more than £1, it looks for like it cost £2-3 to me. I think the bottle is attractive enough for a conditioner, the only downside is that it doesn't really go with my cream and beige bathroom but that doesn't bother me too much. I like my shampoo and conditioner to match and the shampoo in the same range does have a matching bottle.

          - Conditioning -
          The conditioner is pearly white in colour and I would describe it as having a medium to thick consistency. Even before applying it to my hair I could tell there was a difference in quality to the conditioner I had used previously. It feels really creamy and luxurious in my hand and this feels really nice when it is applied to my hair. When I ran my hands down my hair to rub in the conditioner my hair felt amazingly silky and I was left hoping my hair would continue to feel like this after I had washed it off. The smell is not quite as strong as the shampoo version but I would describe the smell as sweet and fruity. I'm not sure I could pick out the pomegranate and jojoba oil but I would say it smells of warm berries which is lovely. It is fairly easy to wash off the conditioner and it leaves my hair feeling thoroughly cleaned and fresh. I always use it in combination with the shampoo from the same range.

          - The Results -
          It is easy to brush through my long hair after using this and I would say my hair feels really silky and moisturised. When dried I prefer the appearance of my hair as it looks sleeker and smoother than it had previously with other conditioners. This is a real benefit for me as I don't like to straighten and style my hair everyday so it is great if my hair can look good 'o naturelle'. As I have some colour in my hair I'm sure it needs the extra moisture that this conditioner provides. The shine that this gives actually makes it not so obvious that my hair is in desperate need of being re-dyed! The smell lingers on my hair for up to two days which is when I would usually wash my hair again anyway. As I also use the shampoo from the same range it is hard to say if the results are down to the shampoo, conditioner or both but overall I am very happy with the results.

          - Priced Availability -
          I have to say I don't think I have seen this conditioner anywhere except Poundland but as they always seem to have a decent stock of it in my local branch this is fine for me. Of course it costs only £1 which for 300mls is an absolute bargain as in my opinion it achieves the same results as conditioners that cost £2-3.

          - Would I Recommend? -
          I would certainly recommend this conditioner as I have been really pleased with the results when used in combination with the shampoo. I feel my hair is silky soft, moisturised and looks great. It has livened up my hair that is in need of dying again. I will definitely continue to stock up on this in Poundland.


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