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Pantene Aqua Light Nourishing Mist

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4 Reviews

Brand: Pantene / Type: Hair Mist / What it does: Nourishes

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    4 Reviews
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      08.07.2013 21:58
      Very helpful
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      Perfectly acceptable product.


      I have naturally thick hair that is neither curly nor straight, if I had to try and describe it I would say that it really does resemble poodle hair on a bad day and spaniel ears on a good day! It is very porous and seems to inhale conditioners, as such I have always used a good leave in conditioner on my hair after washing I find that it helps detangle any knots that the curls have got into and hopefully helps my curls to form into nice waves rather than a poodle frizz.

      Although I have had this about a year now I have only just started re using it, I am trying to be good and finish off some of my lotions and potions before I buy more.

      THE PRODUCT ....

      Pantene is what I would call an every day brand name, I think most of us will have used one of their products at some point or other, they produce a wide variety of hair care products from shampoo's and conditioners through to styling products. Pantene is actually owned by Proctor and Gamble.

      Pantene say this product as a lightweight nourishing dual phase spray for strong hair, I am not sure what this means but I am assuming the dual phase relates to the fact that this product would not actually look out of place in a child's science set. When left to settle in the bottle the product actually separates, a blue foamy type substance settles at the top and a clean water like liquid settles at the bottom. Before you use the spray you need to shake the bottle well to mix these back together so they combine to produce a pale blue liquid. The fun part is that they will separate again once left, yes I really am that sad that it entertains me!

      This product is really easy to use, you simply shake to combine the foam and liquid then press down onto the pump action spray nozzle and spray liberally onto your hair. I always use this on wet hair but I can not actually see anything on the bottle that says if it should be used on either so I would say it can be used on both.

      The spray has the usual scent of Pantene products which smells really nice and fresh and does stay on my hair for around 24 hours after washing.

      This product is part of the Pantene aqua light range that are products designed to be light on the hair and not weigh the hair down. I would agree that other than the scent and my hair feeling softer after use that there is no nasty residue left in my hair after using this.

      THE PACKING ....

      The product comes in a small clear plastic bottle a little taller than a can of fizzy drink in height, the bottle has a spray type nozzle to disperse the spray finely through the hair. The nozzle is a really bright greeny blue colour.

      The front of the bottle has the Pantene logo, the name of the product and what I think is supposed to be a graphic replication of the actual product as it combines. There is a pinky purple horizontal line across the centre of the bottle. At the base we are informed what the spray is in several different languages.

      The back of the bottle has the ingredients, bar code and information about Proctor and Gamble.

      SUMMARY ....

      There is nothing that I can say I particularly love about this product but there is also nothing that I find wrong with it. I think I have used three bottles of this since it was launched but intermittently between other products and I am not sure if they are still producing this. My last bottle was actually purchased at a pound store and a quick look now I can not see it for sale at Superdrug or Boots online. I find it a little tough to get overly excited about this product other than the fact it separates in the bottle it is pretty much your run of the mill leave in conditioner.

      Would I buy it again? If I found it yes!

      Does it work? I would say yes, it is a nice leave in conditioner and does what it says on the bottle, it is light weight and does not weigh down my hair so it gets a tick here.

      Would I recommend it? Yes and no! I would not jump up and down and rave about this product, however if someone was to ask me about this product in specific then yes I would.

      I have no idea what this is retailing at now, I think the most I paid for my bottles was about £5 so they were not expensive and last a good few months of use.

      Although this is not something I rave about I have to give it 4 out of 5 stars because it really does do what it is supposed to.


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        26.05.2013 01:49
        Very helpful



        A little gem of a hair product - versatile, non-greasy and effective at smoothing and freshening

        I bought this product as a detangler for my daughter as I found the kids ones ineffective. After buying the first bottle half price, it was so fab that I went back a few days later to buy a couple more to keep in. It is the best detangler I have used on her, and not only that but I can use it on my own hair too.

        I use this product on my daughter's wet hair after washing, before brushing, and it makes it easier to get the brush through, and much smoother when brushed. I also use it to freshen up her hair between washes, as it adds shine without being greasy and smells really nice. The smell lasts all day, so I would recommend sniffing it in the shop before purchase if possible, to make sure you like it. It is a typical hair product smell, quite a heavy fragrance but not overpowering or sickly.

        On my own hair, I use it occasionally when I feel that I need a slight moisturising / glossing boost, on wet hair. I have greasy hair that needs washing daily and is very fine. I generally can't use any leave-in products and am wary of styling products as they often make my hair instantly greasy. This spray does not - although it does add a slight residue it is not greasy or dulling.

        My ratings out of 5*
        Value ****
        Detangling power *****
        Nourishing power ****
        Shine ****
        Smell *****
        Lasting power *****

        Highly recommended!


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        10.02.2012 16:12
        Very helpful



        An effective hair treatment.

        My hair is bleached and naturally wavy with a tendancy to appear frizzy and during winter it can get very dry and straw-like. I sometimes use things like serum to put some moisture back into the hair shaft but in the colder weather serums appear to weigh my hair down and make it greasy nearer the roots. I therefore thought this Pantene product might be helpful to me and bought it after seeing it on the shop floor. I'd never heard of it before but have used the Pantene range in the past and I respect and trust the brand.

        The product is called Pantene Aqua Light Leightweight Nourishing Mist and it comes in a transparent 150ml sized plastic bottle. At the top of the bottle is a push button dispenser which is covered with it's own little lid. The labels on the bottle provide a little bit of information about the product. Pantene say this mist will provide "instant nourishment" and will untangle hair "without weighing it down".

        When I first bought this I thought the bottle was shaded blue at the top but when I looked more closely I saw that it's the liquid inside that is blue. It is actually comprised of a strange oily substance and thinner watery liquid mix. The top half of the bottle is blue and looks like it is fatty with little darker blue globules floating through it. This blue liquid floats on top of a slightly cloudy watery substance and the two parts are equal. You must shake the bottle vigourousl prior to using to ensure these two parts are properly mixed. When you shake the whole bottle turns light blue and the surface bubbles.

        When you press the dispensing button you get a fine mist which has a rather direct aim. The mist fans out nearer the end of it's reach so to achieve a fine even covering over your hair you need to hold it about 1ft away from the hair. Otherwise hold nearer for a more precise application. If you want to keep applying to sections of the hair remember to re-shake the bottle as the two liquids seperate very quickly indeed.

        You can apply this to wet or dry hair and do not rinse out. On dry hair the liquid after applying feels very wet and there is no stickiness at all to the formula so it really just feels like I've been out in the rain! Even if you apply it finely it can take a little while to dry so allow for this if you are getting ready to go out. My preferred method of application is on damp hair that I've just washed and towel dried. I then don't need to worry about needing to dry the liquid on my hair as I'm styling it.

        When this has been applied it feels so light and barely there. When I first used it I thought that there was no way it would work on my hair as the liquid felt so watery but after my hair took the liquid it was noticably softer and sleeker. It does not make hair oily, greasy or heavy which is fantastic and it provides a good alternative to a serum. The product works best on the parts of my hair which are in reasonable condition and seems to smooth and condition the shaft. On the driest parts of my hair there is an obvious difference but still a tiny bit of dryness left. This is probably most true regarding the brittle ends of my hair. Overall though the product does a very good job of providing this much needed nourishment.

        The liquid has a really pleasant fragrance which I'd describe as being fresh, mild and reminiscent of springtime. It's a gender neutral fragrance so both sexes could use this product.

        This is a useful product for me at the moment as I'm finding the winter weather and my hair are locked in a terrible battle. The product allows me to achieve softer, more healthy looking locks without having to load them with thick and gooey product that will mean I have to wash my hair more often. I am pleased that my hair looks and feels better after using this product and I would certainly recommend it to others especially if you suffer from mild frizz and dryness.

        This is made by the company Proctor and Gamble.



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        29.12.2010 15:41
        Very helpful



        A product I finally can rave about from Pantene!

        When it comes to the brand that it Pantene it really isn't a favourite of mine and I tend to avoid it really in favour of Elvive or other products available at around the same price range of Pantene. I've never really used anything from the range and thought it was all that good or special and in fact am usually left feeling a bit let down and a bit put out by the brand!

        However one freezing cold night in Tesco's this product caught my eye. As my hair was feeling rather brittle and dry, particulary at the ends I took a look at this product to see if it could help and being described as nourishing made me believe that it may well indeed help my hair out in a much needed way!

        The Packaging:

        The only size I have seen this available to purchase in is 150ml and its a see-through bottle with a matching cap that goes over the push button turquoise sprayer. On the front of the bottle we are told that it is Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light 'Virtually No Weight', Lightweight Nourishing Mist. On the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, the ingredients and size are stated (as I have listed already) and contact details for Procter & Gamble (the manufacturer of the product) are given. It's a nice enough looking bottle with all the information on it well listed and neatly laid out and I do like being able to see the nourishing mist liquid through the bottle which is a 2 coloured liquid with half of the liquid being a see-through (ish) white liquid and over that a light turquoise liquid.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Information Listed On The Back Of The Bottle:

        Aqua Light Lightweight Nourishing Mist, with dual phase formulation, provides instant nourishment and detangles hair without weighing it down.

        Using It:

        Before using this you need to give it a really thorough shake to mix the two 'phases' then you pump out a few sprays over damp or dry hair and comb or brush it through to make sure it is evenly distributed.

        The fragrance is slightly sweet and fruity, suitable for men and women to use and you can use this as you would a lightweight leave in conditioner or to help remove tangles or both.

        It sprays out fast, feels like water with a teensy bit of oil within it. I spray this all over my hair even though I am prone to greasy roots and this doesn't harm those at all and the fragrance stays fresh and lingers all day long.

        This really is a great nourishing and detangling treratment. It is lightweight as promised and I find this gently nourishes my hair without being one bit greasy and/or weighing it down. Also I use this when I have washed my hair to help me comb through my mop without pulling half of the hair out of my head and it really does detangle and stop my hair from getting any more as the days goes on!

        You don't need a lot of it at all per application, it washes out with ease and this really does give soft, supple and nicely fragranced hair and I simply love this product! Yep I can't believe I do but I simply do!

        This is available in all good supermarkets and chemists at about £3.99 a bottle.


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