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Paul Mitchell Thicken Up

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4 Reviews

Brand: Paul Mitchell / Type: Volume Styling Liquid

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    4 Reviews
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      01.07.2013 16:31
      Very helpful



      Will probably replace with a cheaper alternative

      First of all, I've owned this 200ml product for around 3 years (*scampers off to check if there is an expiry date*) and it's true to say a little goes a long way, as it's still going strong.

      I hate flat hair. My hair is mid-long length and because it's quite straight tends to get pulled down. I purchased this 'Styling Liquid' at my last salon to help with lift at the roots and to achieve a bouncier feel.

      What they say: "Live large with serious volume, flexible body, softness and big shine. Helps protect against sun damage. Apply 2-4 pumps evenly through damp hair. Style as required. On dry hair, use a small amount to separate and define'

      The first important thing to say is not to pop this in if you are letting your hair dry naturally as it gives the complete opposite effect, believe me! The liquid is a clear, gel like substance with a watery consistency for application. Personally, I've only ever used 2 pumps max. And I only ever use it when I'm blow drying. I tend to spread the product from the roots down. If I end up with a little too much at the roots, it brushes through without looking greasy.

      When blow dried, I love the effect it gives. It has a lovely 'clean' fragrance which I tend to notice even a day later, whilst leaving my hair soft and fluffy. Volume wise, it looks like the lift that Batiste would give, but without the 'clogged' up feel; rather, it has that lightweight, bouncy feel such as when you leave a salon.

      Although I don't use it this way, I imagine that it would be a great frizz / flyaway tamer smoothed over dry hair if you wanted a sleek look, as it has the correct consistency.

      The only downside (as with a lot of hair products) is the residue. I wash my hands after application but somehow I always seem to get my brush handle sticky. In addition, the lid on mine broke soon after I got it, but as it has the twist / lock pump it hasn't bothered me. The bottle itself is slim so it doesn't take up much space on the dressing table, plus the pump disperses well.

      I will probably try a different product when this one runs out as it is quite pricy, plus I've had it for so long it would be nice to have a change (although I do love the smell.)


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      07.08.2012 21:17



      amazing hair volumizer

      I won't lie, When I need a lift I use this religiously. My hair is quite thick already but flat, espcially at the scalp where its harder to get volume that's where this excells.
      When your hair is damp you just need 2-3 squirts and rub it in your hair I mostly aim at the scalp and then drag it sort of halfway down and use the hair dryer upside down or even use a bristle brush for a bit of extra lift and ta-da! Volume!
      Sometimes if you put alittle too much the strands may stick together and go abit hard as the stuff has dried. So pretty much as most hair advice you can add on but you can't take away!

      It's alittle pricey( I paid for the bigger bottle but I've had mine quite a while so it does go a long way.
      Smells good too!
      Definatly worth it.


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      18.02.2010 09:06
      Very helpful



      A great styling product for lift and body


      I have flat hair that is a nightmare to try and add a little volume to. I have tried and tested numerous products that promise to give your hair a lift, most of which did not deliver on their promises. I bought Paul Mitchell Thicken Up from my hair salon after I had my hair cut a couple of months ago and the stylist put this product on my hair. I was extremely pleased with the results and asked if I could buy a bottle in the hope that I could recreate the look at home.

      *The Claim*

      Prepare for big, flexible texture with this styling lotion. Paul Mitchell Thicken Up promises to give you healthy, larger than life hair with bendable texture and shine. It is perfect for those days when you want to step out and get noticed.

      *About the Product*

      Thickens - Thickening conditioners and clean, flexible styling agents provide body with soft memory that shapes and separates.
      Protects - strengthening conditioners and UV protection shield hair from the sun while leaving it looking and feeling thick and healthy.
      Adds Shine - Apply to clean damp hair for shiny, fuller, easier-to-style locks or try on dry hair for super shine with more definition.


      To use this product you should use between 2-4 pumps of the Paul Mitchell Thicken Up styling lotion on your hair. It can be applied to damp hair before you dry it for shiny, fuller and easier to style locks. Just rub it between your fingers and this applied it to the roots of your hair. Alternatively, you can use it on dry hair to separate and define with super shine. When using it on dry hair I don't recommend using more than 2 pumps as I use 1 and this is all that is necessary to give it a lift and keep it there for a good few hours of the day.

      The results of using this product on wet hair and left to dry naturally is pretty much non existent however if you blow dry it the difference is massive. You will find that your hair is lifted from your scalp rather than flat. It will have great body and bounce, lasting for a good few hours, if not all day.

      *Price and Availability*

      Paul Mitchell Thicken Up is not widely available to buy. I bought my bottle from my hair saloon therefore I recommend this as a starting point for most people. If they don't stock it themselves they may be able to point you in the right direction. If you get no joy from your hairdressers, I suggest you visit www.lookfantastic.com

      You can buy this 200ml pump bottle for £10.20. Woah! That's a lot of money is what you are probably thinking and your right, it is. But if this is the price that needs to be paid for my hair to look like it isn't stuck to my head then I'm willing to pay it. Plus it is long-lasting so you will only be paying this amount every few months which lessens the blow to your bank balance somewhat.

      *My Opinion*

      The packaging: Paul Mitchell Thicken Up is packaged in a fairly slim white bottle. On this bottle is the brand name, title of the product and a few other details like ingredients. The lid of this styling gel is white with a purple top that is the pump action. This pump action twists to lock and unlock so when used properly, you lock it and prevent yourself from pressing it down unintentionally (perhaps in a bag) and do not waste the product. I like the pump action lid as I find it easy to use but if you don't then with this product you are able to unscrew the lid and use it like that. On the whole, the packaging is quite plain yet cool looking although it does look a little clinical, a tad like something medicinal. It certainly does the job of containing and dispensing the product with little or no mess.

      Colour, texture and smell: The styling gel is clear in colour with a slight shiny look to it although this shine does not give the appearance of grease when applied which is very good as I hate products which do this. The product is quite gel like in texture and the consistency of this product is fairly thin which surprised me a little as a lot of the thickening products that I have used in the past are overly thick and difficult to use. This is not the case with Paul Mitchell Thicken Up as it rubs into your hair easily and leaves absolutely no visual sign (in terms of residue) of leftover product in your hair. The worst thing about this product is the sticky residue that is left on your hands once you have applied it to your hair. This is a little annoying although nothing washing your hands can't deal with.

      The smell of Paul Mitchell Thicken Up is quite strong and perhaps a little overpowering initially but it does settle down once applied to your hair. It is a clean, fresh smell but I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is. It is pleasant enough to have on your hair though.

      Does this styling gel give you healthy, larger than life hair with bendable texture and shine? Yes it does this big time. My hair looks a lot bouncier and larger without having that hard feeling that some products can give to your hair.

      Is this product perfect for those days when you want to step out and get noticed? It most certainly is but only for good reasons. You're hair will look gorgeous and make you feel great about yourself.

      Does it leave your hair looking and feeling thick and healthy? It most certainly does. My hair looks a lot thicker due to the lift it gets when blow dried at the roots, something that I cannot achieve without using this product. I wouldn't say that it feels a great deal thicker but perhaps slightly. And as for looking healthy, it really does look in better condition. This is because my hair doesn't look flat and lifeless and it has also been given a nice shine.

      Longevity of the product: Paul Mitchell Thicken Up will last you about six months when you use the appropriate amount on a daily basis. If you choose not to use it every day then obviously it will last you a lot longer than this. I find this lessens the blow when you find out the price.

      *Would I Recommend This Product?*

      I would recommend Paul Mitchell Thicken Up as a must have hair product for anyone who has flat hair and wants something that will give their hair a bit of lift and volume. Perhaps a little of the pricey side but it is worth every penny believe me as it lasts a long time and the effects are really amazing.


      Paul Mitchell Thicken Up is an amazing product that can change your look in an instant. It is relatively easy to use and although a little on the expensive side, proves it worth. I have always struggled to find products that help me with my flat, lifeless hair but with Paul Mitchell Thicken Up I have found quite a gem. I will certainly be buying this styling lotion again and I strongly urge anyone who struggles to get volume and body in their hair to give it a go as well.


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        12.02.2009 18:19
        Very helpful



        Quality product with great results.

        I have always struggled with my fine limp hair. I had to have it shaven off several years ago for an operation and since then - nothing. I either have it really short to give an illusion of more than one strand of hair or I grow it (to be able to put it up) and it just clings to my skull. As a result I will try ANY product claiming to give me some volume - hence the Paul Mitchell Thicken Up Shampoo.

        The shampoo comes in a couple of different sizes - I tried the travel size 100ml. The bottle white with purple writing on and a purple top. The packaging is very plain but bold and classical. You can either screw the lid off of push open the purple top, squirt enough out and flip the purple top back - really simply but less messy.

        The shampoo itself is quiet a thin consistency, I was surprised by it as a lot of other volume products are thick and kind of gooey but this is almost clear and a nice consistency. It smells fresh, that's the only way I can really describe it, not flowery or fruity but fresh and clean. The smell doesn't last very long and certainly isn't still there after your hair has dried.

        I live in a very had water area and find that some shampoos require a lot of product to get a good lather in your hair, and I am the kind of person who needs a lot of lather in their hair before it feels clean! Though fear not anyone in a hard water area, the smallest amount produces a nice light bubbly lather. I also found that the product washes away quiet easily, making it nice quick and simple to use.

        Now as for the results, it's a bit of a mixed bag. When I left my hair to dry naturally after using the product I didn't notice any difference at all, granted it my hair felt clean and light but no thicker and fuller. However when I blow dried my hair properly after using the product there was a definite difference. My hair had more body and lots more bounce and the body actually lasted quiet a while. The shampoo also gave a lovely shine to my hair. As well as good results one of the things I really loved about this product was the fact that it didn't leave a product build up in my hair with continued use. Good Quality and Good results, although a little pricey at £11.50 for 250ml - but worth it.

        I also used the matching finishing spray and found this helped the body and bounce stay longer (see my other Paul Mitchell Review).


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      Contains thickening conditioners and styling ingredients to provide extra body /

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