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Regis Design Line Weightless Gel

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Brand: Regis / Texture: Gel / Type: Hair Gel

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    1 Review
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      04.06.2009 00:23
      Very helpful



      £9.00? Not on your Nelly Bates! lol

      When it comes to the purchase of expensive hair care products, well I steer clear of them to be perfectly honest with you. You know when your in a hairdresser's and they try to sell you stuff costing the earth? Well that doesn't impress me one bit and normally when I've had a decent cut and everything that's when I stock up (usually in Boots) big branded stuff but stuff off the high street. However normally I don't spend out above £6.00 on anything and if I do it's on my favourite Lee Stafford brand and that's for special use type of thing!

      However the other day I was walking past a really posh hair salon and I noticed they had a load of reduced hair products at the entrance of their shop and browsing through I saw they had this product reduced from it's usual price of £9.00 down to £2.00 and as I have recently had a nice cut and now I take pride in my hair I decided to give this a whirl because I was impressed with the saving I was making and it is a brand I've heard of although it's only stocked in hairdressing salons.

      The Packaging....

      Clear plastic cylinder tube/bottle with integrated, large push button dispenser to the top of it and a clear plastic safety lid that easily pulls on/off that. As you use the gel there is like a 'shelf' that moves the gel up (for ease of use). On the front in black writing I'm told it's Design Line Weightless Gel which is a 'Body Boosting Glaze With Light Hold That Gives Added Volume' and is of course from Regis and the size is stated (97g/Net Wt 3.4Oz. On the back of the tube/bottle I'm given directions for use, warnings are given, ingredients are listed, contact details for Regis are given, I'm told it's made in the USA and not tested on animals and finally there is a bar-code on there. Simple, professional looking bottle/tube this is and I do like being able to see the transparent, shimmery peach looking gel through it so I know when it needs replacing etc (providing I want to of course lol).

      Directions For Use....

      For maximum, weightless control and volume, apply to damp hair and distribute evenly. Blow dry as desired. For wet looks, apply to damp hair and allow to dry naturally.

      Me Using It....

      Well I use this in the main on clean and damp and combed through hair. All I need of this very light none sticky gel is one pump full (on jaw length hair) which is really a small amount. When dispensed onto the fingers although it looks peachy coloured in it's bottle it is actually transparent but you can see gold shimmer through it but what is odd about that is that appears to the eyes to look like glitter and it isn't! the shimmer disappears if you rub it between your hands before applying it to the hair and disappears into the hair as well with no rubbing required. You simply layer it over the hair.

      Then I blow dry my hair. It's an incredibly light formula, leaves hair none sticky and not fragranced however it does nothing for me at all!

      It doesn't define my hair, give it volume or anything else sadly. I don't feel I have control, in fact I feel like I have nothing in my hair at all. What I am lacking though is apparent. I feel like it drains my natural shine out of my hair completely and kind of mattifies it. Yes hair feels soft and not greasy or dried up or anything but very frizzy.... it is. Sure I can calm that down by using hair straighteners etc but I don't feel this is anything special at all.

      The only thing that I do like about this is it's ability to be used on dry hair or leaving hair to dry naturally with this on it, in which case it does define hair but again it doesn't add any volume without a burst from the hair-drier so although my hair is defined and looks natural (into ringlets in my case) it's as flat as a pancake and the look is 'wet' look of course.


      If your a gel fan and you like unsticky, easy to use, unfragranced formula's then great if you can get it for a couple of quid... it's worth a bash but not in my view for the full price. I find it easy and fuss free to use but I'm not thrilled with the results of this at all! I wouldn't buy it again no matter the price!


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