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Phyto 9 Daily Ultra Nourishing Cream

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Brand: Phyto / Type: Hair Cream / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / What it does: Nourishes

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    2 Reviews
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      12.10.2009 18:13
      Very helpful
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      A great product that's worth the hefty price tage

      I have been using Phyto 9 on and off for almost 20 years now on my very dry hair. I used to buy it in a very fancy beauty salon that I would go in just for this product after a friend of mine with beautiful hair recommended this cream to me. Then I moved to France and was able to buy it in almost every chemist's shop for much less money which was nice while it lasted. Now I am in the UK and I order my Phyto 9 online, usually for around £10. You can also buy it at John Lewis but there you can expect to pay £13-14 for 50ml of this product.

      Phyto 9 is different from most hair care products. It isn't a conditioner, it's a day cream, much along the same lines as the day cream that you would use on your face. It nourishes your hair, adds moisture, and protects it from the elements as well. It is formulated with plants and macadamia oil.

      Phyto 9 comes in a cardboard carton and inside you find a metallic tube a bit like a toothpaste tube. You flip up the cap, squeeze out and apply a tiny, pea-sized amount to towel-dried hair after washing and conditioning as normal. The product is quite thick but it glides well through your hair and is quite easy to distribute.

      This cream doesn't have a strong smell but the funny thing is once I was having lunch outside with some friends, having applied this in the morning. I had several bees flying around me becoming interested in my hair! I waved them away and didn't get stung but at least this proves the product must contain a great deal of plant and flower extracts to attract this kind of attention.

      Phyto 9 is not a styling product and you can expect results from it straight away. But over a period of a week or so of regular use you will see a gradual but very noticeable improvement in the condition of your hair.

      Phyto 9 is meant for hair that is naturally very dry and that has also been damaged by excessive heat styling. If your hair is only a little bit dry and damaged you might be better off using Phyto 7 which is a less intensive treatment.


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        24.06.2009 14:24
        Very helpful



        A lovely, 100% botanical day cream that can help improve the condition of your hair

        PHYTO is a French company, created in 1969 by their founder- Patrick Ales
        " Hair is a precious, living substance" Learning how to respect hair is PHYTO'S mission. " There is no such thing as bad hair, there is only poorly treated hair"- Patrick Ales
        PHYTO'S Mission-
        To study plant resources- to apply botanical secrets to enhance the beauty and health of hair in complete respect for nature.
        PHYTO helps protect nature- its ally- in all aspects.
        It was one of the first companies to research plants for hair care and one of the rare manufacturers that actually produces the majority of plants used in its products.
        There are 700 plants used in creating PHYTO products.
        Roots, flowers, buds, entire plants, fruits, gums, resins, saps, juice, seeds are all used which means a product can contain up to 40 ingredients.
        All the products are formulated with the most powerful active plant ingredients found in the world. They also contain the highest concentration of botanical extracts that work together to give the best results enabling them to improve the health and enhance the natural beauty of evey type of hair.
        A team of scientists can show clinically proven results.

        I personally have used their products for approx 18 years, in days gone by you could only buy PHYTO in certain Hair Salons mine being one of them.
        Now you can buy them on the inter-net and
        John Lewis.

        What a refreshing change to find a company thats given some thing back virtually from day one and hasn't just jumped on the "eco-friendly", "recycling".... bandwagon, so as not to fall behind its rivals as some companies have.
        All products are available in glass, metal and aluminium containers, so limiting the need for preservatives and are also recyclable.
        Some products come in a box, some just in tubes, bottles etc.
        The packaging is white with mainly blue lettering, quite "classy" looking to me.

        PHYTO 9 is for ultra-dry hair- due to harsh and regular chemical use, colour- bleach especially, constant use of straighteners without protection for your hair, and also people with long term illness-one of the first parts of the body to suffer is your hair.
        Hair appears rough, dry,has no shine and tangles & breaks very easily.
        Not enough Sebum(oil) is produced.
        Colour esp bleach harms Keratin(protein) which makes the hair more porous, this causes moisture in the hair to evaporate and so eventually can lead to the hair completely dehydrating and can just "snap"!

        Hair is more fragile than we realise, so many factors can lead to dehydrated, tangled "mops"
        Poor diet
        Harsh cosmetic hair products.
        Stop being stressed take up yoga(easier said than done).
        Use good quality products(the best you can afford, they don't all cost a fortune)
        If you have fine hair, use products designed for fine hair etc.
        Drink lots of water and eat as healthily as you can and see the improvement in your hair.

        Macadamia oil- resembles sebum, and provides intense nourishment, without leaving a greasy residue.
        Soybean, Calendula, Burdock, and plant mucilage penetrates the very core of the hair fiber to help restore the Keratin moisture levels.
        St John's Wort, Rosemary, Willow, Sage, and Burdock are all hydrating and nourishing.

        Using PHYTO 9 the 9 key plant extracts (above) will nourish the hair from within and protect it from the outside, helping it to regain its shine, softness and suppleness with regular use.

        PHYTO 9 comes in a 50ml /1.7fl.oz tube costs approx £10.90

        Use in the morning before styling, its a creamy, non greasy/ non oily formula with a soft pleasant aroma.
        A small dolop will suffice (more, depending on the length of your hair), spread on your hands then massage into the hair, make sure you massage it well or the cream just sits on top of the hair coating it and you will not get the best results from it.
        Leave for approx 10 minutes then style as usual.

        I Love this product and use it regularly, it helps keep my unsightly mop in order, its not a "heavy" cream and so doesn't weigh the hair down ,infact you can hardly tell there is a product on it apart from the improvement in your hair.A little goes a long way, I have alot of hair, its very thick and long and still the tube of PHYTO 9 lasts. Initially its best used daily if your hair is very dry/damaged, but usually over time you can use it less. So for me its definitely worth the money.

        Products recommended to use with PHYTO 9-

        Using all the above products should help your hair improve quicker, but obviously its not always feasible, so using good quality, as natural as possible products should still show improvement.


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