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Pantene Colour Expressions Brunette Intensive

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2 Reviews

Brand: Pantene / Type: Hair Colour / What it does: Restores,

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2010 15:12
      Very helpful



      Great results from the first application, and not too expensive either

      I often change my hair brunette to blond I can not help myself I love changing colours! So I love this product which also comes in a form for blond hair too!

      It really restores my colour and enhances it too. My brunette hair shines like I have never seen its shinier than when it was first coloured after using this! And the blond results are just as impressive.

      So it is a 3 to 5 minute treatment that you use weekly in the shower I use it after shampooing and conditioning my hair so I get the best results. You simply apply it to damp hair, leave on for the required time and then rinse of simple no hassle no fuss.

      This pantene product restores damage to the hair replacing moisture and help heal the damage in your hair. Basically restoring your hairs natural balance.
      It smell lush too, it does not smell plastically like some treatments. I can not really describe it you will have to smell it for yourself.

      The colour of the thick cream is brown and for blond, yep you have guessed it, it is a pale creamy colour.
      The lotion is really thick and you do not need to apply much at all as it easily spreads for perfect even coverage. You could even comb it through if you prefer as it makes your hair go really soft an tangle free.

      You can use this product even if your hair is not coloured it will enhance your natural highlights, so do not go thinking it is just for coloured hair as it is not it is for naturals too.

      Price: I brought mine for £1, as it was end of line in my shop however I have seen it in bigger stores for about £2 to £3 depending where you shop.


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      05.03.2008 09:44
      Very helpful



      An intensive conditioner for brunette hair from Pantene.

      As you'll know if you've read any of my previous hair care reviews there's not really one brand I go back to time and time again, after all variety is the spice of life! If there's anything on offer on the shelves of my local Boots or supermarket it generally ends up in my basket. So when I saw Pantene's Colour Expressions Brunette Intensive at half price in Tesco it ended up in my trolley almost effortlessly!

      The Brand

      Pantene is manufactured by Procter and Gamble who are a multinational manufacturer of personal care products to name just one of their specialisms. Pantene is just one of their brands within this category; others also include Aussie, Cover Girl and Olay. Pantene is a brand that has been around for sometime but has recently experienced quite a growth. It focuses solely on hair care products and includes a range that comprises of shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Their Brunette range was introduced a couple of years ago and comprises of a shampoo, conditioner and a colour enhancing conditioner.

      The Claim

      The Pantene Colour Expressions Brunette Intensive is actually an intensive hair conditioner although the title is somewhat misleading. Firstly it is recommended that you use this in conjunction with the accompanying Brunette shampoo to achieve the best results. The treatment itself claims to smooth roughened cuticles to help restore multi dimensional brunette shine while the pro vitamin formula helps restore moisture balance for brilliant brunette hues. Lastly it offers to help shield hair against damage to leave your hair soft, manageable and revitalized. After reading this the product had sold itself to me, anything that promises healthy looking, shiny and soft hair is worth buying in my opinion!

      The Product

      The treatment comes in a rich brown tube style bottle that has different stripes of brown on, all equally rich and shimmery looking. It does stand out quite well on the supermarket shelf, certainly next to its blonde counterparts it looks the better colour. There's a brown circular lid on the bottom which allows the bottle to balance on any shelf or surface, it's a flip up lid as well which means it's easy to dispense the product in the shower rather than having a screw on lid.

      The conditioner is golden brown in colour which at first did shock me a little as I'd expected it to be a deep brown colour to give some idea as to what impact it would have on my hair. It is much thicker than your average conditioner although when you squeeze it onto your hand it does spread out quite easily. It's certainly what I'd call a conditioning cream oppose to a conditioner due to the viscosity of the product. The smell is quite pleasant and doesn't really smell of much in particular, there are salon hints here as well as quite a subtle fruity smell which is nice.

      To dispense the product simply squeeze the tube a little and apply it onto your hand as you would with any conditioner. You don't need a large amount, probably a little bit less than the normal amount of conditioner you would use. It's recommended that you apply it to your hair and leave it for 3-5 minutes for the full effect, you can also comb through if you wish to ensure it's evenly applied throughout your hair. There's no lather to it as it is a conditioner but it smells quite nice despite leaving quite a gloopy, thick coating feel on my hands and hair.

      It does take a little longer to wash out than a normal conditioner, as it's intensive it seems to actually coat your hair and make it feel rather slimy almost. I did have to scrub just a little bit harder to make sure it was all out of my hair but apart from that there were no other problems with the application.

      The Result

      I've now used this conditioner several times on my hair over the past month and have mixed feelings about the results. I've alternated it with a normal conditioner as I did worry it might make my hair slightly greasy. While I was washing it off my hair felt incredibly silky, more so than with a normal conditioner. It left my hair feeling quite moisturized and soft, although once dry only moderately softer than a normal conditioner tends to leave it. As for the multi dimensional brunette shine I wouldn't say this is more noticeable than it usually is after I've washed my hair, I always use a shine spray and believe this is what adds the shine to my hair rather than the conditioner.

      My Opinion

      I do like expensive products especially when they have great results, however a cheap version is always good for the bank balance. At just £3.99 for a 150ml tube of conditioner this product is quite a bargain, especially when I got it for £1.99 in Tesco. I probably would use this conditioner again as it didn't have any negative effects on my hair and did leave it feeling fairly soft and shiny. However I do think there are better products out there, and certainly cheaper products too which give you the same result. I've used this conditioner 4 or 5 times now and have just under half a tube left so it's probably not as economical as some conditioners. It's getting 3 out of 5 stars from me as although it's not bad, it's not great either!

      Thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      Restore moisture balance for a brilliant brunette shine /

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