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Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo

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  • Lathers up well
  • Lightens and brightens hair
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    2 Reviews
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      16.08.2015 17:43
      Very helpful


      • "Lathers up well"
      • "Lightens and brightens hair"


      • None

      Prolong your blonde

      I have been dying my hair for as long as I can remember and find i am doing it more often now due to the silver highlights which keep appearing on a regular basis! I am naturally a mousey brown colour and dye it a golden blonde colour which looks nice and bright for about two weeks after dying it but it then starts to fade and look a bit dull.

      A friend gave me this Paul Mitchell blonde shampoo to me who used to have blonde hair but has since gone back to being brown. I had never used this before and hadn't really heard much about it so thought I would try it. The bottle tells you that it revives sun-kissed highlights and is for all tones of blonde with natural, highlighted or colour-treated hair. The shampoo itself is a creamy yellowy colour and had a lovely smell of camomile as it contains a camomile natural extract. This smell does last on your hair after washing for a few hours.

      I wash my hair every other day and have been using this shampoo for a couple of months, although not every time I wash my hair, as I also use a shampoo and conditioner together when I have only allowed myself 10 minutes to have a shower and get ready for work. I must say that you don't need very much of this shampoo as it is very thick and creamy. I squeeze about a 10p size onto my hand and find that this is sufficient to rub up into quite a frothy lather which washes my hair easily. I can feel the shampoo soaking into my hair and it feels like a quality product. It washes out easily and I then apply a conditioner if I have time.

      From when I started to use this shampoo my hair looks brighter and has a shine to it, and it has been commented on by friends and family. I do still dye my hair regularly but I find that by also using this shampoo I don't get that dull look which I had before. I understand that they do a conditioner in this and would buy it if I could get it at the right price.


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      26.08.2013 16:44
      Very helpful



      Blonde for up to 10 weeks - that'll do for me!

      ............................It looks a little bit different..................................

      This is a review of Paul Mitchell's Forever Blonde Shampoo 250ml. The product I have varies slightly from the above picture but only in terms of packaging - as the shampoo I have comes in a squeezy tube and not a bottle as above.

      .....................................A bit about Paul Mitchell (PM) the company..........................

      After a bit of research into the company I have found out that the company was founded in 1980 by Paul Mitchell and the (silent) John Paul Dejoria. The aim of the company they founded was to provide luxury hair products at affordable prices and they have now developed over 100 products which are available in 80 different countries. The company website very proudly publishes a list of charities they support and seem to be heavily interested in supporting environmental charities in particular.

      ..........................................How I came across PM's shampoo (it's not cheap ya know!)...............................

      I was very luckily gifted the shampoo (and conditioner) by a woman who I work with by the name of Mads. Mads had recently dyed her lovely blonde hair (to an equally lovely colour) brown and thus had no need for the shampoo anymore. Apparently she got the shampoo from her hairdresser who recommended it for her (then) bleached blonde hair, which is very fine and a bit dry by nature. I thought it rude to ask how much she paid for it but a scour on the internet shows that price does vary although an average seems to be around the £13 mark.

      On the back of the product they make it very clear that unless you have bought this product from a reputable seller you run the risk of getting a counterfeit copy. Whether this is a marketing ploy to use their recommended suppliers or genuine I don't know but for a few less pound I know I wouldn't personally take the risk. I see that apart from specific hairdressers this products isn't that widely available, being that I have found it only on amazon, ebay and a few small beauty websites.

      ......................................The PM range................................

      I won't go into the boring and labarious detail of the 100 plus products in the PM range but in this particular line (the Ker Active Forever Blonde lin) there are just 3 basic products - this product (the shampoo), the conditioner (which I will hopefully review at a later date) and the 'Dramatic Repaid Corrector' which turns out to be a leave in conditioner spray. There is also a smaller 75ml version of the shampoo so if you wish to 'try before you buy' that may be a good (and less expensive) option.

      ..........................................The space age look (a handy 'squeezy' tube)......................................

      The whole Forever Blonde range are co-ordinated packaging wise into shiny silver tubes. I'm not sure what the material used for the packaging is as whilst it feels like plastic it also feels a bit like foil at the same time (weird I know)!! The packaging is almost reflective - not so much that you can see yourself in the material - but I would be a bit wary of leaving these products in direct sunlight as they may (?) absorb light and thus heat. My science may be a little off here...but I wasn't willing to 'experiment' to find out!

      Generally the look of the product is quite professional however and definitely stands apart from high street shampoos. The tube in which the product comes in is also effective at dispensing the product. There is a hard plastic bottom on which you can stand the product. This hard plastic bottom also doubles up as the dispenser which is a 'squeezy tube' with a lid on it. The whole on this tube is quite small so
      you can easily control the amount of shampoo that comes out. I did experience a problem early on in use however when I didn't put the lid on properly and somehow overnight a portion of the product has leaked. I am extra careful now however and haven't had any issues since.

      .........................................PM in action (it's a little bit lilac and smells a bit sweet).........................................

      The shampoo is a very light tinted lilac colour and very creamy in the way it feels. I have found I need to use a good blob just a bit bigger than a 50p piece as it doesn't tend to lather that well. I have short/mid length hair so people with longer hair may need to use a bit more again.

      The shampoo does a specific smell but it's very hard to pinpoint being that it's sweet but not too sweet and chemically but not too chemically. All in all however the smell is not unpleasant and is very mild. I have found that I can only smell it when I'm actually dispensing the shampoo and when it's on my head I can't really smell anything so it's definitely something that doesn't linger.

      After lathering up (as much as I can) I leave on the hair for around 30 seconds then I rinse. It takes around 3-5 minutes to ensure the shampoo is properly rinsed out and as the colouring of the shampoo was so light I do take extra care with this - rinsing the hair until the bubbles in the water completely disappear! I only shampoo my hair once as a rule and find that this seems to do the job well in one application at making my hair actually feel clean.

      After using and rinsing the conditioner from the same range I then dry and style hair as normal.

      .....................................The next episode aka the results..........................

      I have dyed blonde hair which can be very dry (from dying and styling), prone to split ends and also can be subject to thinning/has previously come out in clumps. As I home dye my colour also tends to fade and turn a brassy yellow/orange after only a couple of weeks of dying.

      Forever Blonde claims ....

      *KerActive proteins guard against breakage.
      My hair is definitely less prone to breakage, split ends are improved and I can even brush my hair when wet which I couldn't do before due to fear of breakage.
      *Safflow olesomes restore lost moisture and elasticity
      I likes to get the big hair look so do use a lot of heat products such as curling tongs and heated barrel curlers as well as blowdrying my hair after each wash. Despite this the shampoo does a good job at restoring moisture so my hair doesn't end up like straw. My hair is also ply able and easy to style into whatever I want without losing it's natural 'bounce'.
      *Turmeric, camomile and lemon peel keep blonde hues light and bright.
      As I colour my hair every 6-8 weeks minimum (for me doing this more frequently causes so much damage to my hair) I do struggle to keep my hair the cool shade of blonde I like without it yellowing. This shampoo I feel has really lengthened the time I need to colour and I am now on week 10 and my hair is only just starting to yellow.
      Rest assured however you wouldn't know these products are in the shampoo (i.e. your head doesn't smell of curry afterwards!!)

      In addition I think it's worth mentioning one of the main selling points of this product. Forever Blonde Shampoo is sulphate free. Although I didn't really know what this meant it sounded good to me as sulphate doesn't sound like something I want in my hair! On further research however I found that the sulphate free status doesn't necessarily have much of a benefit for your hair. Ordinarily shampoos have something in them called Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and this is a grease cutting agent that makes products foam well (explains the non-foamy nature of this shampoo then)!! It has been claimed that SLS can irritate the skin, cause damage to hair follicles and also be a cause to cancer. As there is no solid research however and SLS is not actually banned I would query whether sulphate free is a big plus point on this shampoos selling point. The jury is not yet in on this but from what I've read I certainly wouldnt be paying extra pennies just for the sulphate free status as yet.......


      Well despite the SLS debate I think I would definitely use this shampoo again, even with the hefty price tag. I have found it has complemented my usual hair care routine well (John Freida elasticiser, babyface protein repair). It also does last a long time - Mads gave this shampoo to me when it was 2/3 full and it's lasted me 3 months now (that is with 3 uses per week).Although it's not widely available in stores I'm fairly good at planning so wouldn't leave my shampoo and conditioner to an emergency shop! Also for me the benefits that it gives in respect of lengthening the time I have to have my hair coloured is priceless!

      Highly recommended for the blondes *ahem* bombshell in your life!! 5 dooyoo stars is only fair!!


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