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Pantene Pro V Ice Shine Ultimate Hold Hairspray

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Brand: Pantene / Type: Styling Spray / Subcategory: Styling Products

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2011 13:58
      Very helpful



      A good quality hairspray that provides a strong hold and an 'ice-like' shine

      Although my main hairspray loyalty is to Elnett, I occasionally venture into different products, especially when there is an offer on, and also when I am looking for a very strong hold. This is how I came across the Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine Hold & Gloss Hairspray, and I was very pleased with the results it gave. It has been one of my favourite hairsprays for some years now. I really don't like the smell of Elnett, and so I only buy the Unfragranced version, and while this is an excellent hairspray, if I need a really firm hold then I use my Pantene Ice Shine spray. It also has the advantage of actually smelling quite nice! When I use this product, my hair doesn't feel at all weighed down, and although it doesn't feel sticky or stiff, if you touch your hair you can tell that you are wearing hairspray.

      My hair is short and grey (I went grey early, and my first grey hair actually appeared when I was 13), and the two properties I require from my haircare and styling products are that they give my hair volume and shine. Grey hair can often look dull, and that is not something I am prepared to put up with! I've been using Pantene Pro-V's Ice Shine Hairspray for some time now, and am very happy with both the strong hold and the extra 'Ice Shine' that it delivers. This is especially appropriate for someone who insists on calling their silvery grey hair 'Arctic Blonde'!

      Part of Pantene's Ice Shine range (I also use the serum from this range), these are good quality products but aren't very expensive. A 300ml can of hairspray currently costs £3.05 at Boots, £2.00 from Asda, and is also available from a number of online retailers.

      After washing and styling my hair yesterday evening, I finished by using the Pantene hairspray, and wandered downstairs to find my husband. His first words to me were 'Your hair looks nice!', which was lovely, and I then proceeded to stand under a good light source so that he could rate the shiny qualities of this product. He agreed that the 'Ice Shine' was living up to its name.

      This hairspray comes in a white canister with a black lid. The name of the hairspray is written in black lettering and there is a pretty blue and silver design across the middle, which shows a few ice cubes to represent the shiny properties of the spray. At the top of the canister are the words 'Micro Fine Spray System', and I agree that this product does produce a very light, fine spray. On the back is a paragraph in bright blue lettering that states: 'Let your style shine through! This all-day formula gives ultra strong hold and adds a dazzling, ice-like shine to your hair. Brushes out easily.'

      Boots website gives the following: 'This ultra-strong hairspray provides the optimum finishing choice for an ice-like shine style. It will enable you to create and hold the perfect look, allowing your hair's natural lustre to shine through.'

      You should shake the canister before use, and then spray from about 25-30cms away. I do think that this product lives up to its claim of having an 'Ultra Strong Hold'. After styling my hair yesterday, I was very happy with how well it held my style. Having said that, this is a product that you can feel on your hair, and the strong hold element means that you wouldn't necessarily want your other half to (try to) run his fingers through your hair immediately after styling!

      I woke up this morning to find that my hair has kept its style, and even after brushing my hair, it still has plenty of volume. However, I can feel a slight residue, unlike Elnett, which brushes out completely.

      As with all hairsprays, this product comes with a cautionary warning about the fact that the container is pressurised. It should be protected from sunlight, and not exposed to temperatures exceeding 50 degrees C. You should not pierce or burn the canister, even after use. You should also keep away from any sources of ignition, and keep the hairspray out of the reach of children. Avoid direct inhalation and do not spray into your eyes!

      There is a very long list of horrid-sounding ingredients on the back of the canister, which I will not be listing here. The canister is recycleable once empty.

      I am very pleased with the effects I get from Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine Hold & Gloss Hairspray, and will certainly buy it again once my current can is finished.

      (This review is also on Ciao, under the same user name.)


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