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Pantene ProV Breakage Defence Shampoo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Pantene / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    2 Reviews
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      09.09.2010 18:47
      Very helpful



      Not good.

      I bought this from our local pound shop after being quite impressed with 'Time Renewal', which is another shampoo in the restoratives range.

      The bottle says,

      'THE PRESENT: Broken hair that you notice everywhere - on your brush, clothes, and bathroom sink.

      THE FUTURE: Resilient, healthy looking hair better protected against breakage.'

      It then goes on to say, 'Pantene Pro-V's next generation shampoo and conditioner system helps:
      Immerse each hair strand from root to tip to reduce breakage due to combing and brushing while blow drying.
      Target the problem zone, recapturing the appearance of healthy hair.

      Now I can't say that I notice my hair 'everywhere' although I am aware that it does break sometimes, so I should still see some improvement.

      The instructions are pretty simple, as all shampoo instructions are, I am however a bit concerned about one instruction... 'Use daily'.
      It is a widely known fact that you shouldn't wash your hair that often, for many reasons. It strips your hair of its natural oils, not to mention the fact that the process of washing and drying more often increases the risk of damage and breakage - something that this shampoo is supposed to prevent.

      I cannot understand why Pantene would advise customers to wash everyday (other than to up shampoo sales!) as they of all people should know that this is not the best way to care for hair.

      Back to the product.

      It comes in a tall bottle that is easy to handle, the lid is the type where you push one end down and the other side comes up revealing a small hole in the side. This makes it easier to use the right amount for your hair, some shampoo bottles have huge openings that make it so easy to waste the shampoo by accidentally pouring too much out.

      The shampoo itself is quite thick and creamy; it is in a pale purple shade and has quite a strong scent. I can't put my finger on what it is, although it is quite an odd smell. Not unpleasant, just not your usual 'shampoo smell'.

      When I massaged it into my hair I noticed that it didn't lather at all! Quite odd, it turns softer and creamy when massaged in, but there is just no lather. I felt that it was cleaning my hair though, and it spread easily through the hair.
      It is quite easy to wash out and the product washes away within a minute or so, although I always like to rinse a little longer than this, just to be sure.

      My hair is left feeling kind of uncomfortable (if that makes sense? It probably doesn't!).
      It has that 'squeaky clean' feeling, without the squeak, like it is too clean and has been stripped of its oils. There is no softness to it and feels like it needs a good conditioning treatment.

      I can't say I noticed that my hair was any stronger, although I guess that the effects become apparent with regular use. To be honest, I was so unhappy with the whole experience that I will not continue to use the product.

      It may be the next big beauty miracle that will restore your hair to its former glory and will erase all damage, although it is so unpleasant to use that I would rather try my luck elsewhere.

      So, to summarise... Funny smell, doesn't lather, leaves hair 'too clean', and doesn't benefit the hair (although may do with continued use).

      My final thoughts on Pantene Restoratives Breakage Defence Shampoo?

      Don't bother.


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      20.05.2009 14:32
      Very helpful




      I always change my shampoo and conditioner as I believe after a while it does not have the same effect and I go for the ones on special offer at the time.

      After a recent shopping trip to Superdrug I noticed this new product. It was on special offer as it was a new product and I paid only £0.99.

      it comes in a 250ml bottle which is very good value for money.

      You push the lid down on one side so it flips up at the other and it is a blue liquid. It smells of blueberry's which I think is lovely. You do not need alot as it works into a lovely foamy lather. I have sholder length hair and I did not need to use much at all.

      It rinses out well.

      Pantene coats your hair with a layer of protective ingredients which protects hair from combing and heat styling.

      The smell stays until the following day when I wash it again (I always wash my hair everyday).

      I would definately recommend this to people, especially if you have damaged hair like I do.

      The normal price is approx £2.99 (depending on where it is bought from) which I do believe is a little bit high but I think if you can get it on special offer it is well worth it.


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    For damage proned hair /

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