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Pantene ProV Ice Shine Serum

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Brand: Garnier / Treatment - Serum / Type: Hair Serum / Subcategory: Hair Treatment

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    2 Reviews
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      06.11.2011 13:56
      Very helpful
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      One to try.

      I am very picky when it comes to the serums I use in my hair, so I was quite reluctant to try this one out when my mum bought it a while ago.

      This serum is widely available and can be found at various prices.
      I currently buy the serum from Boots for £4.51, which I personally don't think is a bad price compared to other serums which hold a high price tag because of their brand names.

      When it comes to serums, there are various aspects of a serum which I look for to use and this serum didn't actually grab me straight away.
      I like to use a 'light' serum which isn't sticky, doesn't weigh my hair down or make it look greasy and adds a smooth and shine to my hair.
      When I first used this serum, the first thing I noticed was its thickness... It is a lot thicker than others I have tried. Because of this, it did take me a while to get used to using as I find it tricky to apply straight to my hair.
      When applying this serum to my hair, I find it easier to rub the serum between the palms of my hands for a while to thin out the serum and make it easier to lightly apply to the ends of my hair and the areas which I prefer. This seems to work and I now apply the serum with ease almost every day!

      I apply this serum usually after I have dried and styled my hair, although I sometimes feel the need to add some in whilst my hair is still wet as it can sometimes feel brittle. When I do this, I do find the serum adds moisture and support to my hair and takes away the brittle thin feeling.
      The only downside to using the serum on wet hair is that for me, it makes my hair feel heavy when drying it, the serum makes my hair feel greasy once dried and I usually have to leave it for a while before I style it.

      When using this serum, I usually add one full pump plus a little bit more, rubbed between my fingers I find this goes a long way. I have medium to long length hair and only apply to my ends and through the lengths when and where needed.
      The worse thing about this serum, is that it stays on my hands after applying and I always have to wash it off or rub my hands with a towel.

      This serum makes my hair feel soft, supported and manageable. I personally don't like the way my hair feels when it has just been washed and I love to use serum to keep my hair under control. The serum adds a shine to my hair without making it look greasy and I have found when applying, it's not easy to accidentally add 'too much' as the serum sinks in quick.

      The serum comes in a bottle of 50ml with a handy pump applicator which I find easy to use. I use the serum most days and for me the serum lasts ages. The bottle I am currently using has last me over 3 months and I still have half of it left.

      The serum holds a slight fragrance without being over powering and I find it sits lovely in my hair and takes away any horrid smells from the straightening.

      Overall, this is a serum which I personally love. I don't think it's one for everyone, but it's worth a try! I love it and for the price I'll continue to buy it.
      Thankyou for reading, I also post on Ciao


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        19.08.2011 12:03
        Very helpful



        An easy to use product that leaves my grey hair wonderfully shiny

        As someone who has always liked to take care of my 'crowning glory' - which went grey at quite a young age - and who wears my hair in a short style, one of the things that is very important to me is to try to keep my hair looking nice and shiny. Grey hair can sometimes look dull, and I therefore always search for products that will add or enhance shine and glossiness. A product that does this for me, and at a very reasonable price, is Pantene's Ice Shine Serum. It comes in a 50ml bottle, costs about £4.50, and lasts for absolutely ages. (The small size of this bottle also means that it is really useful for taking on holiday.) It's a product I would not be without now, and I had a bit of a panic last year when I couldn't find it in my local Boots store. I was eventually able to track it down in Tesco, but since then have bought it online from boots.com.

        It is a small bottle, which is clear to the top and bottom of the bottle so that you can see the product inside. It has a translucent label around the main body of the bottle, and a black lid. Removing the top of the lid reveals the pump-action beneath.

        The label on the back of the bottle asks:

        'Do you have: Hair that looks lifeless and lacks shine?'
        But you want: Beautiful hair that's full of life, shine and sparkle? Massage into towel-dried hair and gently comb in from root to tip. No need to rinse. Blow-dry and style as normal.'

        Pantene's own website gives the following information:

        'This leave-in formula has been developed to increase the reflectivity and smoothness of your hair's surface and provide a glistening ice-like shine [very apt for ladies like me who swear that their grey hair is actually 'Arctic Blonde'!] to even very dull hair.'

        I apply the serum to towel-dried hair, after my normal leave-in conditioner. I simply squirt two drops into the palms of my hands, rub them together, and then sweep the serum over my hair, making sure to comb through afterwards. It leaves my palms feeling a bit greasy, but this is easily washed away. You might think that using a leave-in serum on top of a leave-in conditioner might weigh your hair down, but it really doesn't.

        This serum has made such a difference to the look of my hair that it has become one of my top haircare products, and I have been using it now for a number of years. I'm delighted to have found it , and know I can always rely on it for an excellent result.

        The only stockist I have been able to find it from with any consistency is Boots. Because my local Boots (which is a smallish store) does not always stock it, I usually buy it from boots.com. It is currently (19th August) selling there for £4.51. It's also on eBay today, with two 50ml bottles for £6.00 - this is Buy It Now, from a Top Rated Seller, with free p&p. It is also available from other online outlets, which will show in your 'Shopping Results' if you Google this product, but I have no personal experience of these outlets.

        This unassuming little bottle produces magically shiny, glossy results, I would be lost without it, and believe it definitely deserves a full five stars.

        (This review is also on Ciao, under the same username.)


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