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Pantene Intensive Colour Shine Spray

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Brand: Pantene / Type: Styling Spray / Subcategory: Styling Products

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    1 Review
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      12.10.2008 23:15
      Very helpful



      I won't be buying it again it isn't intensive enough!

      Sometimes all I want is soft, shiny, natural looking healthy hair. Alot of the time when I'm buying hair products I'm looking for stuff purely for styling it which means I neglect the fact that I sometimes need a little healthy boost in the way of a leave-in conditioner from time to time.

      Sometimes particularly when not going out I want something to spray in and still style my hair enough nice but it's not so important to be able to perfect my style so much. However I do like a leave-in conditioner that I can use before styling as well as before using other products (if I'm going on a night out say).

      When I was out shopping recently, purchasing a leave-in condioner was a task I took very seriously. My hair at the moment needs a good hair cut to be honest but I'm trying to grow it. It's now really long (just below shoulder length), dyed jet black (I'm actually sitting here now with hair dye on my head lol) and my hair is frizzy with lots of broken hairs near my scalp, split ends and generally my hair is a bit lank and in lame condition. However the natural shine of my hair is great so when I saw this product I thought maybe it would help with my hairs already positive attributes!

      The Packaging....

      150ml tall white (but a little bit see through), recyclable plastic bottle with a bronze coloured pump action sprayer and over that is a clear plastic safety lid that pulls on and off. On the front of the bottle I'm told It's Pantene, Pro-V, Intensive Colour Shine Spray. Under that I'm told it's a Leave-In formula then under that I'm told it's Pro-Vitamin and then under that, finally I'm told that it's Radiant colour, shine and revitalisation for coloured/highlighted hair. On the back of the bottle I'm told a bit about the product with two little diagrams showing hair before using the product and the after effects of using it, directions for use, ingredients, contact details for Procter & Gamble UK (the manufacturers of Pantene products) the size is stated as I've told you already and finally there is a bar-code in there.

      About The Product....

      YOU HAVE.... Coloured or highlighted hair
      YOU WANT.... Shiny, healthy coloured hair

      Intensive leave-in pro-vitamin formula works instantly to help keep the beautiful healthy feel of your freshly coloured hair.
      Pro-vitamin B5 formula helps to protect and nourish coloured hair.
      Revives and revitalises coloured hair, leaving it glowing with healthy shine.

      Directions For Use....

      Use on damp hair. Spray evenly through hair. No need to rinse. Dry and style as usual.

      My Experience....

      Well it's easy to use this product. Just do as directed and it's up to you to learn the amount you personally require, Me.. I do as directed. I always use it after thoroughly washing my hair a couple of times with shampoo and I always use an every day conditioner and then gently towel my hair. of course if you want to not use a conditioner and just use this then course you can do that if you want to but for me I use a gentle rinse out conditioner and use this as extra. Like I say if you buy this product you'll soon work out your own way of getting the maximum results but for me I like a little extra conditioning boost and it certainly, for me has never appeared to be or felt over conditioned as it is a very spray.

      I comb my hair through before gently spraying this clear white thinnish liquid on. I'd say on my long hair I use about ten sprays and it does shoot out of the dispenser but evenly coat my hair. I then gently comb the product through. Smell wise it's hard to describe it to be honest. It smells a bit soapy, light and suitable for men and women. It is quite fragrant but it really is pleasant and clean and suitable in my view for women and men to use not just because of the fragrance but the bottle doesn't scream feminine.

      When applied onto wet hair you can feel the softness you've sprayed on so you can tell if you need a bit more on the hair or where you haven't sprayed but you can't see it as hair drinks it in.

      I then blow dry my hair and sure it is a bit softer and it isn't sticky or at all controlled. It is what it is and that's a light conditioning spray and I have used this alone and blow dried it or used it under other hair styling products and either way is fine. My frizz is tamed very slightly but as I mentioned this isn't a hair styling product. Fly-aways are helped a little but I don't find it helps my broken hairs or split ends. I can feel a little bit of softness to my hair and feel it appears a little smoother but not according to my Mum who I was sitting next to the other day and she was playing with my hair and commented my hair felt very dry and asked me if I had been using some of my step-dads brown shampoo that cures dandruff (revolting stuff!) and that was after the shampooing, conditioning and using this product and styling it straight with no other products in my hair! She doesn't normally comment my hair is dry at all!

      The one thing it does give is a nice healthy natural looking shine but not an over the top really noticeable one but it does enhance a slight shine if you have one.


      It's ok I can't rave about it as I have used so much better but for everyday use it's fine. I wouldn't say if you have bone dry, brittle hair this is going to help you though. If you do suffer greasy hair (I do at the roots) this doesn't appear to upset it because it isn't at all greasy. It helps with frizz and it helps with shine but anything else, including revitalising colour.... no it doesn't do that in my opinion.

      I purchased my bottle for £3.99 in Boots and it can be found in alot of places including online stores.


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