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Redken Extreme Deep Fuel Hair Treatment

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2 Reviews

Brand: Redken / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Hair Treatment

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    2 Reviews
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      29.05.2010 14:42



      The best product I have ever used on my unruly frizzy damaged hair...

      This product is one of the best on the market for hair in need of exteme rescue - as the name suggests!
      I must have the most frizzy thick and unruly hair on earth, and for many years have kept it short in an attempt to keep it under control.
      With the invention of GHD's this has become less of a problem, but heat styling and colour products take their toll so this product has become my miracle rescue treatment.
      It may seem expensive, but each tube works out at less than £3 each - it says you should use it every 5 washes but once you have used it a few times a forthnightly treatment is enough.
      It's very easy to use, the twist off ends are easy to open without the aid of scissors in the bath. It smells nice and leaves your hair smoothed and much more manageable.
      I would highly recommend this product.


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      30.10.2009 20:32
      Very helpful



      Hassle free hair treatment

      I have always had problems with my hair - even before I started styling it, my hair broke, was very dry and had split ends. So you can imagine what happened to it after relaxing and using a hot iron!
      Although I use conditioners regularly and occassionally buy treatments, nothing seemed to help until now, and I really mean it. I tried several brands before, but each time was disappointed after spending sometimes lots of money on a product.

      I saw a review of Redken Extreme Deep Fuel on the Internet and it was mentioning promised exceptional improvement in hair condition lasting for 5-8 washes. The treatment has three main active ingredients: proteins, ceramids and lipids, which are supposed to make the hair stronger, shinier and easier to manage. Encouraged by this, I decided to give it a try, but was very skeptical. After trying several different brands before (none of them really worked for me), I thought it would end up with another disappointment.
      I placed an order online and found that FeelUnique.com had the cheapest price (and no delivery charge). The item was delivered next week and I used in on the same day that it arrived.

      Redken Extreme Deep Fuel comes in a small box with 5 individual sachets of the treatment, each for a single use. I used just half of the sachet most of the time as I thought that was enough to cover all my hair (which is just below shoulder length). The consistency of the product is like creamed egg yolk (I couldn't think of any other comparison!), not very runny but also not very thick, and also feels like there is quite a lot of air in the product.

      First thing I noticed was the smell of honey and cream - heavenly smell! When my hair dried it was quite stiff and felt dry but then I styled it and to my surprise... it became soft, very manageable, shiny and it felt stronger. It stayed like this even after washing a few times. And the most surprising thing was that after my second wash without using Redken Extreme Deep Fuel, after applying shampoo from a different brand and several styling products, I could still smell that heavenly honey cream smell on my hair! Fabulous!

      What I also like about this product is that you don't need to keep it on your hair for a long time. Just apply after shampooing and rinse out. The instructions don't tell you exactly how long to leave the product on (or at least I cannot recall, the packaging went to the bin a long time ago). I usually leave it on my hair for a few minutes only, but this is enough. Good solution for all the women who are always in a hurry or don't really like spending a lot of time using cosmetics (are there any who don't?).

      I never believed when someone claimed a product helped after the first use, and don't want to say you will have 'new' hair after just one use, but what you will definitely see is a big difference in how your hair looks and feels. I know this treatment works on my hair and will keep using it.

      The cost seems a bit high at a glance but think about the results. It is excellent value for money. And if you consider that there are 5 sachets in a pack, but you only have to use one every 5-8 washes - the product will last for a few weeks at least, but more likely a few months.
      I have now finished the whole pack and will be purchasing this product again.

      This review had also been posted on Ciao under my username


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