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Phyto 7 Plant Based Daily Hydrating Cream

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Brand: Phyto / Type: Hair Cream / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / What it does: Hydrates,

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    2 Reviews
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      21.06.2012 10:00
      Very helpful



      My favourite weapon against unruly hair!

      Phyto 7- Day Cream For Hair!

      For some reason the places where I love to spend my holidays all seem to be windy and this year has been no exception. Just back from a two centre holiday I have trialled a French hair product that has excelled itself in so many ways, and here follows an account of the miracle conditioning cream that is Phyto7!

      I am so grateful to make up artist Lisa Eldridge who recently posted a superb video on YouTube detailing her guidelines for hair and skincare on long haul flights, and how to stay fresh and to arrive at your destination looking awake and well groomed. One of her suggestions was to use a cream called Phyto7 as a moisturiser for hair during the flight, which is what I actually did, but I also found it to be invaluable during the holiday to combat frizz in the extremely windy climate that I encountered in both places I visited.

      Phyto7 is a French product and it can be purchased in John Lewis and from one of my favourite online stores - Look Fantastic. There are also various sellers on Amazon to choose from- some mail directly from France. A 50ml tube of the cream costs £10 and this size is ideal as it fits in the regulations for carrying onboard aircraft inside the passenger cabin. This sounds quite expensive but to me it is worth its weight in gold, and I used it every days for two weeks on my recent holiday that was spend half in the Outer Hebrides and half in The Maldives.

      The cream is non greasy, so you need not be worried about a build up of the product or that it imparts a residue on the hair at all. It is made from the extracts of seven plants- calendula, sage, burdock, willow, soybean, rosemary and althea, and as this make uses only botanical ingredients you won't find parabens or other nasties in their products. You don't need to use a lot each time - a small pea size amount when distributed through the hair, especially at the ends, is all you need to ensure that hair stays soft, shiny and under control. It has a delicate scent which is really pleasant, and I found the tube easy to use and very economical as it lasts so long.

      My Experience From Two Windy Places!

      To give you an idea I will describe my experience of using this cream during the first week of my holiday. This was spent on the island of North Uist in The Outer Hebrides. Here there is rarely a day that the wind doesn't blow and more often than not it does so with great force, and so it provides challenging times for hair. I usually wash and dry my hair and then use GHD wide plate straighteners on it before venturing out, and the use of Redken All Soft products does ensure I am off to a good start. My hair is long, slightly wavy, and prone to frizz, and in this cold and strong wind it can end up looking untidy and wild. The use of this Phyto 7 cream was a first for me this year and I was really impressed, as I was able to go out for lunch and not look untidy, as I often have done in the past just from battling the wind between car and café!

      The second week of my holiday involved a long haul flight of eleven hours to the Maldives where the weather was hot humid and windy. Many people associate these islands with calm tropical scenes of gentle waves lapping onto beaches, but in many areas they have strong offshore winds and currents, and together with the high humidity hair is significantly challenged. As Lisa had recommended I applied the cream to my hair whilst on the flight and was really impressed with how soft it felt, and then I continued to use the cream during the holiday before going out in the sun and wind. I gave the product a real test here as I love to spend my days snorkelling and then sitting on the pier or the beach watching for signs of turtles or other large fish before once again venturing in to see them under the water. The combination of sun and wind as well as salt water normally takes its toll on my hair but with the Phyto cream this year I was delighted to experience a lot less frizz, and I was able to smooth down my hair before going for a drink without having to go back to the room to style it.

      I think the last day I was there really made me value the attributes this cream has because our return trip to the airport was by speedboat, and it was even more windy than usual. I was sitting on the windy side of the boat looking out at some flying fish that were jumping out of the water, and my hair was being battered by the salt water air and the force of the wind. I had packed the cream in my bag and just prior to stepping off the boat to check in for the flight I was able to comb through a little of the cream and to once again have a smooth hair style for the long journey home.

      I have to say that normally I dislike leave in products as I prefer to have that freshly washed feel to my hair that is not weighted down by products. However this cream is simply outstanding as it doesn't impart any kind of residue but simple moisturises the hair shaft and allows it to lie flat rather than to succumb to frizz.

      You have two choices with regard to application. Either you apply after towel drying to freshly washed hair before styling as usual, or you simply use on dry hair which I my preferred method. Either way dryness is eliminated due to the intense hydrating properties this product has. It is perfectly ok to apply several times a day if you are in extreme weather conditions. At home when I use it once in the morning is perfectly adequate and I have used it a lot not just on holiday, as I love the way it imparts moisture and makes my hair look much more under control.

      There is an even more intense version of this cream called Phyto 9 which I have yet to sample, and there are matching products within the range that encompass shampoos conditioners serums and treatments, and currently at Look Fantastic.com the Phyto cream is free if you purchase 2 other products from the range.

      I highly recommend this product to anyone who has frizz or dry hair issues. especially if you are travelling to hot humid countries more especially those that have windy days. The cream is free from parabens and is long lasting, and so although the initial financial outlay is steep it is economical to use. I really can't find any negatives to say about this cream that performs excellently in all situations.


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        24.06.2009 22:30
        Very helpful



        Lovely, light cream, that can help improve the texture of your hair.

        As I have already reviewed PHYTO 9 and given a fairly comprehensive view of the company and how it operates, I won't repeat it all, so if you want some extra information its all in my review.
        This is one of my favourite companies because it cares about the environment and has done from day one, not just lately because its fashionable to be eco-friendly.
        Here's a quick run down-
        PHYTO was created in 1969 by Patrick Ales, he has developed hair care treatment's formulated with the most powerful active plant ingredients found in the world.
        Each treatment is made with the highest concentration of botanical extracts using-
        Roots, flowers, buds,entire plants,fruits,gums,resins,saps,juice,seeds.
        700 plants are used in creating PHYTO products and they produce most of the plants they use.
        A product may contain up to 40 ingredients.

        PHYTO Mission- to study plant resources and apply botanical secrets to enhance the beauty and health of hair in complete respect for nature.
        PHYTO- helps protect nature- it's ally- in all aspects.
        Glass, metal and aluminium containers are used for the products which are recyclable and also means minimum preservatives need to be used.

        Most of us are guilty of cruelty to our hair at some time or other- we fry it with hairdryers, curling tongs, straighteners, colour/bleach it etc...
        Patrick Ales states " there is no such thing as bad hair, only poorly treated hair"
        Well, Im guilty as charged! Don't know about you?

        PHYTO 7 was created in 1970 believe it or not, so its no newcomer, its been working its magic for a few years already.
        Its a 100% botanical day cream, with a unique plant based formula, incorporating 7 plant extracts to rehydrate and regenarate your hair-
        Calendula, Sage, Burdock (another use rather than with Dandelion), Willow, Soybean, Rosemary, and Althea.
        Its formula is creamy but non greasy (it doesn't weigh the hair down like some products do).
        It helps protect dry hair by increasing the moisture levels within the hair shaft.
        Regular use should see your hair looking more shiny, supple and with more body.

        Apply in the morning, a small amount spread evenly through the hair (massage in well or it will sit on top of the hair and not do its job properly)
        comb through if your hairs not allergic to combs like mine, leave for approx 10 mins then style as usual. As easy as that!

        It comes in a white 50ml tube with blue lettering, I personally like the packaging, and is available on line and-
        John Lewis
        Cost approx £12.75, but shop around.
        It's expensive but it does last as you only need a small amount of product due to the "richness" of the cream, it lasted me approx 6 months.

        I used PHYTO 7 years ago and really liked it but, sadly its not strong enough for my unruly mop and Ive had to swap to the "Industrial Strength" PHYTO 9, those two extra plant extracts make all the difference to my hair!

        There are other products you can use with PHYTO 7 to help improve your hairs condition if you wish but any good, natural product can work very well and of course be cheaper.

        Huile D'Ales- Pre-shampoo intense hydrating oil treatment with pure essential oils. It revitalise's adding shine,softness & suppleness.
        PHYTOJOBA-Intense hydrating shampoo with jojoba oil
        PHYTOJOBA-Intense hydrating mask with jojoba oil.

        A very good buy in my opinion/experience.


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