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Paul Mitchell Big Hair The Big Day

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Brand: Paul Mitchell / Type: Styling Products

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2011 22:48
      Very helpful



      waste of money.

      I received these free recently and I was rather excited to try them.
      My hair is quite fine and limp from so much colouring, bleaching and heat damage, its probably the dullest hair you can come across!

      The Price.
      Since I received these free I wasn't sure on the exact price, so I used my friend Google and found out that you can buy this from £15.00 being the average, £30.00 being the most expensive, so if your interested look around for the best deal which suits you.

      The Appearance.

      I actually binned the tin this came in, but I do remember what it looks like so I can explain ( okay, so I am also using help of my friend Google! ) the tin it comes in is quite big, about half a arms length, its a bright sky blue colour, with Big Hair For The Big Day wrote over it in different pastel rainbow assorted colours, to be honest when I first seen the product I actually did think it was something for a baby/toddler, it just doesn't scream for grown ups at me, you would understand if you seen it.
      There is also like a piece of paper ( not an actual one, just printed on to the tin! ) which looks like an invitation and says "You are invited to the marriage of Super Sculpt and Thicken Up" which are the names of the two products you get inside.
      There is also pictures of the two bottles on the tin, and the Paul Mitchell logo along with some more information on the products.

      The bottles themselves are quite simple but modern and stylish and don't look cheap.
      The Super Sculpt comes in a white bottle, the main colour theme being dark red, black and white, the lid is flip top. Over the front it has the Paul Mitchell logo, the name of the product, Super Sculpt and the amount of ML you get, it also has information on what it is.
      On the back of it is information on how to use, in about 7 different languages, contact information and thats it really.
      The Thicken Up bottle is slightly different, instead of flip top its a pump which I prefer, and the colour theme is purple instead of red, thats the only difference.

      Overall, I like the packaging and style.

      My Experience.

      I was super excited to use this!
      I will give my experience on Super Sculpt first, which is a quick drying style glaze which gives you body and adds shine to your hair, good enough for the catwalk apparently!
      Directions: Apply a small amount to clean, damp hair and style as desired, protect clothing prior to application.
      Okay, easy enough!
      I flip the lid and squeeze a bit out, quite easy to use and no problems there, product coming out perfectly.
      I notice the smell, its quite 'forest fruity', not to strong though and after applied to your hair its barely noticeable anymore.
      The texture of it is like a gel, very smooth and quite thick, it has no colour to it, its clear.
      I apply a small amount to my hands, rub between fingertips and make sure I coat it all through my hair evenly.
      I dried my hair, which for some reason took longer than usual, it felt like I had left a lot of product in it, I put this down to Super Sculpt because my hair doesn't usually act like this unless I have used a crap conditioner, which I didn't!
      The result when dry, em..the same? except more hard to style and a bit hard to be honest! I notice no extra shine or no improvement when looking in the mirror, I asked my OH, he also notices no difference.
      So for Super Sculpt, 2/10.

      The next one is Thicken Up! which is a styling liquid which gives you 'SERIOUS' volume, flexible body, softness and big shine ( sounds like the other one, except with a changed name, whats the point of more-a-less the same two products in a set? ) it also helps to protect against damage, wow I guess it is different then *rolls eyes*.
      Directions: Apply 2-4 pumps evenly through damp hair, style as desired.
      On dry hair, use a small amount to separate and define.
      Easy enough once again, pump works perfectly and dispenses product, I used 2 pumps because that seemed like it would be more than enough!
      Smells like forest fruits like the other one, has the same consistency and is the same colour ( clear ) as Super Sculpt, it actually seems like the same product exactly!
      I put it in my hair, guess what? it once again feels like there is too much product in it! How annoying, I think they have seriously put the same two products in the bottles and have just named them differently!
      My hair took longer to dry again ( Deja Vu ) BUT I did notice when my hair was dry that it looked a bit bigger, but it felt horrible and wouldn't style at all so I didn't leave the house until it was sorted.
      I used this on my hair dry and it didn't do anything except leave my hair sticky and amess!

      I think personally this is a rip off, considering you can pay up to £30.00 in some stores! I wouldn't recommend it to anybody, but hey it could be my hair!


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