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Pantene Extra Hold Controlling Gel

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3 Reviews

Brand: Pantene / Texture: Gel / Type: Hair Gel

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    3 Reviews
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      27.08.2005 19:27
      Very helpful
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      Good gel!

      ::::::::::::::> FRUCTIS STYLE HARD GEL <:::::::::::::::::

      Well then, and welcome to the latest addition to the dark, long labyrinth that is my review collection. What are we talking about today you ask? well actually, you dont ask as you saw the review! and the review title! So lets get down to business!

      I was meaning to buy some gel for quite a while now, as i have a double crown and my hair is restless to put it lightly. The last gel i had bought was L'oreal FX spray, if my memory serves me correct, which it probably doesnt, but i do remember it was in a blue bottle. Anyway, a few days ago, strolling through my local ASDA, picked up some LYNX, decided to get a mens pore cleaning face mask (first time) and it suddenly popped "HAIR GEL!" so i ran down the aisle, and spotted the bright green bottle which i have seen advertised numourous times in "Nuts" mens magazine. I picked up the £2.97 bottle, and looked it over. On the back there were 3 questions, one of which is not suitable for a review, which help me made my decision, so i therefore will include them as it may help you make yours;

      1. Is Hard Gel Spray for me?
      Yes if you want to create an ultra-structure style that just wont budge and holds firm in all conditions.

      2. Why is Hard Gel Spray different?
      Its liquid texture combines the power of a gel with the precision of a liquid to create even the most demanding and creative styles without heaviness.

      So anyway, after reading that, i put it in my basket, went to the till, and relcuctantly paid for all my items!

      So a few days later, i try it out. I pull out the brush, press the nozzle.. nothing. so i press again. nothing. 3rd time lucky? yes. After the little problem it sprayed consistently. I gave it about 7 presses (not including the first 3) and started to brush my hair. It spread out, and worked wonders. I made my hair attractive for the first time in a few months, and within 5 minutes it had set and had me looking normal! i was immensley chuffed. After i got home from that evening, instead of going to bead with it in like the other reviewer of this product did and made his hair go fluffy, i merely got some water, splashed it over, dried with towel and my hair was fine! it comes out immediatley, whilst, and i quote "brushing out any visible residue".

      I would reccomend this product to anyone apart from the short haired, as there are special gels in the fructis range for you out there. It works fast, is washed out fast and easy, and is good value for money. Also another plus point is if you fashion it into spikes (incredibly easy with fructis gel) you can stab any would-be muggers after your night out with your hair! Stop crime and look good whilst doing it!

      Thank you for reading this helpa4eva review on:
      Fructis Style HARD Gel Spray


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        12.08.2005 11:04
        Very helpful



        Rap with a capital C

        This product was purchased from Tesco’s at the end of last year for the princely sum of £2.49 for a 150ml tube. Having never used a Pantene gel before I was venturing into unknown territory but as I'm a big fan of the shampoo's and conditioners I had not hesitation in throwing the off white tube into he basket even though it was more expensive than my regular brand. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. The gel itself is widely available and can be found in all major supermarkets, chemists and good convenience stores nationwide. I had never seen it before the day I purchased it but to be honest, I had never really been looking out for it.

        The gel is contained within a plastic squeezable tube in the standard Pantene colours of white and off white colouring. As stated above, the tube contains 150ml of the gel, which is aqua in colour and smells rather clinical to me. No smell of fresh apples, no amazing fragrance it just seemed rather flat with the no frills approach.

        The packaging provides the same promises as most other gels on the market.....this gel will separate strands of hair for better hold and easier styling without the sticky residue....yak yak yak.

        So, on with the application and results……….

        When applying gel, it’s always recommended that you apply to freshly washed hair that is slightly damp. Not only does this mean your hair is clean before application, it also makes the gel go further as it is mixed in with the moisture already present in your hair. After using the Pantene gel, I found that blow-drying my hair so that the gel soaked in always achieved better results.

        I applied the gel to my hair after it had been dried. I first used a blob roughly the same size as a 50 pence piece, rubbed it between my palms and then brushed it onto my hair, ensuring that the gel was evenly applied from root to tip as directed. Styling was a breeze and the drying gel on my hands didn't have the sticky consistency of other brands. It also dried much quicker than its rival gels.

        The style held for approximately 2-3 hours by which time white flakes were evident on my clothing. A quick check in the mirror nearly brought on a heart attack, it looked like my scalp was coming away from my head in large chunks. The gel had dried, crumbled and formed a bright white residue and was in the process of leaving my hair as quickly as possible. I was not amused in the slightest.

        So the good points:

        It’s easy to apply.
        Hair is easy to style.
        Gives two hours of cement like hold.
        Dried quickly

        The bad points:

        No real fragrance to the gel.
        The hold faded after 2-3 hours.
        Large amounts of the gel were needed to keep hold longer.
        The gel residue was evident from 10 paces.

        Would I recommend this product? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. For the lack of hold alone I would condemn this product into an eternity of damnation but to actually make me look like I have a bad case I dandruff I could happily have the people at Pantene flogged I feel that robbed. Pantene are a brand I associate with quality hair care products but this was a real let down.


        Thanks for taking the time to read and rate.

        Steve :)


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          03.04.2001 09:01



          I got a high maintenance hir style last time I got it cut, and when I tried my normal styling gel the next few days I found that it gave out several hours before I got home. My hairdresser is a friend of mine so I called her for some advice. She recommended Pantene Pro-V Controlling Gel as a low cost way to hold my hair for the entire day. It definitely works, and my hair doesn't have any of that sticky build-up other long lasting gels usually give it. Needless to say, I switched completely over to the controlling gel.


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      • Product Details

        Aims to gives healthy looking hold & control for a natural look and shine /

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