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Regaine Women Regular Strength

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Brand: Regaine / Type: Hair Treatment / Helps against: Hair Loss / Contents/Size: 60ml / Gender: for Women

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    3 Reviews
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      20.10.2013 19:27



      Hello ladies.. If you ever thought of using a product that will have visible impact as soon as you start using it then you have found one. I was suffering from hereditary hair loss that was getting really embarrassing for me until I found Regaine, I started noticing the difference 4 wks after usage in form of fine downy hair, it's exactly 3 months and my receding frontal hair is back and full, I'm so excited about this product, wish I could upload my before and after pics, a trial ll def convince u.. However, like most medical products, there are contraindications and that's why it won't work for some people, it's solely for hereditary hair loss, u may want to visit their site for further information.. If ur hair loss is sudden or as a result of some existing medical condition, it may not work for you.. Cheers.


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      21.06.2011 01:08
      Not Helpful



      Excellent product

      I have to say that I was sceptical about some of the claims for this product. And it is not that cheap so at that kind of price it needs to back up what it says on the box. Walk the walk and not just talk the talk. My wife has been suffering from hair loss for some time and, let us be honest guys, whilst we too dread the thought of hair loss out problems pale into insignificance when it comes to those of ladies.

      However, I bought this recently for my wife. She was more than willing to try the product out but was not expecting too much from it. However, I am pleased to say that already the results have been far better than expected and that some improvement has been seen. Certainly enough of an improvement to justify the continued use of the product.

      Needless to say, having read that this product is also available for men, I will be trying that myself!


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      21.06.2011 00:42
      Very helpful



      A medical grade product, that works for many but needs commitment to a routine

      About 5 years ago I went through a pretty rough patch and started to loose my hair, I didn't know why and was even referred to a trichologist., who said he thought it was unlikely that I would go bald. I was horrified, unlikely wasn't a positive enough prognosis for me so I started to buy Regaine for women. I had already tried taking vitamin and mineral supplements designed for keeping your hair healthy and they appeared to make no difference.

      My hair was coming out all over my head, not in clumps but fairly evenly, but it added up to a large amount every day. My hair went from being exceptionally thick to being able to feel the water from the shower hit my scalp, something I had never experienced before. My hair had always been the only thing about myself that I was really happy with, and felt it was inextricably linked with my identity. Me without hair would be no me at all.

      I didn't take much persuading to try Regaine for women; the regular strength version contains the active ingredient minoxidil "2% scalp solution" which is clinically proven to kick start hair re-growth in 8 out of 10 women. It comes in packs of various treatment lengths one bottle lasts a month and it can be bought on Amazon at the moment for £54.04 for 3 x 60ml. At Boots it currently costs £25.52 for one months supply. So the Amazon price is slightly better than a 3 for 2 offer. It can be purchased in most pharmacies and there are often offers available online.

      Regaine for women is recommended for women who are experiencing hereditary thinning (the same as the male version is recommended for - i.e. male pattern baldness). Best results are found in women who have not been experiencing hair loss for long and are at the younger end of the age spectrum.

      Regaine as minoxidil was originally used to treat high blood pressure, and the side effect of hair growth was noticed. No one is exactly sure how Regaine works, simply that in many cases it does, it is believe it may have something to do with facilitating better blood flow to the hair follicles. It has been tested of course, and is as safe to use as any other medication available over the counter. Which means that it may affect some people adversely, but not most (I have included a list of contra indications and side effects below).

      You are also warned that using Regaine is not a short term fix, you will not start to see results for many weeks, up to 32, even then it is not guaranteed, if and when you do experience re-growth it will be very fine and wispy to start with. Some people never get a thicker re-growth, even if you do and are happy with the results if you want to maintain the new hair you will have to continue to use the product. Once usage is discontinued the hair that has grown as a result of use of the product will gradually fall out as it reaches the end of it's natural growth cycle and not be replaced. Also Regaine sometimes works by stabilising hair loss, so that you won't loose any more, but won't grow any new either.

      It sounds like some kind of grim fairy tale where if you fail to keep our end of the bargain everything you achieved will be snatched away. Despite the negatives of having to pay for an expensive product monthly for ever, and the potential side effects I was willing to take all of that for the chance of getting some semblance of my normal hair back.

      I used Regaine for nearly a year. The first pack I bought was the three month supply. It came in 60ml bottles which had 3 application methods included for each bottle. The bottles came with a spray top, the others were a flat top sponge type applicator for larger areas that were hardly covered by hair, the other which is what I used was a screw on nozzle about 4 or 5 inches long. Despite my fall out equating to losing an area the size of Wales every other day, there was still enough of it left to make the nozzle the best application method as it got into the hair and delivered right at the scalp.

      You are supposed to apply Regaine twice daily; if you are washing your hair you should apply the product after washing and drying but before styling. Each delivery method dispenses one dose of 1ml, which is the recommended amount for each use. However if your hair is thicker or longer you may have to use more than one pump, which I sometimes did, as my hair remained fairly long, without any very visible patches of scalp throughout use.

      My experience of using Regaine

      The liquid is clear, and doesn't have a strong smell, it is quite distinctive, but doesn't linger on the hair and scalp. To me the liquid also felt a little oily, but 'squeaky' at the same time, a difficult sensation to describe, I'm sure there is a proper word for it somewhere.

      Once I targeted the areas of greatest loss I rubbed the liquid into my scalp, and washed my hands straight away as is advised. I did notice that my fingers felt a little itchy and uncomfortable immediately after use but it didn't cause any dermatitis or more severe effects.

      I didn't suffer from an itchy scalp or any of the side effects mentioned in the leaflet. I did suffer from extraordinarily dry hair. The hair was so dry as to be crispy despite not using heated styling aids (not even a hairdryer) during this time, and spending quite a bit on various quality conditioners and conditioning masks my hair remained resolutely straw like.

      I did feel that the product make my hair a little lank, and it was difficult to get any body into the hair.

      Most importantly did it work?

      I'm reluctant to say an outright no as at first I thought it was. I used the product as suggested for a good nine months and saw no big improvement in the thickness of my hair. However it did seem to stabilise and there was a fine wavy layer of new tendrils. I wouldn't have stopped using it despite my crispy hair, but our circumstances changed and I had to go without it for several months. Because of this enforced break I believe the re-growth was coincidental to the use of the Regaine, as once I stopped using the product I didn't suffer any hair loss which the leaflet warned of, and my hair continued to improve. Even more so once I stopped using the product as the condition improved no end very quickly. I believe that my hair loss had been due to a shock to the system and weight loss, and had started to re-grow naturally when my situation became healthier.

      My hair has gradually recovered seemingly on its own. It has never regained that super thickness that it once had, but hell I'm 48 I'm lucky to have what I've got. My hair is now in good condition and has recovered to about three quarters of what it was at its peak, which is fine as far as I'm concerned, it looks quite thick and I no longer feel the shower water hit scalp as I stand under it.

      In retrospect I don't think I was a suitable candidate for using Regaine, as my hair loss did not seem to be caused by genetics. The onset was fairly sudden, and coincided with a period of high stress and rapid weight loss (not due to illness). I feel I panicked a bit as there was absolutely no advice or help forthcoming from my GP or the NHS trichologist to which I was referred, and I jumped at whatever seemed it might help.

      I think that Regaine is well worth trying if you are worried about extreme thinning and it appears to be related to a hereditary pattern as it really is medically tried and tested. You would however need to be dedicated to using it twice a day for months before you would be able to tell if it was working. Also be sure that you could afford to maintain the programme indefinitely once you had started it if you felt it was working.

      This list of contraindications and potential side effects is taken from the Boots website.

      Regaine for Women Regular Strength should not be used in the following instances:

      If you suffer from a problem with blood pressure and/or receive treatment for it

      If you have any condition that affects your scalp including sunburn and psoriasis

      For sudden unexpected hair loss

      For hair loss caused by drug treatment

      If you are allergic to Minoxidil, ethanol or propylene glycol

      If you are under 18 or over 65 years

      If you are pregnant or breast feeding

      Stop using Regaine for Women Regular Strength if you get any of the following:
      Blood pressure changes

      Rapid heart beat

      New or worsening pain in the chest

      Dizziness, light-headedness, or fainting

      Unexplained rapid weight gain of more than 2kg or 5lb

      Swelling or puffiness of the hands or feet

      Persistent redness or irritation of the scalp


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    • Product Details

      1 in 4 women are affected by thinning hair / The most common cause is hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) which causes 95% of womenÒs hair loss / Regaine¢ for Women is specially formulated containing Minoxidil ¦ the only clinically proven treatment applied direct to the scalp, to treat womenÒs thinning hair / Regaine for Women contains a 2% concentration of the active ingredient minoxidil /

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