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Provence & Jasmine Hot Oil Hair Treatment

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Hair Treatment

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    2 Reviews
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      12.08.2012 22:45
      Very helpful



      A great treatment that has no faults and does exactly what it says

      Since having a hair disaster a few years back I have been determined to keep my hair in as good condition as I can. I currently bleach my hair to a white blonde colour and this can play havoc with the ends. Last time I was bleaching my hair I ended up losing the hair around my hair line to snappage and my ends were dry and unruly and it basically looked a terrible mess. I got all the damage cut off and tried to go back to brown but unfortunately I wasn't happy with how I looked so I had a few wild weeks of crazy colour. In the end I have went back to bleaching but this time has been different. I have been using products especially for dry hair and I have been using good conditioners.

      I noticed the Provence and jasmine hot oil in the Avon book and it was reduced for about 1.50 so I decided to give it a go along with the Mediterranean hot oil treatment. I have heard good things about hot oils in the past as they are supposed to be incredibly moisturising for the hair. I couldn't wait to get my new oil.

      This product comes in a 50ml tinted purple bottle which has a white capped lid that can easily be opened for the oil to be dispensed. The bottle displays the typical planet spa logo and a little information regarding the product. The bottle has a sticker at the back which has to be pealed to reveal the English instructions of use.

      You basically use this product by placing the bottle into a cup of hot water and leaving it in there for a little over a minute, test the oil being careful not to burn yourself to ensure it is hot enough as if the product remains luke warm it won't do much to aid the hair, the hotter the better. Once the temperature is right you can apply the oil to towel dried hair, I use a comb to make sure I have covered every strand with the treatment for best results. The bottle advises that you leave this treatment on for one minute and rinse well however I like to wrap my hair in tin foil and leave it on for about 30 minutes. The heat from the scalp with the tin foil intensifies the treatment and it really does work.

      Once the time has elapsed you have to rinse the product off well. Since the product is an oil it can cling to the hair so it is recommended to shampoo and condition the hair after use although I recommend the shampooing to remove the oil I never need conditioner as it feels soft enough. Upon drying the hair it is tangle free and has a gorgeous shine to it, ends appear concealed, smoothed and healthy and the hair is very soft. If I had to pick between the Mediterranean oil and this one then this one would win as it feels that extra bit special. The smells is lavender and gorgeous too so it is a pleasure to use.

      I really have nothing bad to say about this product apart from state that it always seems to pop up in the clearance books rather than the actually Avon book so it isn't available to buy all the time, however I stock up now to make sure I always have a few bottles in. One bottle gets me 2 applications on my chin length hair.


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      18.05.2012 16:02
      Very helpful



      An impressive hot oil for hair

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*

      A few years ago there was an Avon Rep who always delivered brochures and orders like clock work to my home and because of this I often ordered bits and pieces almost every month. When she became pregnant she decided to give up running it and my time with ordering from Avon seemed to come to an end as there were no other reliable Rep's in the area that replaced her. I did a brief spell myself but found it too much of a hassle so when my friend recently became a rep a few months ago I found my enthusiasm for Avon products return and started ordering again. This review focuses on my experience with a fairly new and recent purchase from the Planet Spa range and is called Provence Lavender Hot Oil Hair Treatment which I will now discuss.

      *~*What is it?*~*

      This is an intensive hair treatment in the form of hot oil and after heating the oil up you add a few drops to the hair and smooth over before giving a rinse after one minute. Shampoo as normal then your hair is supposed to shine and glisten and be revived whilst infused with the beautiful lavender and jasmine aroma.. sounds good so far, if it works that is.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      I purchased this hot oil treatment quite recently as I have been using another Planet Spa product in the same fragrance for the face (see separate review) and was thoroughly impressed with the results so wanted to see if this product would work just as well for my hair. At the time of purchase this was just £1 in the sales leaflet though the regular price seems to retail at around the £3.50 mark. It's one of those products that isn't consecutively in each brochure and pops up every alternate one or so but if interested it can be bought on Ebay brand new at £3.75.

      The oil comes packaged in small and compact looking plastic bottle which according to the label is recyclable. This comes in one size of 50ml and whilst this may not sound very big for the RRP you only need a small amount for each application depending on hair length so it does last quite a while.

      The bottle is upright standing and cylindrical in shape with little in the form of decoration apart from a basic logo on the front. The actual bottle itself is transparent though the plastic has a pale lavender hue to it giving the appearance that the oil inside is also this shade though is in fact clear. To access the oil there is quite a tough to open flip top lid perched directly on top which seems secure enough once closed to avoid spills if dropped or knocked over (both I can vouch for and neither time has it leaked).

      *~*My experience of using this product*~*

      I have highlighted hair which at times can become quite dry though luckily isn't at the brittle stage just yet, but even so I like to give my hair an intensive condition at least once a week and am forever trying out different products. In the past I've used various hot oil treatments and up to date the V05 vials have given me the best results so I wasn't sure how Avon's version would compare but for just £1 I wasn't exactly going to be out of pocket if it didn't make any impact.

      On opening the lid there is an intense lavender fragrance that escapes and though there is the tiniest hint of jasmine in the background that is noticeable the lavender certainly domineers here. I knew more or less fragrance wise what to expect here as the facial oil in the same range has a just as strong lavender base so presumed this would also. Personally I quite like the fragrance of lavender as I find it relaxing and a very therapeutic scent though it's not something I would instantly opt for given the choice of different scented beauty items.

      The oil itself is of a rather thin consistency and resembles baby oil as it has the same identical texture with as mentioned quite a strong lavender fragrance accompanying it.

      After I had followed the directions of heating the oil in hot water (not boiling by the way or you will blister your scalp - just run the hot tap in your basin till it's a comfortable degree of 'hot' and place the unopened bottle directly in so it's fully immersed) for one minute I was ready to apply to my hair.

      It doesn't actually state on the instructions whether the hair should be dry or damp but after testing both ways I have found the results to be pretty much the same so it's left to preference which way you apply but I opt for dry hair. On giving a slight squeeze to the already tipped bottle I found the oil emitted in a rapid fashion (be aware!) and was just as runny as it looked whilst still in the bottle. I found the oil easy to use on my hair and I simply smoothened down from the roots to the tips as much as I could with about a pea sized blob. This amount seems to work the best for my hair length at the moment but it is cut quite short in an inverted bob so for longer hair I would suggest trial and error of different amounts till the required amount is found.

      The oil feels nice and soothing on my hair with the heat helping it to penetrate the dry ends and after around a minute I proceeded to rinse away and shampoo/ condition..

      *~*Results and recommendations?*~*

      I have been primarily using this prior to jumping in the shower as I find it's much easier to rinse and wash my hair thoroughly than over the sink basin and on each occasion I have rinsed my oily hair with clean water first before shampooing and following with a conditioner.

      The worry I had was the oil would take several repeats with the shampoo to fully wash away but this happily isn't the case and I do think a quick rinse with clean warm water helps in this process. After shampooing and conditioning as usual my hair has felt silky smooth and very soft indeed with just a subtle hint of the lavender still lingering which is pleasant enough though only noticeable if you actually put your hair to under your nose so don't be worried the fragrance is too intense by this point as it isn't.

      Drying my hair seems an easier task as it's knot free and doesn't tangle as much, but a lot of that is down the style I currently have though there is still a fair bit of length on the sides and top so keeping it looking smooth is a must as it's not the style that I can tie back like when it was longer.

      I wouldn't say my hair looks any glossier but that's not the end of the world as it feels nourished, hydrated and is silky soft which is what I am looking for mainly in these types of products.

      I would recommend this as I feel it is a top quality product which can't always be said for Avon who in my opinion can be a bit hit or miss, though generally the Planet Spa range rarely lets me down. Even at the full RRP this is worth buying as such a small amount is needed each time so I can see it lasting me a good few months if used once a week, making it an economical purchase.

      Soft, satin like hair that looks and feels great at an affordable price - recommended.



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