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Regis Design Line Dual Action Mousse

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Brand: Regis / Volume / Type: Hair Mousse

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2009 13:31
      Very helpful



      A great hair mousse to give you definition and hold to the max!

      Anyone who regularly reads my reviews will by no know I'm very much of fan of high street shopping. When it comes to buying hair care products I'm swayed by offers and bargain bins and whenever I go to my hairdressers and they try and sell me something I've never heard of priced at about £9.00 telling me it's a miracle I'm not fooled and don''t buy it! My belief is as long as I've got a decent haircut that's 90% of my problems solved and the rest...well Lee Stafford takes care of for me (though I don't buy it all the time and usually stick to cheap options lol!).

      However I was in town the other day and I'd found 50 quid in my purse I'd actually forgotten was there and believed I was poor as a church mouse. So it started to burn a hole in my pocket and it felt a bit like a gift (lol) so I decided to treat myself to... er...things I didn't need. A top Coventry hair salon (that stocks all the top brands Redken, Fudge, Ghd etc) had a load of reduced items parked by their double doors. I spotted this product reduced from £10.50 to £2.00 and along with a load of other items decided to give it a whirl as I couldn't believe the saving and usually as I have said previously I use Lee Stafford Mousse or basically a shops own affair and I wanted to see if this with it's usual price tag was anything special and I could afford to at £2 a pop for stuff!

      The Packaging....

      250ml silver can with a small push button with small extended nozzle dispenser to the top of it and a clear cap that simply pulls on/off to protect the nozzle of course. On the front there is a large square of peach colour and on front in black, white and peach writing I'm told it is Design Line Dual Action Mousse Transforming Styler With Definite Hold, warnings are listed (on the front just to clarify), I'm told it from Regis and the size (as I've stated already) is listed. On the back of can (now all in bold black writing) I'm given directions for use, more warnings are given (and in other languages), ingredients are listed, I'm told the product is made in America and not tested on animals, contact details for Regis are given and finally there is a bar-code on there. This looks a professional can of product rather than looking pleasing to the eye kind of thing but it is nice enough and simple to look at.

      Directions For Use....

      Dispense a small amount into palm. Body heat activates gel into mousse. Apply to damp hair. Style as desired.

      Me Using It...

      This mousse took some getting used to, to be perfectly honest with you and I learnt how to use it by trial and error. I underestimated it the first time I used it, used loads of the mousse like I would the stuff I pay a quid for and didn't realise how good this was and I got in a right mess it!

      As directed you need a small amount and to remember you can always add more to your hair if you need to!

      So I apply a small amount via my hands on to my still damp freshly washed and combed through hair. First off it squirts a bit like a clear gel with a bit of white foam on it and then it plumps out into big white foam (so a little really does go a long way so be light handed with it lol) in seconds. Smell wise it's ok. It smells sort of salony! Slightly floral, fresh an clean but don't worry even if your not keen on the smell it soon fades to nothing anyway.

      Once I have put it on my hair again I comb it through gently to make sure I have even distribution throughout. At this point my hair always feels a little sticky/clammy and hard to comb but the more you comb it through the more it loses that feeling.

      What this mousse does is give you is maximum control when styling your hair. It lightly wrapped around individual strands but doesn't feel at all sticky once dried but hair feels stronger and like it is coated in something. Frizz gets totally banished (for me by a 100%), hair is definitely naturally shinier and not only can I style my hair the way I want it to be, it stays that way for hours too and perfectly at that!

      The only real issue I have with this is that I don't know if I should be using a heat protection spray as well (I do use GHD'S) and if I do use it when? lol. However I find that my hair does feel best with only this on it and I certainly don't need a fixing or hair spray as well. Hair does as it's told with ease and simply stays that way!


      I can see the difference in my hair after using this rather than a cheap can or even my favoured Lee Stafford. Ok it's not fancy but it works and that's the main thing really! I like to style and go and this does it for me and puts me in total control of my hair which I appreciate. I love the way it doesn't weigh my hair down and my hair is full of life but only the amount I allow it to! I love the shine and the strength my hair gives off and I love love love having no frizz! Would I buy this product at £10.50 a can? Well no not really I feel it's overpriced but I would shop about for it and use it when and need be type of thing.

      Available at all good hairdressers but also at Regis.com and do shop about at online discount stores for this!


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