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Pantene Pro V Repair & Protect Triple Amino Instant Repair Treatment

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3 Reviews

Brand: Pantene / Type: Hair Treatment / What it does: Repairs, Protects,

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    3 Reviews
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      27.12.2009 23:04
      Very helpful



      Felt too heavy for my hair and didn't improve the look or condition

      The review that I'm writing is based on a sachet of this (or at least something very similar!), which I received as part of a Christmas present. I've been using the Aussie sachets (with a view to buying an actual bottle on my next trip to town for toiletries) and have had mixed experiences of Pantene deep conditioners and the like, so I wasn't especially hopeful that this have much of an effect on my hair.

      As I mentioned in my Aussie review, my hair has become quite dry and brittle at the ends as a result of central heating, and using hairdryers and hair straighteners on a more regular basis than normal.

      ***The treatment***
      As you've probably guessed from the 'repair and protect' part of the name, this treatment is intended to a) repair hair that is damaged, especially from heat damage, and b) protect against future damage. The presence of a triple amino formula is designed to make this possible. Given that my hair is beginning to show the effects of me having used heated styling products on an almost daily basis, I figured that this treatment would be perfect as long as it worked!

      ***The results***
      So, did this treatment measure up to Aussie in terms of making my hair look and feel better? Unfortunately not for me. The treatment was quite thick and after applying the 'generous amount' recommended on the packaging, my hair immediately felt weighted down and heavy. I've felt this before when using deep conditioning style treatments so I wasn't particularly bothered about this until I came to wash it out. It took around five minutes with the bath's shower attachment to feel as though all of the treatment had been washed out, and even then I wasn't sure if it really was all gone.

      After allowing my hair to dry naturally (I don't want any more heat damage, after all!), I can't say that I noticed much of a difference to the condition of my hair. The existing split ends and general damage was still as evident as before and my hair didn't even seem any more manageable than it did before. Even if deep conditioning treatments don't do all that they claim, I usually find that they make my hair feel more manageable at the very least. Although my hair tends to be rather greasy in the summer, it goes drier in the winter, but this actually seemed to make it revert back to looking and feeling oily so clearly it's not too heavy for my hair (which isn't dramatically dry and probably didn't need quite such an intensive treatment).

      ***Overall verdict***
      I can only assume that this treatment was too deep/intense for my hair as it didn't do much positive. It would probably be better for hair that is more significantly dry and damaged as it felt too heavy for my hair, even on the dry and damaged bottom half. All in all, I highly doubt that I'll be buying a full-size version of this treatment, and intend to stick to the Aussie stuff that seems to suit my hair a lot better.


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      02.07.2009 21:12
      Very helpful



      Love it!

      Of late with this heatwave we appear to be having my hair is going crazy. One minute it's dry and bristly and the next it appears like I've wiped my hair in the frying pan on the way out the house! My hair at the best of times can't decide if it wants to be curly or straight and literally I'm just struggling at the minute to make it look nice.

      So the other day I picked up a tube of this in Boots (usual price around the £3.99 mark) on offer for 99p. I decided my hair needed a good ole spruce up with some intensive conditioner as that particular day it felt ever so coarse and dead like!

      The Packaging....

      150ml white and gold plastic tube with a black flip top opening to the bottom of it concealing a small hole. On the front of the tube I'm told it is Pantene Triple Amino Instant Repair Treatment that has 3x more Amino and that it's Repair & Protect and that it instantly helps to restore the look of your damaged, tired hair. On the back of the tube I'm told a bit about the product and given directions for use, ingredients are given as is size, contact details for Procter & Gamble (the manufacturers of Pantene products) are listed, the recycle symbol is displayed and finally there is bar-code on there. Nice looking and informative packaging this is.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of the Tube....

      Do You Have: Tired, damaged hair?

      But You Want: Resilient, shiny hair that looks rejuvenated with life?

      Then Pantene Pro-V Triple Amino Instant Repair Treatment is the product for you. It helps repair the look of damaged hair while helping to protect against future styling damage. Contains 3 times more amino's than regular Pantene intensive treatments.

      Directions For Use....

      Massage generously into damp hair. Work in from root to tip. Leave for 3 min. Rinse with warm water. For best results use every time you shampoo.

      Me Using It....

      Well as directed I wash my hair first thoroughly and squeeze out excess moisture. I find that about the size of a 10 piece of this white lightly fruity smelling opaque glossy looking and thickish conditioner is enough to really penetrate into my hair as a little goes a long way and covers all my hair really well and gets drunk quickly. Of course the amount you will need depends on the health, length and thickness of your barnet!

      I then leave it on my hair for 3 minutes or longer and it rinses out easily with warm water as directed.


      I'm not keen on Pantene products at all but this is simply marvelous! I couldn't believe my hair as it rinsed out and my hair felt like velvet. I then gently dried my hair and my hair smelt wonderful and had no knots or tangles in it at all and felt so smooth and glossy in a really natural way.

      I went on to style my hair and my hair even when styled felt revitalised, soft and smooth. My dry split ends and broken hairs blended into my style making the whole lot feel smooth and not only that my hair looked glowing with health that even my Mother asked was I using a spray on shine product of some kind!

      Hair feels naturally good, and not one bit weighed down by this. It doesn't upset my usually greasy roots and is all round fabulous! It's a quick step to healthy looking and feeling hair in my opinion and is a top class product!

      On the back of the tube I'm told to use this after every wash. Well I personally am not going to do that due to it's usual price tag. I'm simply going to use this when and if needed for an instant pep me up to my hair and save cash that way!

      I'm really very impressed with this and I can't stop touching my hair! Lovely and simple to use...this is!


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        11.04.2008 23:44
        Very helpful



        This product is no better than regular, much cheaper, conditioners

        I don't usually have many problems with my hair, despite dying every colour imaginable and straightening it or curling it with tongs every day, but during the winter months it does sometimes get quite dry and static, most likely due to the central heating being on. So anyway, I was looking for something to help with this when I spotted the Pantene Pro V Repair & Protect range, and this little tube sat alongside the usual shampoos and conditioners.

        It costs £3.98 for a 150ml tube in Boots but it's widely available in supermarkets, chemists and beauty shops, so if you shop around you may be able to find it much cheaper.

        Pantene say that this Triple Amino Rejuvenating Masque works instantly to rejuvenate tired, damaged hair and make it more resilient. It contains 3 times more amino acids than regular Pantene conditioners, specially designed to help replenish key amino acids that the hair naturally loses over time, making your hair stronger, shinier and full of life.

        To use it just massage generously into damp hair working it in from root to tip, leave it on for 3 minutes, then rinse it out with warm water. They say that for best results it should be used every time you shampoo.

        It comes in a plastic squeezy tube that stands on it's flip-top lid. The flip-top makes it easy to use even in the shower with wet hands, and the fact that it stands on it's lid means it's easy to get every last bit out of the tube.

        It's quite thick in consistency, like a thick conditioner, but it's still thin enough that it's easy to work through the hair. It's scent isn't strong, it just smells clean with a slight fruitiness to it. When you put it on your hair it's easy to spread it over the whole of your hair and a little goes a long way. The product stays on the hair and doesn't drip, so you can easily be doing other things whilst you have it on if you want to and not have to worry about it getting everywhere.

        It does take a lot of effort to rinse this out, you really have to work at it to make sure you get every last bit. Once it's all rinsed out my hair feels squeaky clean. After drying it my hair feels softer and smoother as with any conditioner, but that's about it. I don't feel any greater effect using this than with any other conditioner I've ever used. I also find that it doesn't stop my hair from going static.

        I've tried leaving it on for longer, up to 30 minutes sometimes, but still I only get average results the same as I can get from any old conditioner. I've now just finished the tube and I can't see or feel any difference in my hair from before I started using it, so it doesn't have any long term effects either. On the whole, a very disappointing product.


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