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Philips HP4696/07 Tresemme Salon Multi Stylist

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Brand: Tresemme / Suitable for: Lip / Working for: curly hair

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    5 Reviews
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      17.08.2012 16:36
      Very helpful



      A decent pair of curlers, the other bits are a little redundant.

      I bought this multi styling set years ago now and have been using it happily ever since.

      I always loved doing different things with my hair but always found hair curlers just weren't very effective and that my hair would drop a few hours later. This is the only curler I have EVER used that has managed to keep my hair happily curled and is therefore an essential one for me.

      The idea of this set is that there are many different detachable curling barrels and straightening plates which you can use to achieve many different looks. Prior to owning this and throughout owning this I have used GHD straighteners to straighten my hair and so found the straightening plate pretty redundant. My main use has been the curling tongs but I will give you as much information as I can about the others.

      The set comes in one of those flat fabric carriers you can roll up. I pretty instantly discarded this as I knew many of the parts I would never use and therefore I didn't need this for travel. If your plan was the travel with this though it might be handy to hang onto it because it neatly stored all of the connective parts.

      The main body of this hair styler is a black plastic handle which has a twist part at the top that you twist across to either attach or release the current styling applicator. There is a plastic coated wire running from the base of the styler which ends with a standard UK plug. There is a red light on the side of the styler which shows you that it is switched on, though it does not indicate that it is ready at any point. The design is pretty simple, though the attachments aren't, and though not exactly stylish it is functional.

      So, let's run through the various attachments that come with this styler:
      Straightener - I used this once and decided that it wasn't really worth the hassle. The plates are very small and so unless I was desperate or my straighteners didn't work I'd avoid this really. That said, I didn't but it for this function so personally wasn't bothered.
      Crimper - the straightening attachment has detachable plates which can be changed from flat (for straightening) to ridged (for crimping). I've never actually felt any desire to crimp my hair, maybe because I don't live in the 80s, though if it was required for fancy dress I might consider it and would be pleased to have this rather than buy new ones.
      Thin curler - this is great for creating very neat and tight curls. I don't use this one loads as it makes my hair HUGE but it is nice for that high impact look once in a while. I also find it good for creating soft waves if you don't hold the hair in for very long.
      Wide curler - this is the perfect size for curling my hair, it can create ringlets or waves and is really versatile depending on how you choose to use it. This is my favourite attachment and I use it all the time.
      Black plastic slip on thingies - In all honestly I discarded these pretty quickly because they looked scary and complicated, but for those of you into reading instructions they might be useful...
      Clips - these are black plastic clips which you can use to separate your hair. I actually think they are pretty pointless, and don't keep my hair pinned back very well. I tend to use a hair grip but it's nice to have them in case you can't find one.

      All attachments heat pretty quickly (5-10 mins) and have these little heat indicator stickers on them. These are red and turn black once the item is hot enough. Most of these have since fallen off but because I've been using this styler for years I can pretty much tell when it is hot enough.

      So, the best items provided are the two curling tongs. Everything else I've kept in case I'm ever desperate but generally avoid using as I had no real use for them. That said, the curling tongs more than make up for everything else because they are the best I've ever used. Although they don't get blindingly hot they manage to maintain curls in my hair all day and very often into the next day too. I'm not really sure how they manage to work so well, because every other curler I've ever used has dropped almost instantly, but they really do work on my hair without any products or hair spray.

      I have a vague recollection that I paid £20 for these and bought them in TK Maxx many moons ago. That seems like a pretty good deal to me because they are on Amazon for £60 now...though there is a competitive set for £20 made my Philips which looks suspiciously similar. This set is also made by Philips so unless you want to pay an extra £40 for Tresemme endorsement I'd go for the Philips ones and hope for the best. I know mine will probably break at some point and I'll definitely be buying another one of these sets (or the cheaper alternative) because I know how good it is and have never found anything better.

      Overall, a brilliant set of curlers with some other attachments which I didn't find useful.


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      19.08.2010 12:10
      Very helpful



      Ok if you're doing it for fun.

      I bought these around a year ago now, so have used them quite a bit.

      The packaging:
      They come in a standard box - nothing special there. When opened up you find all the bits in the picture above, but also a nice bag type arrangement which they all fit into, to save you losing bits. Very handy for me!

      First impressions:
      They were at this point £25, so considering a basic curling tong alone cost around £15, I wasn't expecting miracles. Which was a good thing - the tongs do feel cheap, nothing else I can say about them.

      My first go using them was with the large curling tong. My hair is long but quite fine. It took a bit but I did get some ok curls on my 1st go - I was actually pleasantly surprised!
      I've used all the sections apart from the brush bit (nasty experience getting a similar sized brush tangled in my hair!).
      Large tong: Works quite well, do find I need to hold it quite a while as they don't get particularly hot, but it's surprisingly smooth to use.
      Small tong: Much the same really, despite my hair length I was able to get lovely tight curls though lal down my hair! Very pleased, this is the accessory I use the most.
      Spiral slide: This does create beautiful ringlets, but it's hard to use on longer hair not surprisingly, and I find I can get just as good ringlets with just the small tong, so this part is a bit of a waste of time for me.
      Straighteners: They are short. Very short. Unfortunately this doesn't make them so easy to use, and due to the heat not being very high it takes a fair bit for me to get my hair straight with them, that said for a quick straighten on holiday or such they'll do well. Also no "correct heat" red spot on these or the crimpers, which leaves some guess work.
      Crimper: Useless. What can I say, I tried them in a few ways and just ended up with hot hair.
      Sectioning clips: Great - for small amounts of hair. Unfortunately due to having long hair this leaves them as having incredibly limited use for me.

      In short, these are cheap and they show it. However, I still have them after a while - because they were CHEAP. And useful for taking on holiday in 1 package instead of trying to take 3 or 4 separate things.

      I think they'd be great as an ocassional use item, or possibly for younger teens getting into doing hair things - the lower heat while capable of burning is much much less scorching than the 230C of my other straighteners, and I think that's a point worth noting for safety reasons, what would be a nasty burn or blister from the hotter ones leaves me a red mark which goes away quickly with these.

      This is a classic example of getting what you pay for - and actually they're all I expected for the price, and I'm quite happy with them considering that, but if you desperately want one of the things to work well 100% of the time, spend the extra money.

      3* rating due to these many points. I realise I've put cheap as both an advantage and disadvantage, it's how I see it.


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      14.09.2009 19:56



      I was disappointed with the results.Not what you should expect from a well known brand like Tresemme

      I received these hair stylers as a Christmas present, and was keen to find out how they fared against my very thick and wavy hair. First impressions were good; they appeared to be easy to use and heated up quickly. However I was disappointed to find that the straighteners only knocked a few kinks out my hair, and wouldn't straighten my fringe.
      I also found that the curlers weren't as easy to use as I had originally hoped, and as I had never used curlers before I had no idea how to curl your hair with them, and the instructions didn't help much. Having only ever had one pair of straightners before, I couldn't automatically heat them up and know what to do I had to read through the entire instructions, which just like for the curlers, didn't help me much for the straighteners.
      The plastic clips would not stay in my slippery, just washed hair, and pulled and yanked it.
      Overall, I was quite disappointed, as I had expected better from Tresemme.


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      13.10.2008 19:54
      Very helpful



      A really rubbish multistyler from tresemme.

      I'm getting on a bit now, but I do like to try and follow some trends now and again. You won't catch me in a puffball skirt or multicoloured tights, but when I see that curls are coming back in in hairstyle circles, I'm happy to follow. You see, I have naturally got wavy hair. It can be talked into being properly curly with strategic use of boots' own brand curling creme, but generally it's waves, straighteners or nothing in the hair stakes.

      Being keen to experiment a little with tonged curls, as even if they fall out I'd still have some movement to my hair with the natural wave, I invested £19.99 in this little box of tricks.

      The Tresemmé Multi Stylist contains one styling wand with several attachments - two curling tongs (one tiny and one larger, but pretty much just standard size) and a crimper and straightener in one. There is also a brush attachment and a ringlet attachment to put over the tongs. It looked to be a complete package for me - I didn't want to invest too much in a styling set, and I'd heard crimping was coming back in, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.

      Trying it out for the first time, I was hugely disappointed. I plugged it in and left it to heat up. Maybe I'm spoilt by my GHD straighteners, but I was horrified to find that this styler seems to take about five minutes to heat up! This is not suitable at all for a quick restyle - it is a mission to even get started.

      I decided to try the crimper first. Now, while it did do the job, the tiny size of the crimping plates meant it took me about two hours to do my full head of hair, and also meant that it was not uniformly crimped - it took about five goes on each length to reach the bottom of my just-below-shoulder-length hair. Once the crimping was done, though, it didn't drop out easily and did stay put nicely.

      Not wanting my £20 to have been badly spent, I soon decided the time had come for tong curling. This was an area that let the product down even more than the crimping. After waiting the required five minutes for the damn thing to heat up, I was still left with a lukewarm curling tong which was incapable of imparting any curl on my hair whatsoever. This was on the maximum heat setting - I was deeply unimpressed.

      It being my only curling tong, and with my complete inadequacy when it comes to making curls with my GHDs, I persevered with it for a while, but it was completely useless. No matter what I do, this styler will not style my hair.

      It's not a faulty one - it does heat up. It just doesn't heat up to the kind of heat that is needed to actually style hair.

      It's not my hair. I know this because I have subsequently got myself a good curling tong, and it works a charm, giving me beautiful curls quickly (heating up in about 30 seconds) and easily. This is just a really terrible product. It is worse than the curling tong I had back in about 1995 - and that was pretty bad. Technology has moved on in the rest of the hair care market - there is no excuse for this kind of rubbish being churned out by reputable hair care companies.

      If you're looking for a curling tong or even a multi-styler, I would highly recommend looking elsewhere. Spend a little bit more and your money won't be wasted. I, for one, am gutted that I scrimped on this product.


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        24.01.2008 12:05
        Very helpful



        A great occasional product, with a value for money range of styling tools.

        It's curling time!

        The Christmas party season was fast approaching, I didn't want to cut my hair as I was trying tot grow it. I needed a revamp on my hair, quick! So I went into Superdrug looking for a curling tong that would make my curls look cool.....
        I chose the Tresseme Salon Multi Stylist as it seemed to have all the tools I needed for the job and only cost me £19.99 (If you have seen it cheaper in the January sales...please don't tell me I might cry!)...
        Here is why I chose it...

        -----My Hair type:------
        I have naturally very tight curls, which are prone to frizz. I love my curls do not get me wrong. However, I fancied having looser 'Hollywood' style curls...just for a change. On my hair type I needed a little bit of straightening and then a hair tong that was going to make my curls look glamorous. Overall I have awkward hair!

        ----What you get in the kit -----
        Use of could not be easier. The set consists of the main heat source which is a plug in heat rod onto which the other attachments go; A large curling tong 7/8 size, that the spiral attachment can be put onto; a small curling tong 5/8 size, which doubles up as a hot brush; straighteners with Ultra Gliss ceramic slim plates. This doubles up as hair crimpers. There are also 4 section clips to keep hair in sections when you are styling it. There is also a leaflet of instructions and some styling tips. This is all enclosed in a handy case which makes it neat and tidy for storage. Overall you get lots of styling for your money!
        Very lightweight and a nice long electric flex!

        ---Use of the product---

        You do have to let the item heat up before use; this does only take 2-3 minutes which is fine in my book! So it is best to select the tool that you are going to use and let that heat up along with the main heat rod. Each curling tool has a metal 'rest' which flips round so you can rest the item without burning furniture or carpet whilst you are waiting for it to heat up. The straighteners are encased in plastic which doesn't tend to get hot.
        I found this very easy to use on my hair. Like I have said I have fairly awkward hair (which looks nice with some TLC). To get my Hollywood curls I decided to give my hair a quick once over with the straighteners. I wasn't looking for hair as straight as a die I just needed to get some of the puffiness out of it. I was satisfied with the results.

        I then went onto use the large tongs. I sectioned my hair and wound inch chunks of my hair around it. I gave it a count to 20 and then slid the tong out so that I ended up looking like I had Shirley Temple ringlets. When I had done that all over I gently ran my fingers through and hey presto I had a glamorous look for the evening!

        As with other tongs I have used in the past; particularly as a child I had to get my mum to cut me free from a curling tong once!!! My hair rarely got caught in the tongs.
        Overall I found this easy to use!

        ----Care for your Hair----
        Having frizzy hair I wouldn't use this product every day (I don't have the time but hey). I found that it didn't dry my hair out too much, but my hair did feel just that tiny bit less soft the next day. I used a serum on my hair before I styled and a hairspray to keep moisture out after styling. Both Products were by Tresemme and were for dry damaged hair.


        A great product, with a value for money range of styling tools. I wouldn't use it every day on my hair type. If you have straighter hair, or you like to make curls in your hair and you want to style your hair on a daily basis I would recommend a more expensive tool. For occasional styling, this is the item for you!


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      • Product Details

        11 piece set includes: 7/8 tong for big curls, 5/8 tong for small curls, slide over brush for soft curls, slide over spiral for ringlets and 4 sectioning clips, UltraGliss ceramic slim plates and barrels, straight plate, crimping plate

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