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Percy & Reed Really Rather Radiant Colour & Shine Conditioner

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Brand: Percy & Reed / Type: Conditioner / Gender: Ladies Haircare

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    2 Reviews
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      31.12.2013 10:20
      Very helpful
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      A fantastic conditioner for coloured hair

      I received a set of Percy & Reed products as part of a free gift when subscribing to a magazine, and included was this Really Rather Radiant Colour and Shine Conditioner. It costs RRP £16.00 for 250mls and I received a smaller 100ml version. You can find further info at www.percyandreed.com

      Product description: "Give coloured hair spectacular shine and glorious glossiness, with a little help from raspberry oil and our supporting cast of white grape seed oil and aloe vera gel. Pro vitamin B5 adds strength, for hair that dazzles in glorious technicolour."

      The product comes packaged in a white tube with stylish black lettering on it. There is a fun image of a young woman with flowing, lustrous hair, which makes me a bit envious that my hair is not so long and full as hers! Because the plastic tube is coloured white you cannot see through it to judge how much conditioner is left inside, which is a bit of a pain really. The tube has a screw-top lid at the base, which I find a little impractical as it means I have to juggle the open bottle while I'm applying the conditioner to my hair. It is easier to use when I'm bathing rather than showering, as I can reach to lay the bottle down on the edge of the bath before having to put the lid back on.

      Recommended directions for use: Work the conditioner into the palms of your hands and smooth through the hair, working from roots to ends, then massage. Rinse thoroughly. For extra conditioning leave for 1-2 minutes.

      The conditioner itself is pure white and has a very thick texture. It feels very rich and creamy, and is quite a luxurious treat compared to the more standard range conditioners that I would usually buy from the high street. To use, I spread this through the lengths of my hair, from the nape of my neck down to the tips, and then apply just a very small amount near the roots. This stops it from overloading my hair which can tend to become greasy quickly. I have been colouring my hair every few months for the past 10+ years, so it has suffered quite a bit of damage over this time. Back in autumn I decided that it was time I went back to being my natural self, and had my hair cut practically in half, so it is much shorter and fresher. I also had one last dye job done to take it back to a dark brown shade, which would allow my own natural colour to blend in subtly when it starts to grow and show at the roots. I very much missed my previous fiery ginger tones, and felt that my basic brown hair was looking quite dull and frumpy. That is, until I started to use this conditioner. Almost instantly I noticed that my hair was softer to the touch, and true to its claims my hair was given a glossy shine all over. I usually have to fully style my hair to keep it under control, but when using this conditioner I only need to give it the merest blast of heat from my hairdryer or straighteners, and it looks in perfect condition with a sleek and silky finish. The performance was impressive enough that even my boyfriend noticed and commented on how my hair colour looked richer, which is high praise indeed. I didn't start using this conditioner until some weeks after my hair had been dyed, when the colour had been beginning to fade and look flat. I was really pleased with how it seemed to revitalise my colour and give it a healthy shine, as well as keeping my hair moisturised and smooth. The only negative point I can make is that it does not have much in the way of a fragrance, which is really the only thing that this conditioner is lacking in.

      I love the results I've had from using this conditioner, and I would definitely buy it again. It not only nourishes and conditions hair, but also helps to make it more manageable. It is a shame that it is so expensive, but I think in this case the price is worth it as the product is so effective.


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        28.05.2013 10:07
        Very helpful



        An expensive conditioner that does little more than the average one

        Percy and Reed - Really Rather radiant Colour & Shine Conditioner

        I am not one of those people who rushes to buy expensive shampoos but when they are offered as a free gift on a magazine I do get tempted. I HATE magazines and only ever buy them for the free gift. In fact I but the gift and pass the magazine on without even reading it as I find them a total waste of time. I looked at this and thought 'would I spend £2 on this shampoo?' and thought maybe it was worth a try. I certainly would NEVER have spent the £14 suggested price on this small tube.

        Anyway armed with about 5 magazines I went to the checkout. I bought 3 different products for my daughter and a shampoo and conditioner for myself.

        "Give coloured hair spectacular shine and glorious glossiness, with a little help from raspberry oil and our supporting cast of white grape seed oil and aloe vera gel. Pro vitamin B5 adds strength, for hair that dazzles in glorious technicolour.  "

        WHAT TO DO
        All you need to do is apply this to your wet just shampooed hair - best results of course are gained from using the matching shampoo! Gently massage it in with your fingers the rinse with warm water. Dry and style as you choose.

        This shampoo is a thick creamy white paste that feels silky and soft as you massage it through your hair. I always use a small massaging brush to run through my hair when conditioning as it massages my scalp and feels really nice as well as spreading the conditioner through my hair.

        My hair is thick ,curly and quite course but I found I only neede about an inch and a half 'worm' of this to go through all my hair.

        It smells pleasant enough, but not that strong and only very slightly floral but nowhere near as strong a scent as you get from Aussie or Herbal essences and it doesn't really make my hair smell gorgeous like some conditioners do.

        I did love the 'Salon Tip' on the back of the conditioner tube:
        "For extra gloss, rinse thoroughly with cold water to close down the cuticle".
        Not sure I am quite ready for that sort of torture even on a warm day and certainly not in our winter weather Maybe I will try it one day when it is really hot if I am feeling brave

        Like the matching shampoo, this comes in a simple white upside down tube with black image of a young slender lady with long hair and the words 'Get the gloss' beside her as well as the name of the product and the brand name. The tag line for this conditioner is Really rather radiant'. In fact the tubes are identical apart from the fact one says 'shampoo' and the other 'conditioner'.

        I do like these tubes that sit on the lid as the product is always at the business end of the tube and it is never hard to squeeze any out even at the end.

        On the back is a list of ingredients which you need pretty good eyesight to read but seems to be a lot of rather unnatural sounding chemicals to me.

        The tube can of course be recycled with the usual plastic recycling scheme.

        MY OPINION
        Well the scent didn't knock me out and the feeling of the conditioner in my hair when wet was nice and silky but no better than any other conditioner in my opinion. After I had used this, following the shampoo that this is paired with, I dried my hair as usual and then inspected it for shine.

        It dried easily and felt nice enough but I have to say the shine was not obvious. As this is what this shampoo and conditioner pairing claim to offer then I would say it was a bit disappointing. I get a better shine from other conditioners for dry or coloured hair.

        My daughter used hers while she was up here staying and said she liked it and it felt nice but she didn't think she would be buying it again as others were cheaper and just as good and smelled stronger too.

        So all in all an expensive conditioner giving a fairly average performance on the whole and not worth the money. I am glad I only paid £2 for the 100ml tube and in my view even that was expensive for what this is and does.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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      • Product Details

        Give coloured hair spectacular shine and glorious glossiness, with a little help from raspberry oil, white grape seed oil and aloe vera gel. Pro vitamin B5 adds strength, for hair that dazzles in glorious technicolour. Ideal for: Colour-treated or chemically-treated hair; can also be used on non-treated hair that is dull. To Use: Work the conditioner into the palms of your hands and smooth through the hair, working from roots to ends, then massage. For extra conditioning leave for 1-2 minutes. Salon Tip: For extra glossy hair, rinse thoroughly with cold water to close down the cuticles.

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