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Paul Mitchell Pro Curling Wand

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Brand: Paul Mitchell

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2009 21:10
      Very helpful



      Create beautiful natural looking vurls and waves.

      I have tried so many times to create waves/curls in my hair for a sexy look, but I've never been able to achieve the desired look. My hair just ends up in a mess and it looks like I have been dragged through a bush backwards! I have trying curling tongs but haven't been able to get the hang of it. I have also tried the Babyliss press and curl tongs and not even they could help me!

      I was walking through my local shopping centre and saw a stall set up, where they were creating beautiful curls and waves in people's hair. It looked so easy and simple . . Surely I could do this! They were using a heated stick which you simply wrapped the hair round and held there for a few seconds and then simple let go. The result . . Beautiful natural looking curls. These particular one's this stall was selling were a hefty price of £80! I decided to shop around to see if there was anything else similar I could find!

      ***I FOUND THEM***
      I thought it may be a good idea to search on eBay for a curling wand and found plenty of Tigi curl sticks, but I wanted them for the weekend, I would never get them in time!

      I then decided I might get success from asking in my local hair-dressers to see if they sold them and indeed they did! They didn't have the Tigi one's in stock but they did have a Paul Mitchell Pro Curling Wand which looked just as easy and it's a well known brand name and for £45 I thought I'd at least give it and try and if I couldn't get the hang of these then I could put them on eBay or sell them to a friend.

      Paul Mitchell is the most recognised professional manufacturer of salon products world-wide. The Pure & Natural Ingredients are tested by hair-dressers, never on animals. Paul Mitchell offer high performance hair care. Over the years not only has Paul Mitchell grown, but their product lines have grown as well. Paul Mitchell offer over 65 hair care products.

      ***THE CURLING WAND***
      The Paul Mitchell Curling Wand comes in a strong black card box with a picture of the product on the front and all the information you need to know on the back.

      The wand has the following features:

      * 200c high heat for professional styling
      * 11 Temperature settings with LCD display
      * Instant heat for ultra fast heat up and heat recovery
      * Ceramic coated 13-19mm conical barrel for effortless curling and waving
      * Soft touch finish and swivel style salon cord for comfort and movement
      * Guaranteed for 6 months for salon use and 2 years for consumer use (proof of purchase required)
      * Plastic tip to avoid burning fingers
      * Clamp to hold hair in place
      * Stand for the wand to avoid burning surfaces.

      I was disappointed that there wasn't a book inside the box with styling tips and hints as with a lot of straighteners and curling tongs, you seem to get this quite often but the only book which came with this product was how to change the plug and safety information.

      Simply hold the round black button on the handle of the wand until it switches on. You know when its on as the LCD display will come on with a white light.

      Change the temperature setting by either pressing the plus or minus buttons which are just below the LCD display.

      When it has reached the desired temperature the temperature display will stop flashing.

      The wand was light to hold and heated up in about 1 minute to reach the highest temperature of 200c.

      Unlike the Tigi and other curling wands this one has a clamp which holds your hair in place at the bottom of the wand to secure it. I found that with some tongs the clamp never seems to be strong enough and my hair tends to slide out from underneath it, but my hair stayed in place.

      Simply wind the wand upwards around your hair and hold for about 3-5 seconds. The wand has a plastic tip which is about 3cm long so you can hold the top of the wand with your fingertips which makes it easier.

      After holding in position for about 5 seconds, simply release the clamp and the curl will wind down from the wand and the result . . beautiful salon style curls in a few seconds.

      The wand does also come with a small metal stand which is attached to the wand which you simply pull down for the wand to stand on when it is heating up to avoid burn marks on your carpets or any other surface.

      * If you get some of that old style setting lotion and comb it through your hair the look will last for the whole day without the curls falling out.

      You could try your local hair salon, but they are also available at:
      www.beautybay.com for £43.99.
      www.haircareheaven.co.uk for £39.00.
      I paid £45 from my local hair salon, which is a independent salon. These weren't available at Toni & Guy, where I thought they might sell them. Not even the Tigi Curling wand was available there either!

      ***FINAL WORD***
      These are definitely worth £45, even for someone who has had problems like me and can't get on with normal curling tongs. These are so simple and easy to use with no hard work or lots of effort to create sexy waves or curls. Don't pay £80 for a make you've never even heard of when these do the same job for £45 and they are a well known salon brand by Paul Mitchell


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      Conical Barrel / Ceramic Coated Barrel / 200?c High Heat / 11 Temperature Settings / Soft Touch Handle /

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