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Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade

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2 Reviews

Brand: Paul Mitchell / Type: Hair Foam

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    2 Reviews
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      27.04.2010 16:26
      Very helpful



      Fantastic finishing product from Paul Mitchell.

      Paul Mitchell pomade is a finishing styling product for your hair. Described as a 'smoothing polish', the pomade is designed to be used on clean, styled hair to add a final glossy shine and smooth down any flyaway hair. The product also claims to provide 'light hold' but I've not really found this to be the case on my thick hair, but may offer some light hold to thinner hair.

      The product is suitable for all hair-types including Afro-Caribbean hair, for smoothing and providing a clean, shiny and softer finish. I only use the product on my straightened hair, however the pomade can be used on curly or permed hair also.

      The pomade contains a number of natural extracts (including chamomile, aloe vera, jojoba and rosemary) and I would say the scent of chamomile and aloe vera are the key smells of this product. It does not smell overly chemical and harsh, but has a distinctive scent. This scent does not linger on the hair however, so you needn't worry if you dislike the smell.

      The product is also not tested on animals, which is a positive.

      ~*~* Cost and where to buy *~*~

      I bought a 150ml size bottle from my hairdressers, costing around £13. This does seem steep (as does every product you buy at a hairdressers!) but I think the product has really been worth it and has lasted for years, like an everlasting porridge pot of pomade.

      The pomade can be bought from official Paul Mitchell-stockist salons on the high street as well as online (from places such as HQ Hair). The products tend to cost a little less online (I found a 150ml bottle for £11 but postage and packaging costs may outweigh the benefits).

      ~*~* Packaging and size of bottle *~*~

      The pomade is sold in the white trademark, minimalist plastic bottles. The bottle has the Paul Mitchell branding and name of the product written in black and red font. The cap of the bottle is a screw-type, rather than a push-down or flip lid, which may be difficult for some people to use if you have dexterity problems, but I do think it is a good design to avoid any greasy spillages or wastage.

      The product is sold in relatively small sizes (but don't let that put you off - 'concentrated' is the keyword to this product!) in 150ml and 250ml bottles.

      ~*~* How to use *~*~

      This product is designed to be used on clean, dry hair in your chosen finished style (i.e. after your hair has been straightened if you wear it straight), rather than on clean, damp hair to reduce frizz.

      I straighten my hair (which is naturally quite thick and wavy) so I use the pomade after blow-drying and straightening. The pomade is designed to give a smoother and shinier appearance to the hair - giving a final lustrous glossiness and taming any unruly flyaway hairs into submission.

      To use the product, firstly make sure the bottle is given a good shake (with the lid screwed on!) before use. This is essential as the pomade liquid is a highly runny, almost creamy-oil formulation, so needs to be thoroughly mixed before use to avoid any separation of the mixture.

      Make sure your hands are clean and dry before dispensing the pomade into one palm (otherwise the excess water will dilute the pomade and not give the glossy effect you're after). On unscrewing the lid, the pomade is easy to dispense out of the bottle, dripping from the opening with no excess.

      I have relatively long and thick hair, reaching just below my shoulders. As a guide, I use a 5pence-piece sized 'blob' of the pomade. This is probably the most you will need - using too much pomade can result in your hair automatically looking greasy (not the result you want after you've just cleaned and styled it!) - so it's worth only dispensing a small amount at first and then using your judgement to add a little more pomade if you feel its necessary.

      The pomade is very runny, a thin cream substance (a substance in between milk and single cream if that makes sense) that can drip and slide over your hands. Once you've dispensed the desired amount onto your palm, rub your palms together to 'activate' the pomade for a few moments until your palms are fully coated and slippery. To give best results, expose your palms again (after the rubbing) for 5 seconds to expose the pomade to the air before rubbing your palms together again for a couple of seconds. It's this 'air exposure' that slightly changes the texture of the pomade, making it smooth and slick enough to style hair without being too liquid. Unfortunately, I think the makers were exercising a bit of artistic license with the 'foaming' description - when you rub your hands together you can see the pomade mixing and being a shiny layer, but don't expect evidence of full-on lathering and bubbling I'm afraid!

      Once you've coated your palms with the pomade, it's time to apply to the hair. Gently smooth your palms onto the finished style of your hair, taking care to cover the length of the hair shaft to the tips but avoiding the roots (as the oily pomade will just make them greasy). I always find that the 5pence-sized amount is enough to smooth over my hair and into the layers with no excess. If you find you have small, flyaways hairs or frizzy bits (particularly after straightening), you can use the pomade to very lightly smooth these bits into your hair-style, but take care not to create a greasy patch!

      ~*~* Concentration *~*~

      As I touched on earlier, the watchword with this product is 'concentration' - this product is unbelievably concentrated. Considering you use a 5pence-sized blob, at most, each time, the 150ml bottle has lasted me (and I'm not kidding) years. This is probably not too healthy (surely hair products have a use-by date too?) but hand-on-heart, the pomade is as good now as it was when I cracked open the bottle 2 years ago and looks in no danger of running out (please don't judge me for not replacing it!).

      ~*~* Verdict *~*~

      This pomade has become a staple in my everyday hair-care routine and I use it every time I wash and straighten my hair. If I could sum this product up in a couple of words, I would say 'economical' (as it has lasted me for years and does, in my opinion, justify the price tag) and 'professional' because it gives fantastic results that delivers what it says on the tin. I always use this pomade to make sure my hair has the 'finishing touch' - a final glossy smoothness - and I would recommend this pomade to anyone looking for those results.


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        15.11.2000 18:59
        Very helpful



        This is a bit embarrassing but I feel I have to admit it at last in public. Paul Mitchells Foaming Pomade is the best stuff ever! The embarrassing part is that a bottle lasts me, on average, 3 years. The idea behind the foaming pomade is that you use it to define your hairstyle or for added manageability, texture and shine. My hairdresser first introduced me to it when I had permed hair. I no longer have permed hair but I use it to calm down any frizzy bits of hair that appear after I have blow dried my hair. I'm one of those people whose hair looks better the day after they have washed it! This is fine unless I'm caught out and I have to wash my hair immediately before going out. This is where the foaming pomade comes in extremely useful! The pomade is a white liquid that feels a little bit greasy. I'm not sure about the foaming part as I have never seen it foam yet! It does have a slight smell to it which isn't unpleasant. It reminds me of coconuts - I think! You only have to use a tiny amount and I mean TINY! If you use too much your hair can look greasy and unwashed. My hair is thick and is now half way down my back and I only need to use a blob the size of a 5 pence piece. As the bottle contains 150ml and I only use it when I'm caught out; you can see how a bottle lasts me three years! I bought my last bottle from the hairdressers last Xmas, where they normally sell the other Paul Mitchell products, and its still basically full! It's a great product which does a wonderful job of making my hair look sleek and shiny and its fantastic value for money!


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    • Product Details

      The styling power of a pomade with the flexibility of a foam / Foaming Pomade aims to let you sculpt and mold your hair like never before without the stickiness or oiliness of traditional pomades /

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