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Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment

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Brand: Paul Mitchell / Type: Hair Treatment

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    3 Reviews
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      14.01.2015 10:39



      Sob :(

      I'm a fan of Paul Mitchel's range and it breaks my reviewing heart to do this, but it needs to be reviewed and reviewed honestly.
      This is no the best hair care in their range by a long shot.

      This product is aimed to give you super soft and super sleek hair that is more manageable and more easier to style while giving you that flyaway look that salons can achieve right in your very home.

      You can style away with straighteners and not worry about damage to your hair and also this is meant to be colour safe.

      I sorry but starting with heating the hair it CAUSED the damage and some static. I was surprised as this is a good brand usually, and it caused the colour of my hair to actually look dull. There definitely was not any improvement or protection that I personally saw.
      As for flyaway hair mine became static and a bit unruly.
      The super skinny treatment really does not work here. I would advise anyone who had thick hair and suffers from frizz, stay away from this product and range of Paul Mitchell, just in my opinion.
      I used this consistently for a week but became a bit anxious over the heating damage and really didn't want static or frizzy hair.
      I use this with the conditioner, but it did not improve the product. I also tried leaving the shampoo on for longer and this did not do a thing either.

      Overall this is one product you may not be able to trust.


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      31.07.2011 22:42



      the product is not worth the retail price

      These 2 nicely presented bottles arrived to me as a present from a friend who works in a salon.

      The packaging is brilliant, obviously marketed in the luxury range, it stands well in the shower and on the side of the bath and also goes nicely with any bathroom décor as its neutral. Probably one of the only positives about this product.

      to make a long story short for the price the shampoo may be worth it (once) but certainly not the conditioner, obviously all hairs different but it does not do anything special enough to justify the price tag at around £15 each

      The shampoo is nice, I am not saying it is amazing and once again referring to the price certainly not worth the price, but it has reflective particles in the shampoo and lathers nicely and when used with other brand conditioner it is good but has nothing to excel itself above other products.

      my hair loves conditioner especially because it is colour treated, I assumed at such a high retail price it would be such a treat but very disappointing as it was not, its not even nice for daily use as the bottle suggests.
      It is the kind of conditioner that leaves a slight residue in your hair so you can feel it heavy on your hair, almost greasy.

      I have tried many different combinations of shampoos and conditioners and become almost obsessive when i find a nice one because they are so far and few between. If this is a present it is nice for show on the side of the bath but the product is no where near as good as the attractive packaging.

      I certainly would not buy this product.


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      25.04.2011 16:18
      Very helpful



      Complete waste of money

      I am not very brand loyal with my hair care products although there are a few products that I now avoid after bad experiences. I tend to use whatever is on offer in Boots, I do straighten my hair and it is highlighted so I do always use a conditioner as well as a shampoo.

      Just before Christmas I did a couple of favours for my next-door neighbour, she is a lovely lady and a couple of days later she turned up on my doorstep with a gift bag containing a Paul Mitchell Shampoo and matching conditioner. She works at the local Paul Mitchell salon so I am sure she got it at a bargain (or free) price but it was still kind of her to pass it onto me. I never purchase salon products as they seem expensive so I was very keen to try out my new goodies.

      Paul Mitchell products have been on sale through salons in the UK since 1987 but I had never come across them before.

      I have a 300ml bottle of the Super Skinny Daily Treatment. This is part of the Smoothing range which is designed to smooth and soften the hair. This conditioner is also supposed to contain heat activated conditioner and a thermal protecting property to help repair surface damage and make hair smoother. I always thought that once hair was damaged it couldn't be repaired, I just thought you could help prevent further damage but I may be wrong on that presumption.

      The product is supplied in a tall, white plastic tube-shaped bottle. I quite liked the look of it as I thought it looked classy and understated and popped both the shampoo and conditioner on the shelf in the shower when I ran out of my previous product.

      The first problem I had was actually detecting which product was the conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner come in identical bottles with the only difference being the very top of the shampoo bottle is green. Now I am very short sighted so when I am in the shower I can just about make out where I have put the bottles, I certainly can't differentiate between the two without bringing them very close to my face, add to that the fact that I am quite short and the shelf is so high that I can't see the top of the bottle and you may understand my problem. I try to remember to put the conditioner bottle on the right but sometimes I forget and I hate having to squint desperately to read the rather small wording on the bottles.

      Once I had made sure I had the right bottle I went to use the treatment. The cap is one of the flip up variety that requires you to press down on one side of the lid. This requires quite firm pressure and it flips up to reveal a small slit to release the product. I found the bottle quite tough to squeeze to release the thick liquid as the slot is so small. The one advantage was that it doesn't release lots of product so I was happy that I wasn't wasting any.

      The conditioner is a really thick cream, so thick in fact that it doesn't actually pour; you really have to squeeze it out firmly. It is a rich cream/white colour with a very mild scent which is really nice. It is faintly fruity but looking at the ingredient list the main aromas probably come from jojoba and rosemary. I thought the aroma was delightful as it smelt fresh and clean and slightly exotic.

      I smoothed the product through my hair and worked it in. The directions on the bottle simply say "apply a small amount, massage, rinse". I didn't feel this was terrible helpful so I used what I thought was a small amount, I don't have long hair but what I do have is quite thick. I massaged it into my hair for about a minute and then rinsed. The product felt nice as I worked it through my hair and the mild scent was pleasant.

      I found rinsing the product quite time-consuming. I seemed to be rinsing it out for a long time before I felt that my hair was actually clean and product-free. Speaking to my daughter about the product she made the same comment.

      It was easy to comb my hair whilst it was wet, there were no tangles or knots and my hair felt clean.

      One of the most bizarre claims for this product is that because of the hairs smoother surface and tight diameter the drying time should be reduced. I really feel that the effect on the hair is so microscopic that I can't believe there is really any measurable difference in the drying time. My scientific brain ran overtime on this and there wasn't actually any evidence presented on the manufacturer's website to prove this point and personally I think it is just a marketing gimmick.

      Sometimes I heat-dry my hair and other times I just let it dry naturally and then straighten it later. The first time I used this I just let my hair air-dry naturally, I later straightened it with my GHDs. I can't say I noticed any great difference in the smoothness or the softness of my hair either before or after being attacked by the straighteners.

      The next morning however I did notice a difference, my hair looked awful, it was dull and limp and looked like it hadn't been washed for a week! I normally wash my hair every other day and if needs be I can even manage an extra day if I perhaps want to wash it later in the day instead of the morning. However I had to grab some of my daughter's dry-shampoo that morning as I couldn't have gone to work looking like that.
      I then decided to try out a few ideas to see if it was the conditioner that was causing the problem or whether I need to use a different technique.

      Effort 1- I washed and treated my hair as before but this time I blow-dried it completely before straightening my hair. Results- my hair appeared pretty much normal, certainly no shinier or softer. The next day my hair was passable but not really as clean looking as I would have preferred, it was definitely still a bit dull and lifeless. I can also say that I certainly didn't notice any reduction in the drying time!

      Effort 2- I washed my hair using another brand of shampoo that I have used before and then used the Super Skinny daily treatment. My hair felt cleaner but it still didn't have the shininess that I expect, it was easy to comb and style. The next day the hair was still clean but the ends felt a bit dry.

      Effort 3-I used the alternative shampoo again but left the conditioner on my hair longer to see if it helped the dry ends. This time I found the product even harder to rinse out and seemed to be standing in the shower for hours (I am sure it was actually only a couple of minutes!). My hair felt really soft when I combed it and the ends were definitely better on the second day but the roots were dull.

      Effort 4- I used the matching shampoo and conditioner but only applied the conditioner to the ends of my hair rather than all over, I left it for a minute or two then rinsed. This left my hair relatively easy to manage. On the second day my hair was certainly not as dull as it had been originally and the ends felt soft.

      I came to the conclusion that the conditioner was heavy on the hair without really helping to soften or smooth the hairshaft.

      Having tried all these variations over a couple of weeks I ran into further problems. The tiny slot on the top of the bottle kept getting gunked up with the conditioner. I closed the cap every time I used it but product seemed to dry inside the top and I had to remove the cap and wash it out and then clean the slot out with a thick needle. I found this quite irritating because the first time I discovered the problem I had just washed my hair so was standing in the shower, struggling, and ended up unscrewing the cap to try to get some treatment out.

      The other problem is the bottle design. It has no moulded shape so it a little tricky to hold with wet hands, I could manage this but the thickness of the product means that the bottle needs a hefty squeeze to get anything out of the silly cap. Now I have part used the bottle it is almost impossible to extract the product, I have developed a bizarre technique which involves bending the bottle against the shower wall with one hand and trying to catch the offending product with the other, it really needs two hands to actually compress the bottle enough unless you have forearms like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

      I have checked the price of this product on the website and it is listed at £12.65 for 300ml. I think that this is extortionate for a conditioner anyway (as I said I am not used to salon prices) but if it had been a fantastic product I might have seen the value of spending this amount. I was so disappointed in both the performance of the product and the poorly designed packaging. The only positive thing I can think of is the delightful scent but that is not a good enough reason to buy a hair product, especillay since it was not noticeable on the hair after it was dry. I have probably managed to use about a third of the bottle and unusually for me I think I will throw the rest in the bin, I hate waste and usually persist in using products until they are finished but I don't think I can be bothered with the brute force required to get this useless stuff out of the bottle!


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